Pope Francis’ simplicity baffled Cebu’s Monsignor Dakay

Monsignor Achilles Dakay

Monsignor Achilles Dakay

Monsignor Achilles Dakay, who has been a spokesman for the Archdiocese of Cebu for a long time now, has been so used with the perks, appurtenances and style of living by an archbishop of Cebu, who is usually a cardinal, that when he heard the simple life of Argentina’s Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, before becoming Pope Francis, it simply baffled him.

I really don’t blame him. His association with high ranking Philippine Catholic church official has made him believe that they, especially those managing an archdiocese, have earned the right to live opulent lives.

It did not surprise me, therefore, when I read in the news that Dakay, when interviewed over the radio and told about the simple, yet reputable virtues of Bergoglio as Archbishop of Argentina, expressed his skepticism over the latter’s preference of taking the bus to work and cooking his own meal in a rented apartment.

To Dakay, perhaps it was the most preposterous tale he has ever heard about a cardinal, for he immediately countered that “Cebuanos couldn’t expect their priests to take the Ceres bus and do what Pope Francis did.”

He must have thought that for some priest to have attained that stature in the Catholic hierarchy that he should be deserving of no less than a palace to live in, an expensive car to ride on, fine dining to be prepared and served three times a day and all kinds of helpers at their beck and call.  Pampered with attention, they are carried away and got sucked into the system of false pretenses and arrogance.

For sure that is Dakay’s opinion and does not reflect in any way, shape and form the sentiments of Cebuanos and the Filipinos, in general.

Now that Dakay has read everything about the true character and nature of Bergoglio, more known all over as Pope Francis, perhaps Dakay has come to realize already that not all cardinals and popes are born and treated the same. That others, like, Francis, are born with high sense of propriety and walks the talk of the Catholic faith, belief and practices.

Sadly, we put too much emphasis on titles, more so in the Catholic Church hierarchy, and favor and flavor it with ridiculous attention and concern as if they are above ordinary human beings.

Gladly, we have Pope Francis now who can show inspiration among the high ranking church officials that one can be more God-like by being simple, humble and true to their vocation.


2 comments on “Pope Francis’ simplicity baffled Cebu’s Monsignor Dakay

  1. Apolinario Villalobos says:

    Living the kind of life we want to live is a personal choice. The new pope has been living this kind of life, so, what is surprising about that? To be baffled with that is hypocrisy. Dakay as a priest should have not been vocal about his being surprised to the point that he could not understand the new pope why he has that kind of life. As a priest, he is expected to have an open mind and most especially, live a simple life, the way Jesus did.. That kind of attitude is supposed to be taught in the seminary. What he should have done was tell his “flocks” to emulate the ways of the new pope. Dakay personifies the kind of most Catholic priests we have now – driving luxury cars, hiring helps for the convent, etc. Most readers on write ups about the new pope could have overlooked the information that the new pope during his former life was taking care of a sickly priest. The new pope could have opted to stay in an apartment with a sickly priest, because moving in to the designated residence would raise questions on an “excess baggage – the sickly priest. ALL priests should emulate the ways of the new pope to make themselves believable in their preaching.

    • quierosaber says:

      You always have the right words when describing people and I could not agree with you more about Dakay. That is exactly what we have for officers and members of CBCP – pampered priests with the red caps – and unfortunately the vow that is arrogantly and glaringly violated by all is the sanctity of the vow of poverty. But the elevation of Cardinal Bergoglio to the papacy has given me hope that changes for the better in the Catholic Church could happen.

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