The controversial Ramgen Revilla murder case

The late Ramgen Revilla with father Ramon Revilla Sr.

If this high profile murder case did not happen to a famous clan in Cavite, the plot would have been a good material for a movie story. And what story it would have been!

But, the fact that it happened to the legendary family of former senator and much acclaimed movie actor Ramon Revilla Sr. makes it all the more surreal, controversial and intriguing.

What is even making it shocking, gripping and unbelieving is that two siblings are major suspects in the killing of an older sibling, Ramgen, 23, and seriously wounding of his girlfriend, Janelle Manahan.

The motivation, that allegedly drove Ramon Joseph (RJ), 18, and sister, Ramona, 22, to commit the heinous crime, is the quarrel over a P1million subsidy for the patriarch’s nine children. It was said that Ramgen and another sister took care of the monthly fund.

Whether it was the money, jealousy or plain antipathy, the fact remains that deep resentment must have been harbored by the killers that they made sure Ramgen won’t survive the 16 stab wounds inflicted and the shot fired.

There is no telling where this murder case is heading, even as the police declared it as solved.

For one, half-brother, Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr., wants the case re-investigated, making sure that all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed.

On the other hand, Genalyn Magsaysay-Revilla, the mother of the siblings concern, denies that both Ramon Joseph and Ramona could ever have conspired nor have reason to kill their older brother, Ramgen. She added further that she did not raise them that way.

But nothing is beyond the bounds of possibility. Nothing is inconceivable anymore, where crime is committed between family members. The tragic biblical story of Cain slaying his brother Abel has evolved and has gotten worst with even the head of the family mercilessly annihilating wife and children.

There are more questions than answers at this time.

Would Janelle Manahan implicate the suspect siblings and corroborate the witness’ testimony?

Is witness Roel Puzon, telling the truth that R J masterminded the plan to murder Ramgen and that Ramona conspired with him to execute it. RJ is in police custody while Ramona is being kept at home.

If there is truth to police findings, would the Revillas, as a clan, allow the culprits to pay the price and send them packing to jail? Will they disown them as blood-relatives?

Will Ramgen, the ill-fated young actor, ever get justice?

This story is so lurid to remain a mystery forever.


6 comments on “The controversial Ramgen Revilla murder case

  1. gina says:

    1. The family already knows/accepts that the siblings did the crime and are now doing damage control. One member to be jailed is enough but two?..

    2. The flight of Ramona to HK yesterday signifies guilt. Did their lawyer advice this?, Did her own family (not extended) assist her (buy the tickets and contacts with the airport).

    3. Did the current senator assist his half-sibling in her flight to HK and goes out in public to denounce this? This can be viewed as protecting the political name from a public backlash. Remember senator webb?.

    4. The senator should exert all efforts to bring back his half-sibling or this would cast a shadow of doubt on the whole members within the political scene.

    • quierosaber says:

      This is now a simple case of saving ones (s)kin while having sacrificed the life of another just so in the eyes of people this family continues to be honorable, as in Honorable Senator! This is now time to adopt the proverbial and honorable principle of “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.”

  2. mark says:

    Ramgen’s mom… i want to understand her reasoning and feel sorry for her as a mom, but, she barely makes sense. To touch about the “sustento” in the middle of this brutal case is ***t!!! But if you would like people to react on that, here is what i have to say- why be a kabit? Why bear 9 kids then? Bring your daughter back just to aid with the supposedly “justice” you are seeking! Genalyn be a mom!

  3. Albert Real says:

    for the police authorities handling the case, please do your job in a scientific way. do not put a man behind bars according to testimonies. do not rely on what ” WITNESSES” tells you. go deeper. look for solid evidence. WITNESSES may lie, EVIDENCE do not.

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