UNA’s ‘3 kings’ and their political maneuvering and posturing

UNA introduces its senatorial candidates during their first campaign salvo at Cebu City's Plaza Independencia

UNA introduces its senatorial candidates during their first campaign salvo at Cebu City’s Plaza Independencia

We are now in the thick of political maneuvering and posturing for the coming May elections and nothing can beat the way the United Nationalist Alliance’s (UNA) ‘three kings’ are doing it.

Vice President Jejomar Binay, former President Joseph Estrada and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, who have been given the moniker ‘3 kings’, brought the UNA senatorial candidates to Cebu and introduced them to the Cebuanos, hoping that they would be able to get the nod from the richest voting population in the entire Philippines, recorded to be 2.5 million voters, coming mainly from Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu City, Mandaue City and the other urbanized cities.

Whoever christened the UNA political stalwarts as ‘3 kings’ may have thought that using this political gimmick may entice the electorate to support UNA’s senatorial candidates.

Unfortunately, the moniker carries a negative connotation, for they are no kings at all by any stretch of the imagination, but, on the contrary, all are veterans of political maneuverings and political posturing.

While they have forged an alliance, it cannot be denied that each has a hidden agenda in doing it, for the purpose of using each other for political expediency leading to the presidential elections in 2016 and onwards.

But, what is unbelievably absurd is the  ‘3 kings’ political posturing of creating a nirvana or a Shangri-la, if you will, if the people will take the “daang maganda” or “beautiful road”.

“Daang maganda” tends to signify what UNA is all about and, for the moment, equates to votes for their senatorial candidates.

The catchphrase, a brainchild of Enrile, obviously is a derision of President Benigno Aquino’s (PNoy) “Daang matuwid” or “Straight path or road” slogan.

The wily Enrile has criticized PNoy’s slogan as no longer working because, he says, the road is already narrow, dirty and full of “mandarambong” (crooks).

It’s not about the road per se, for Chrissake, but for the positive efforts that the PNoy’s administration is doing in initiating a clean up of corrupt officials in government.

Has Enrile forgotten of his role in convicting former Supreme Court CJ Renato Corona? Is he suffering from amnesia not knowing where former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is now and why the third of the UNA ‘kingship’ was booted out from Malacañang?

I wish I could show respect to the ‘three kings’, but is coming to Cebu and giving support and comfort to Gov. Gwen Garcia, who has defied suspension orders from PNoy and barricaded herself inside her office, and much later found guilty by the Ombudsman for grave misconduct when the anti-graft body found that she approved the purchase of the 24.9-hectare parcels of lot in 2008, of which a large portion of it was underwater, makes their advocacy of “daang maganda” right?

Isn’t “daang matuwid” “daang maganda” in actuality?

For Binay to accept and mouth Enrile’s catchphrase is nothing but an exercise of hypocrisy. He knows very well the good intentions of PNoy for the people and for this country. Never has he criticized PNoy’s governance.

Fact of the matter is that Binay has been campaigning for the presidency since he became Aquino’s vice president.

Let us be candid about it.

The ‘3 kings’ are not out there making sacrifices for the people.

The ‘3 kings’ are out there making sure that their dynasty lives on.


One comment on “UNA’s ‘3 kings’ and their political maneuvering and posturing

  1. Apolinario B Villalobos says:

    Referring to your last 4 sentences. You hit the issue right on the head! Sapol! Hindi lahat ng Filipino ay bobo. I was a victim of the “hawi boys” of Binay, disgruntled to the Corona trial’s outcome, and more disgruntled with Erap (poor Isko, he must be earning some ire for riding their boat). Thanks for the frank remarks. Keep up the good work!!!!

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