NASA to establish outpost in space on asteroid


NASA's concept of asteroid-catching device

NASA’s concept of asteroid-catching device

This may sound like science fiction, but not really if you ask NASA.

NASA is so confident about this bold plan that it has included it in their budget request for 2014.

To start with, the agency wants a robotic spacecraft to “lasso” a 500-ton asteroid and tow it closer to the Earth.

“The idea is to bring it back to place it in Earth orbit, around the moon actually, to be a stepping stone for humans to explore out into space,” said Dr. Louis Friedman, who led a study at Caltech’s Keck Institute for Space Studies in Pasadena that looked at the feasibility of the mission.

Is man now trying to alter the creation of God of the heavens?

Well, not really, but modifying what can be done, with the knowledge that scientists have about space, for the good and survival of mankind, this ambitious and expensive plan should be further supported and realized.

Not only will it give man the opportunity to study and verify the resources found in the asteroid, but equally important is being provided with an outpost deep into this boundless frontier for a better planet Earth defense.

According to Friedman, the asteroid in the mission would pose no danger to Earth, but the giant ones in space can be a threat, which is why this mission is important to explore, if only to prevent the errant ones from entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Although a lot of work and research still needs to be done, a launch can happen by 2017 and astronauts may be able to bring back an asteroid by 2021, according to the scientist.


4 comments on “NASA to establish outpost in space on asteroid

  1. Jeff Lippi says:

    I am by no means smarter than the boys at NASA but….how big is a 500 ton asteroid.Do they plan on putting dwellings and research laboratories on it? What specifics are they looking for? The moon is already there and can serve as a very useful stepping stone into space? It would seem that establishing a colony on the moon would be more beneficial because it could have multiple purposes,up to and including capturing an asteroid.Anyway,I think I’ll submit my resume to NASA.They may need a maintenance man for their apartment complexes that will be built up there.I wonder who the real estate agent is going to be.

    • quierosaber says:

      I think that it is just mainly for observation and with some luck, mine whatever precious material is found in the meteorite.

      • Jeff Lippi says:

        That crossed my mind….but the moon has yet to be explored and exploited.With an asteroid,I guess they figure that they’re more likely to come across evidence that may lead to conclusive evidence of other life forms.But the moon is a great primary place for us to establish ourselves first.The way things are going on this planet…..we’re going to need a place to go to real fast.If we don’t,we may not be around long enough to find our answers to the questions that we have about the cosmos.

      • quierosaber says:

        But how I wish really that all dictators, tyrants and other hostile leaders on planet Earth can be rounded up and blasted off to the moon so the rest of the world can live in peace and harmony. Include those warped-minded people that planted those bombs at your Boston marathon event. They don’t deserve living with peace and fun-minded people.

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