Spanish moms disrobe for erotic calendar

Concerned Spanish moms as calendar girls

Concerned Spanish moms as calendar girls

Since this article talks about a calendar, perhaps it is only fitting that it will be my first subject to be written about at the start of 2013.

A calendar is a series of pages showing the days, weeks, and months of a particular year and a necessity in any establishment. It comes in different shapes and sizes and depending on what sector you belong to, it carries with it images depicting your genre.

But, what got me interested in blogging about this particular calendar being produced is by the manner it was conceptualized.

Many of us are familiar with the saying that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. The meaning of this proverb is that if someone really needs something or has a problem, he/she will find a way of doing or solving it.

This is exactly what happened to a group of mothers in eastern Spain who decided to disrobe for an erotic calendar in order to raise money enough to restore the school transportation services for their children.

“I’ll do anything for my child and if I have to undress, because in Spain it seems that that’s what has to be done to get attention, I’ll do it,” Maria Gilabert, one of the mothers of students confessed.

The scantily-clad mothers appear in the calendar scaling cliffs, pushing prams along dirt tracks to illustrate the 6km walk their children were forced to take to school every morning.

The indecent idea resulted when an austerity measure was implemented by the Spanish government and got to be applied at the Monserrat district in Valencia where students living 6km away from the Evaristo Calayatud school could no longer avail of the bus services because the distance of bus travel was reduced to a radius of 3km only.

“We have to scale a mountain and climb down a cliff to get to the school. On foot, using the most direct route it’s 4.5km, if you walk on the road it’s six,” said one of the mothers, Silvia Lucas to the Spanish press.

Following the introduction of the measure the mothers decided that they needed to do something to raise money whilst at the same time “giving the politicians a slap in the face.”

Valencia is one of Spain’s hardest-hit regions, and was first in line to ask Madrid for emergency-fund money—$4.6 billion initially—to help pay its bills.

It is said that Spain’s financial crisis is a lot like peeling an onion: remove one troubled layer and you expose another.

Since 2010, Spain has pushed through a series of austerity measures meant to rein in its deficit.

Given the size of the Spanish economy and the weakness of its banks, Spain has become the biggest worry facing the European Union.

Sad to say that Spain’s financial woes has now resulted to making school moms calendar girls out of necessity.

And no one would say they are bad looking moms.

Oh, come on!

For the sake of the kids am willing to pay for that calendar.

Admiring the moms will only come second.




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