Yogurt enhances male libido


Well, don’t get excited too soon, you guys. There is no hard proof yet that yogurt is IT!

But, if scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are to be believed, then this will revolutionize a human’s state of being.

It is said that mice and humans share about 95 percent of their genes, and mice are recognized around the world as the leading experimental model for studying human biology and disease.

This is just what the MIT researchers did when they used mice to study how the healthy microbial bacteria in yogurt fight off age-related weight gain.

To get more definitive differences and results, the mice were divided into three groups and given three different diets: One group was fed a normal diet, another was given a high-fat diet of mostly junk food, and a final group was fed mouse-sized servings of vanilla yogurt.

What the researchers found out simply astounded them.

According to a keen-observant lab assistant, the yogurt-fed experimental models exhibited an excessive virility or machismo, as they call it, which they were showing off literally.

What made it even more unusual is that the testicles of the male mice were far bigger than those of their peers–5 percent larger than mice who ate a normal diet, and 15 percent bigger than mice who were fed junk food.

Not only that.

The study also showed that the yogurt-eating mice inseminated their partners faster and produced more offspring and that the males were also notably slimmer, with softer and shinier coats, too. For a more apt description they were ‘sexier’ than mice who were fed other food

So, what about the female mice?

Well, they too were the beneficiary of the mysterious rewards of yogurt. They were found to have healthier fur, and produced bigger litters of offspring.

Overall, the researchers believe that it’s the probiotics essentials in the yogurt that are somehow directly interacting with the mice to produce these effects.

The question now is: Could the yogurt have the same dramatic effects on human? I hope so, though am not so enthusiastic about paying the price just so you will have an enlarged testicle.

Or shall we just continue stocking them up inside the fridge and eating them regardless of whether or not the study becomes a fact?

Your choice.


4 comments on “Yogurt enhances male libido

  1. Jeff Lippi says:

    I eat yogurt quite often.Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung have a lot to say about the male libido.So I guess the boys at MIT are suggesting that yogurt may be a great brainfood….for the one that man often thinks with a gets himself into a whole lot of trouble.I guess libido can be put side by side with mans’s ego.Throughout history this has proved to be dangerous and insane.Dangle money and power in front of a man and things can get scary.Wars and conflicts have been started so a leader can prove his masculinity….is what it amounts to.Helen of Troy comes to mind.But yogurt does have positive health benefits….it provides beneficial bacteria to the intestinal tract which allows for improved digestion and helps to build up immunity and thus a better,healthy body.I don’t feel any sexier when I eat yogurt,not that I ever did anyway….but these days,at my age,I prefer to focus my dwindling energy on other matters.I guess it depends on what’s going on in your life.I guess someone like Hugh Hefner would welcome this news with open arms,but not me.We all follow different paths,I guess.I prefer to eat plain,unflavored yogurt,with all the fat content still in it.I don’t go for the fat free or the 2% type.The boys at MIT gave the mice vanilla flavored yogurt….makes me wonder if it was a healthy brand or a cheap brand.Either way,most flavored yogurt is sweetened with sugar,which is considered a junk food.I’m gonna need a bit more scientific proof before coming to a decision.Maybe it was the vanilla.But…..before I read this blog,I had plans to go shopping and but some yogurt…I ran out out of it last night.While I’m shopping,I will also pick up a jar of Nutella.By the time you reply to this comment,there will be a jar of Nutella sitting on my counter.Nutella with yogurt sounds like a great combination.

    • quierosaber says:

      LOL! Ok enjoy it! I ate yogurt too every so often, unfortunately it is the sweetened one. What I take almost always is Yakult, a probiotic drink too. Perhaps all these is just a marketing ploy. Sexual prowess takes a bow as ones grow older, and when you don’t have it anymore even a ton of yogurt won’t be able to help it.

      • Jeff Lippi says:

        I bought the Nutella and really liked it….as a matter of fact,the jar is now empty.It’s one of those things,just like ice cream…that I shouldn’t keep around the house because it doesn’t last very long.Probiotic drinks are a better alternative to yogurt….there’s plenty over here.Most are made from a kefir starter.They’re mostly dairy,but there’s also a coconut kefir….they come in different flavors and taste good.Also,there’s Kombucha.It’s naturally carbonated and can turn to alcohol if it sits around for awhile.It’s a good idea to point the bottle away from you when removing the cap.It so highly carbonated that it doesn’t take much agitation to create a lot of pressure.I’ve had the stuff spray all over me.

      • quierosaber says:

        First time I hear about kefir starter (from coconut milk?). What I know are coming from soya. But I think there are others that they use to boost the good bacteria in our intestines. Anything that restores beneficial bacteria to the body is better than any brand of soft drink sold in the market. I don’t think Kombucha has reach this far yet.

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