Dios mabalos, to all

Dios mabalos, Naga City, for producing a son named Jesse Manalastas Robredo.

Dios mabalos, for educating, nurturing, developing and preparing him to serve the peoples of Naga and the entire nation.

Dios mabalos, for sharing with us a man who we have seen as God-fearing.

Dios mabalos, for showing us a husband that was devoted to his family.

Dios mabalos, for letting us see a man, simple, but with the purest of heart in his concern for the poor.

Dios mabalos, for making us witnesses of the difference he has made in the lives of the marginalized.

Dios mabalos, for turning him into a politician, selfless and visionary.

Dios mabalos, for having his path crossed with that of PNoy.

Dios mabalos, for PNoy to have seen in him his exemplary qualities as a leader.

Dios mabalos, for his repeated appointment as DILG secretary and doing his job the way God wanted him to, despite having been bypassed ignominiously by the members of the Commission on Appointments.

Dios mabalos, for his espousing the same advocacy that PNoy has for transparency and good governance.

Dios mabalos, for his setting up a new beginning and direction in local government and its agencies that is now starting to grow roots and bear fruits.

Dios mabalos, for his infectious brand of servant leadership that has started to rub on many of his cabinet peers.

Dios mabalos, for the short, but meaningful time fate has given him to serve the national government.

Dios mabalos, for the lessons he has left as legacy of his devotion in uplifting the lives of the impoverished in our society.

Dios mabalos, that in death the nation have come to know, love and appreciate his words and deeds better.

Dios mabalos, that the nation has felt deeply his loss and has learned more the kind of person he was from the tributes said.

Dios mabalos, that the nation knows now how he cared for his family and how strong they have become in his death.

Dios mabalos, that the nation has known now how much he has dedicated his life in serving the the people and how much he is going to be missed.

Dios mabalos, for the family who chose the head of the Missionaries of the Poor to officiate the Concelebrated Requiem Mass for the late Jesse Manalastas Robredo instead of any ranking member of the Catholic hierarchy.

Dios mabalos, for bringing Fr. Ambrose Kulandairaj from far away Jamaica to Naga City to do charitable work for the poor, the homeless, the orphans, the elderly and the special children.

More than anybody else, it was the homily of Fr. Ambrose that moved me.

Hopefully, politicians who heard Fr. Ambrose talk about the Robredos and their concern for the downtrodden will get inspiration for doing their best as elected servant leaders.

Dios mabalos, to all.

(Dios mabalos means ‘Thank you’ in the Bicol dialect, which is what is spoken in Naga City. Literally, it is ‘God will repay.’ It is more like saying that if I could not thank you much, then God will.  – Quierosaber)


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