The Ramgen, Pacquiao and Arroyo stories

Ramgen Revilla murder case

The Ramgen Revilla murder case, the Manny Pacquiao controversial slugfest win and the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo last minute departure denial for treatment abroad are not only high-profile and sensational stories, but they are stories closest to the hearts of every Filipino – movie stars, boxing and politics.

Their separate sagas could very well make successful telenovelas.

They are all different personalities with different endeavors, yet they can all be lump together, like eggs in one basket, and be similar at the end.

What makes them so comparable then?

For one, the three of them have been hugging most of the news lately, whether in print medium or on television.

For another, the three had been fighting with people that resulted to bad blood between them: Ramgen against his siblings, Pacquiao against Marquez, and Arroyo against Aquino.

Pacquiao - Marquez slugfest

In the process, Ramgen, who  is said to be the “niño bonito” and a trusted confidant of his father, was allegedly killed or ordered killed by his siblings; Pacquiao, who trained hard to disprove Juan Manuel Marquez’s allegation that the latter won their first two fights, and whom boxing pundits predicted Pacquiao to win by a knockout, won instead by a thin, yet unconvincing margin; and Arroyo, who has a pending case in court for plunder and electoral sabotage filed by the Aquino administration, has been charging President Benigno Aquino for personal vendetta and political persecution by not allowing her to leave and seek treatment abroad.

Their respective cases now has even turned for the worst, which makes their news-hugging stories even more to be widely followed.

Ramgen’s sister and one of the alleged mastermind, Ramona, has already fled the country and the Interpol is now searching for her.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo departure denial

Pacquiao is simply just too proud to forego a fourth bout with Marquez and schedule a date with Floyd Mayweather, who has been badmouthing him for a long time now. He has to prove again that he is a far superior boxer than Marquez before he takes on Mayweather. But, that is of course if he wins convincingly against Marquez.

Arroyo, on her part, has just to wait until what happens to the dispute between the Executive and the Judiciary branches of government relative to her condition and request for treatment abroad.

Yes, movie stars, boxing and politics.

All these are entertaining pastime of Filipinos and their stories will continue to hug the headlines and prime time news on TV until it gets resolved, one way or the other.


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