LP should drop Trillanes from senatorial ticket

Senator Antonio Trillanes

In one of my blogs that talked about choosing a replacement for the late Jesse Robredo, I suggested about leaving it up for PNoy to have the final say as he seems to have an acute sense of judgment and good track record in appointing the right person for a cabinet job.

Not long after, the controversy over DILG Undersecretary Rico Puno ensued, and that is when I realized that my impression about him was wrong.

It got confirmed even more that, indeed, PNoy lacked the breath and depth of knowledge about people when he shoot himself on the foot once more and allowed an important and delicate job in foreign relations involving territorial dispute to be handled by Senator Antonio Trillanes, a young, ambitious, inexperienced and tactless person, who, at best, is a fraud (to use aptly Enrile’s description of him) and, at worst, a known subversive, who spent seven and a half years in prison after leading a coup to overthrow a legitimate civilian government.

Now, since when has rudeness, diplomatic ignorance and a coup plotter been required criteria for serious and sensitive negotiating skills in settling disputes, even if it is for back channel discussion?

Rudeness alone is a mark of a non-conformist and a bully, which Trillanes is known for. It has gone worst when the electorate supported his notoriety in his senatorial bid, even while he was in detention and could not campaign. His election to the Senate changed the man, as he developed an intense arrogance of power, in addition to the high and mighty feeling he already had.

Trillanes displayed this despicable hubris at the late Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes, when he lambasted the latter on the controversial military payola a few years back, notwithstanding that Reyes was an upperclass and his mistah. Reyes later committed suicide.

Trillanes showed his infamous attitude again against Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile when he was questioned by the latter about his role as the country’s back door negotiator with China.

Obviously, Trillanes has become an embarrassment to PNoy and his administration in particular, and to the country in general.

It will not help PNoy’s cause of projecting a country going straight when he is cuddling an incompetent, unreliable, immature and supercilious politician, the likes of Trillanes, especially that he is being considered in the LP-NP coalition for the 2013 senatorial elections.

We have enough of Trillanes and we want to see this country move forward without somebody dragging and slowing it down because of his disastrous buffooneries.

If Estrada and Binay’s UNA have a mouthful to say against a loser like Trillanes, and everybody else calling him a liar, there is no reason why PNoy should insist on keeping him in LP’s senatorial slate. Drop him!


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