Osmeña out-maneuvers Rama


The way it looks for Mike and Tommy in 2013 mayoral contest

What Rep. Tomas Osmeña did in being among those present during President Benigno Aquino’s visit to Danao City for the signing of the alliance between Vice Mayor Ramon “Nito” Durano III’s  Bakud Party and the LP headed by Transportation Secretary Mar Roxas, could only be described as a successful coup against rival, Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama.

At the height of Osmeña’s resentment and perceived heated disagreement with Roxas, when the latter was sent by the President in February to meet with Cebu’s political allies, one would think that he was severing his ties with the LP and run for mayor in 2013 without the support of the party.

Not only did Osmeña thought then that Roxas and his LP has done nothing for Cebu, despite the one million votes delivered for him in the 2010 elections, but what got his goat was Roxas’ special mention of Mayor Rama being present in LP activities, which Osmeña does not normally do.

“So what do you want? Kick me out?” Osmeña was overheard telling Roxas.

So piqued was Osmeña that he had this to say: “We would not even care if LP supports Mike’s candidacy,” he said, referring to Cebu City Mayor Rama, who is seeking reelection.

But that is water under the bridge now.

Realities are that the way politics is played in this country, political animosity does not have a place, when out of political necessity, political patronage is being sought after. And there is no bigger and richer patronage that is beneficial to any politician for ensuring his victory than the one offered by the administration party.

With Osmeña’s BOPK developing cracks, he can no longer depend anymore on his own party to deliver him the votes and for him to be able to reclaim Cebu City’s mayoral seat.

Thus, Osmena’s presence with the LP stalwarts in Danao is a prelude to BOPK-LP alliance. This is a must-do for the former mayor, not so much for defeating Rama, as it is for saving his baby, the South Road Properties (SRP), from being taken away from him and ‘fathered’ instead by his political enemies.

Surely, Osmeña has out- maneuvered Rama, leaving the latter in quandary now.

Poor Mike. But, he can always follow where his friend, Gov. Gwen Garcia, has gone.


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