National Bookstore shows nationalism


New China made educational globe an affront to Philippine sovereignty.

New China-made educational globe an affront to Philippine sovereignty.

The Philippine’s largest bookstore should be lauded for living up to its name by showing nationalism in withdrawing Chinese-made globes showing Beijing’s claims to most of the South China Sea from its shelves.

This was announced by Foreign Affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez when he issued a statement, saying, “The National Bookstore has withdrawn all the educational globes, which reflect China’s nine-dash line encompassing the South China Sea, from its stores.”

“It has taken a patriotic position to proactively support the Philippine government in advancing Philippine foreign policy objectives,” he added.

Unfortunately, when the globes were displayed, the bookstore management was not aware of the changes made, which could only be construed as a willful dissemination of ‘misinformation’ and blatant disregard for the sensibilities of Filipinos by China.

It will be remembered that China’s “nine-dash line” outlines its claims to virtually all of the South China Sea, even waters close to the Philippine shores and that of its neighbors in the region.

The Philippine government last month took China to an arbitration panel under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) — a 1982 treaty signed by both countries — to demand that it declare China’s claims invalid.


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