Of Carabuena and the Marzan couple

Robert Blair Carabuena bullying Saturnino Fabros

One can only heave a big sigh of relief now that Robert Blair Carabuena and the Marzan couple, Reynold and Analiza, all evils in the eyes of many, and who are more repugnantly alike in many ways than one, have met their momentary fate befitting their own unconscionable deeds.

Although no final verdict yet has been reached against these abominable characters, suffice to say that, to date, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) – National Capital Region (NCR) is set to submit a recommendation to LTO Chief Virginia Torres of lifetime revocation of Carabuena’s license.

On the other hand, the Marzan couple, who went into hiding after being charged for maltreating their housemaid, finally surrendered at the National Bureau of Investigation headquarters in Manila, after Senator Jinggoy Estrada ordered for their arrest, then brought to the Senate and detained, and after the hearing by the Senate labor committee taken to separate Quezon City facilities – Reynold to the Quezon City  Kamuning jail and Analiza, to the female dormitory of Quezon City Police District headquarters at Camp Karingal.

It must be recalled that Carabuena earned his notoriety when he was caught on video berating and manhandling Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic enforcer Saturnino Fabros, who had flagged him for beating the red light in an intersection in Quezon City.

The fiendish Marzan couple with their victim, Bonita Baran

The Marzan couple, however, is being brought to justice for maltreating and manhandling Bonita Baran, who according to Dr. Erwin Erfe, a forensic expert at the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO), sustained over 200 injuries which were inflicted “at different intervals” from the time she got hired in 2007 at the age of 17 until she was allowed to go home in 2012.

One may have been seething with anger seeing at the sight of Carabuena giving the innocent and defenseless Fabros a good whack on the left side of his face, but nothing comes close to having one’s blood boil upon hearing and seeing the savage treatment Bonita received and endured from the blood-stained hands of Analiza Marzan.

It is just too bad that, while a CCTV camera caught the contemptuous behavior of Carabuena at the height of his anger, nothing can be seen about the savagery inflicted on Bonita by Analiza, except by the ugly, healing scars on her body brought about by massive torture that resulted to broken teeth, puffy lips, blind eyes, cauliflowered ears, pleated face from hot iron application, etc., etc., etc. The hapless maid was even made to eat stale leftovers and cockroaches. On top of all these, not only was Bonita pushed to fell down on the stairs, but an attempt to strangle her happened, after which Analiza asked Bonita why she does not die. “Hija de la gran puta” – that is who Analiza Marzan is!

And yet Mrs. Marzan had the nerve to deny all these accusations by Bonita, saying that the scars and disfigurements were all self-inflicted. Yes, like one is crazy enough to see yourself stand up before the mirror and start sculpting your face with a flat iron! That is what she wants us to believe.

Just wondering if at the peak of Carabuena’s rage, would he have ironed Fabros’ face if a hot flat iron was within his reach?

Two of a kind, indeed, in afflicting physical and mental anguish to their victims, but while Fabros went home with his identity unchanged, Bonita was unrecognizable, even by her own sister.

In her testimony, Olivia, the sister, said that she was not able to recognize Bonita when she fetched her at the pier in Catanduanes last May 13. She sought the help of a friend at the port, a certain Susan, where she could find Bonita. When Susan had Bonita in front, Olivia said she could not believe it was indeed her elder sister she was seeing. It was far, far from the face she saw last.

While we seem to understand what made Carabuena do his dastardly act, for Analiza, we can only surmise.

Could it have been insecurity on her being a wife and a woman? Jealousy? Sour graping? Resentment about her husband and taking it on their housemaid because she can’t do anything about him?

Too many questions unanswered, and unless the prosecutors will be able to wring it out from the Marzan couple, we will forever be clueless.

But for as long as the couple will rot in jail, justice shall have been done for Bonita, whose body withstood the agony and, to the end, her spirit remained strong.


2 comments on “Of Carabuena and the Marzan couple

  1. I second the motion, “hija de lan gran puta”! talaga. I cannot take the steely face of Liza Marzan which in tagalog could mean “palaban” and the innocent look of Reynold. Nakakasuka! Stupid! that is how I can describe the couple for presuming that the Filipinos are that bobo not to understand what is happening around them. I am just praying that somehow, even just one eye of Bonita will be back to normal so that she can live a normal life again. She does not look her age of 21. Thanks for your post.

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