West Philippine Sea dispute


Recto Bank (Reed Bank) in Western Philippine Sea

This blog is in relation to President Benigno Aquino’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) 2011, where he made a bold and empathic gesture about the West Philippine Sea (WPS) dispute, saying: “Our message to the world is clear: what is ours is ours. Setting foot on Recto Bank is no different from setting foot on Recto Avenue.”

The occasion, the venue, which was in the august presence of senators, congressmen, the magistrates, government officials, the diplomatic corps and cabinet members in the halls of congress and the declaration were all what PNoy needed to make his posturing known.

But, how strong and mighty are we really as a nation in pursuing our sovereignty over the Recto Bank in the WPS against a nation that is becoming the next world power in the truest sense of the word?

No amount of military boats and planes and other armaments acquired from the U.S. can ever tip the balance to our side against a giant of a nation, which has little regard for the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, an independent judicial body established by UNCLOS, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

China is not just interested in the WPS and what it has underneath.

China, which has interest in the whole of South China Sea and has not mince words in claiming it, is justifying its assertion based on “historic rights.”

What China wants is that the South China Sea dispute should be resolved through direct negotiations between the concerned countries.

Seems like this is how the future looks in this part of the world. This is the reality the Philippines has to face.

For what more can be done really when Chinese garrison has been erected and established in the area, like putting all the surrounding small claimant nations on hand-cuffs. We should have questioned China’s insidious actions and intentions a long time ago.

So today we say “what is ours is ours.”

But, tomorrow, when push comes to shove, I can guarantee that all we can say to this mammoth intruder of a nation is: “what is ours is yours, too.”



9 comments on “West Philippine Sea dispute

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  2. solutions777 says:

    China wants everything. It will continue to take/steal until it is stopped.

    The only answer that will work is military force. All southeast nations need to unite against China. A total and complete military alliance and prepare for all out war.

    If not, the South China Sea, West Philippine Sea, and everything else China wants, it will take.

    Organize or lose.

    • quierosaber says:

      I would have agreed with you if we had the means. Except for our courage and indomitable spirit, we really don’t have the capability – even in numbers. Too much dependence on the US is a big folly. China is now their biggest creditor and their war on terror is exacting a toll on them. So what could you expect? We are and we will be on our own. Diplomacy is being dangled – take it or leave it!

  3. concerned american says:

    China is just a master of forgery, they forge everything from fake utensils to fake history to make there claim legitimate in their peoples minds. if lands are claimed because of historic reasons Alexander the Great a Greek should conquered all of Europe central asia and other territories which should mean its their rightful claim..,Julian Ceasar a roman general and emperor should also have the same claim. united kingdom should own almost the whole world if history is to be use as method and Genghis Khan a mongolian general concuered china and central asia the largest land mass ever conquered does making Mongolia making a rightful claim over china if thats the method china wants to implement

  4. like several years ago ex-president clinton said china will bully its small neighboring countries someday that it is happening now!!!…(china bully their neighboring coountries but north korea bully the whole world, these two are the closiest ally). may i ask your comment…

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