Honasan, Villar and the hot Sabah issue

Sen. Gregorio "Gringo" Honasan

Sen. Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan

A few days ago Sen. Gringo Honasan was in the news expressing his displeasure over the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey which showed him lagging behind in the senatorial race.

What bothers me about this kind of reaction is the fact that the same polling body had made an earlier survey that showed him in the magic 12 and he let it pass without commenting on it.

This time, however, he has this to say: “Like myself, from 6th rank, I go down to 15. You look at statistical probability. It did not bother me, however. Historically, I started in this manner, I go up, then I go down.”

Well, that is just how surveys are. The truth comes out with succeeding surveys as you get nearer to the day – whatever it may be – but, which, in Honasan’s case is election day.

swsUnlike the other candidates whom those surveyed believe are the best choices, they maintain their positions in the polls. But for others, the participants in the survey feels that, for one reason or another, someone else is better than the other or ‘a new star is born’ especially given the fact that there are more choices to make.

It does not follow that because you are an incumbent and regardless of which party you belong, that you will get to be chosen. Those surveyed are now seeing who you are compared with the others and what your performance have been based on studied questions that will determine whether or not you deserve to be elected.

Now Honasan is saying that if he gets reelected he will file a bill banning the conduct of surveys during election period.

What a ridiculous idea!

Actually, I believe more in what SWS does for the public, than what Honasan does in the senate. If it was not because of his close relationship with Enrile, Honasan, who led a number of unsuccessful coup against Cory Aquino, could not have been sitting in the senate today. But we only have ourselves to blame for Filipinos always falls for those involve in adventurism, although his kind is the least of what is needed to become member of a law making body.

Rep. Cynthia Villar

Rep. Cynthia Villar

In the case of another senatorial candidate, Cynthia Villar, she may be elated that she has gone up in the ratings in the latest survey by SWS – from  8th to 9th in January to 4th  place last February. But for how long she will stay up there, only time will tell.

Villar made a real bobo of herself when she insulted the Filipino nurses and their chosen profession during a TV program, “Pagsubok sa mga Kandidato” aired over GMA News TV.

When economist, Winnie Monsod, asked Villar to substantiate her desire to help the poor when she allegedly sided with the owners of nursing schools accused of providing low-quality education to students in 2005 to 2006, the latter answered that “CHED already issued permits for the schools to open and that the owners have already invested in nursing equipment.”

But what was unforgivable and revolting to the nurses is when she made this additional comment in Tagalog, “Ang sinasabi namin sa kanila na ‘actually, hindi naman kailangan ng nurse na matapos ang BSN (BS Nursing). Kasi itong mga nurses, gusto lang nilang maging room nurse.”

What she was implying is that nurses need not finish the BS Nursing course since all they want to do is being room nurse or in another word, a caregiver.

No wonder professional nurses all over who heard about this silly comment from a moneyed politician and a senatorial candidate went ballistic.

Though Villar has apologized since, the fact is the harm has been done and pretty much deep in the heart. But, what is she good for in the senate anyway?

sabah issueNow to the hot Sabah issue. It is very unfortunate but, nevertheless, expected that this foolish adventurism will culminate in bloodbath.

I need not say more as I foresaw, like many others, what was going to be the end.

But, what should make us all wonder is this: If the controversial Sabah issue was not resolved before during the time of the Salongas, the Sumulongs, the Tolentinos, the Tañadas, the Pelaezes, the Rodrigos, the Roxases and the rest of their other illustrious contemporaries in the senate – all of them brilliant in their own rights – what makes us think that the same contentious issue can be resolve now having actors, comedian, military officers and what have you, all mediocre compared to the much respected and superior minds of the past senators?

For better elucidation or clarification that will lead us all to better understanding of the complex Sabah issue, please open this link: http://globalnation.inquirer.net/66689/does-sabah-really-belong-to-the-philippines.

2 comments on “Honasan, Villar and the hot Sabah issue

  1. Apolinario Villalobos says:

    Ever since, I do not believe in Honasan so I will not waste my time writing a commentary about him. The same is true with Mrs. Villar who used her college photo in her posters during the initial period of her joining the political arena. Because of that, my impression is that she cannot be trusted if she herself cannot accept the fact that she has grown old. She used her current photos only lately that showed her face with the earned years.

    I am crossing my fingers, the Kirams will never get Sabah. If other countries, especially China, are not taking the Philippines seriously, will Malaysia not do the same. The “West Philippine Sea” is a glaring fact which started with a test deployment of chinese vessels to which our government reacted belatedly until finally, china felt successful and acted successfully indeed, by adding the disputed area to their map. I doubt if we can regain it. Then then came the Tubbataha Reef incident which the US is clearly not taking seriously. Three days ago, a chinese vessel was seen approaching Tubbataha Reef – testing again what the Phils. will do? I am scared to imagine that by next year, china will come out with their new map that includes Tubbataha!

    • quierosaber says:

      You are absolutely right in all accounts. What is depressing is that while our neighbors are showing the ability now to flex their ‘muscles’ to secure their territorial boundaries, we simply are content cracking our knuckles and continue to be at the mercy of unwanted visitors. Admittedly PNoy is a good man, but being just good won’t make you a person that Mahathir Mohamad is, for example. You have to be forceful, dominant and convincing …. and maybe controversial in your approaches, if only to drive a point. One should have the capacity to ruffle feathers of allies, if need be. Alas, it is taking us a great deal of time getting there.

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