The case of Paco Larrañaga

pacoThe case of Francisco Juan “Paco” Larrañaga happened 16 years ago, when he was 19, yet today, justice continues to elude him.

Not because Paco, to this day, is spending time in prison in Spain that one would just surmise that justice has been meted to the guilty.

Paco’s case is wreaked with controversy such that Give Up Tomorrow, a documentary on the untold life of Paco, was made if only to give the public, especially the skeptics, a better perspective of viewing the circumstances surrounding the case and appreciating the missing dots that have been filled up to complete the picture, thus, correcting the impression and the guilty verdict pronounced on Paco.

As much as I have grieved with the Chiongs for the loss of their daughters, Marijoy and Jacqueline, in the same token, I also feel for the Larrañagas because justice seemed to have wronged them and Paco has already wasted 16 years of his life in jail.

For those interested to learn more about Paco’s case, please go to this link:

What made me blog about this is the fact that during his teens, Paco and his sibling used to visit a subdivision, where they have friends who were our neighbors then. We always knew his arrival for he was loud. He was a gentle giant of a boy – for his age and the way he was built – but for who he was, it did not surprise us. Suffice to say that the Larrañaga siblings became acquaintances of my two sons, who had nothing but good words for the brothers.

Thus, for my sons and many other friends, it was in utter disbelief that a few years after, Paco was embroiled in this controversial case that has made him a victim, likewise.

It is one thing to be convicted beyond an iota of reasonable doubt, but to have reason to make such a documentary as Give Up Tomorrow, as Paco has literally done and continues to do of his life, only makes one lament the fickleness and uncertainty of our justice system.

I urge you to read in between the lines, too, of the link, and any other link you may be clicking pertinent to this case, so you will have the whole story fully printed in your mind.

It may not change the verdict, but at least a prayer or two could be said for Paco – to persevere until his final deliverance.

Or, could Paco may just have been a victim of mistaken identity? Just asking.

So, what we have been left with are the Chiongs who, in their hearts of heart, think that in sending Paco to jail, they have attained justice. Then there is Paco who, in all candor, swears to God that the Chiongs has the wrong man in jail. Lastly, this leaves us thinking whether or not the late Judge Martin Ocampo is truly resting in peace. Your guess is just as good as mine.


One comment on “The case of Paco Larrañaga

  1. As a government employee here in the Philippines, I am truly saddened. When I watched the documentary Give up tomorrow, it brought me to tears. I feel sorry for the family of Paco, for his mom, for his dad, his siblings, and also for the people of the philippines. Why does this kind of scheme has to happen? Why does our government have to be like that? Our government was founded to protect its people, but what’s being executed is the otherwise. I am sorry, Paco, this has happened to you. I am truly sorry. I hope and pray that you are doing fine. I hope that you find the peace in your heart, I hope you will learn to forgive. You are a brave man, as well as your family, you are all brave and strong. In our hearts, we believe in you. God bless you always.

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