Apathy prevailing in Chinese society

Yue Yue minutes before becoming victim of the on-coming van

In yet another show of indifference and disregard for human life, the Chinese society has proven to the world once more how insensitive and callous they have become in extending help to people in dire need of assistance.

In the same manner that they maltreat animals with impunity, the Chinese are also showing how uncaring they can be on people.

The latest incident that has caused outrage and condemnation on its society by social media sites around the world, and even by their own netizens, involves a two-year old girl named Yue Yue, who lay critically injured after she was run over by a van and then by a truck outside her family’s shop in the southern Chinese city of Foshan.

The little girl seemed to be walking nonchalantly on the street when she was hit and run over first by the right front wheel. What was nauseating about it is that the driver stopped briefly, but instead of getting out, kept going with the right rear wheel rolling over again on the helpless child. The van was followed by a truck which did the same appalling crime.

What added to the already gruesome accident was the apparent neglect, lack of concern and utter apathy of pedestrians towards the injured child, even skirting away from the hapless body, which deplorable reactions were caught by the surveillance camera.

One of the drivers that was apprehended, when interviewed if he was aware of the accident said, yes, but that he would rather see the child dead and pay $1500, than see her alive and pay ten times more for her injury. This seems to be the frame of mind of Chinese drivers, which makes you ask the question: where has their conscience and morality gone?

But, the government has to be blamed for the public’s total disregard in the welfare of victims or people in distress. It is common knowledge that many a-times good Samaritans are the ones prosecuted if they come to the rescue because they are said to violate government rules on dealing with accident victims. This crazy notion could only happen in China.

Thanks to a garbage collector (of all people), who probably did not know any better, had more sense and sympathy to come to the girl’s aid, moving her to the curb and shouting for help until the mother, a migrant worker, arrived, picked her up and brought her to the hospital.

According to doctors, Yue Yue was in a coma and unlikely to survive the ordeal.

(For more on this, watch the disturbing video clip on this link: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/outrage-bleeding-china-toddler-left-street-062238639.html)


4 comments on “Apathy prevailing in Chinese society

  1. This isn’t limited strictly to China. How many people in New York City see a mugging happen in a dark alley but walk by like they didn’t see anything? Animal cruelty is also prevalent everywhere. Assuming you’re America, do you remember several cases of animal cruelty in the US like the slaughterhouse where workers tortured pigs with shock sticks? Or the news stories about dogs that are lit on fire? It happens everywhere.

    That being said, Chinese apathy is a byproduct of a massively urban population combined with bad government policies. When someone gets run over the driver doesn’t stop, and sometimes even runs the victim over again, to avoid paying hundred of thousands of RMB in compensation, enough to put the average Chinese and their family in crushing debt for the rest of their lives. There is little evidence that good Samaritans end up getting punished for helping people. At most it’s happened a handful of times but the stories are shared around on Chinese social networking sites like QQ and Weibo and spread like wildfire so now everyone is afraid to help others. But yeah, even I was shocked by this video.

  2. Jeff says:

    Yes,apathy does run rampant in just about any part of the planet,but this incident is really reaching the bottom of the barrel.Hopefully this will serve as the wake up call that we all need.There are certainly many incidents that occur in the USA.Hurricane Katrina had it’s heroes and it’s villains.Another separate incident that comes to mind happened in NYC.People were standing in line waiting to place their order at a fast food restaurant,when a woman collapsed with a heart attack.Two other people waiting to place their order were paramedics,but they refused to help….citing that they were on their lunch break.The woman died waiting for an ambulance to arrive.Urban humanity’s thinking can become very warped.It seems at times that the laws that govern us rule our way of thinking.For example “I didn’t want to get involved because I feared that I may be sued if something went wrong.”Sadly,the little girl died about a week later.The link below takes you there.


    • quierosaber says:

      Really feel sorry for the little girl and for all those in damnable situation and places. Looks like a commonplace happening now with greed and materialism numbing the senses of conscience and morality. Thanks for the link.

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