The Eldon Cruz – Chinese mediamen plane scuffle


Eldon Cruz - husband of Maria Elena (Ballsy) Aquino

The unfortunate incident that happened to Eldon Cruz, brother-in-law of PNoy, when he was roughed up by two Chinese mediamen on July 23, onboard a Cebu Pacific flight, continues to haunt me with questions like, “What would have happened if it was done to Juan de la Cruz?” “Would the two abusive Chinese be still deported?”

How I wish the manhandling was done on persons, the likes of the Dutertes – Inday Sara and her father, Rodrigo – of Davao. The two Chinese bullies would not have known what hit them. But, am sure they would still be sent home faster than they can say, sorry.

What I am driving at here, and quite obvious, is that if the harm, insult and abuse were done by foreigners on Filipino VIPs and celebrities, every body seems to move to have that person deported and blacklisted.

It is very possible that such incident could have happened to me and my wife, that after politely advising a couple of “rowdy” passengers to calm down and behave, one of them will bad-mouth me and grab me by the collar, while the other stomps me on the foot.

The question is: Would I become a willing victim in my own country and not having done anything wrong? Hell, no!

From where I was seated I would have probably hit his groin so hard that it would take the SOB a long time to pee. But, what would be the consequences if I was just Juan de la Cruz?

Most likely I would have been the one dragged down for questioning, subjected to all discomforts and later made to apologize to the uncouth and abusive Chinese nationals.

Indeed, this is simply nothing but a wake-up call to airport and government authorities called upon to investigate incidences like what happened to Eldon and wife, Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, who was accompanying him.

Juan de la Cruz is not always wrong. He is just defending his person and rights against invited guests who have no right feeling superior and arrogant and treating Filipino nationals with disdain.

Ordinary Filipinos deserves to be protected and treated equally, too, as any person with clout in this country. We are no less citizens of this country than they are.



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