Sara Duterte: my kind of mayor

Mayor Sara Duterte manhandling court sheriff

I may be the only square peg in a round hole for declaring my support for the action Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte did in punching court sheriff Abe Andres for enforcing a court order to demolish some 200 shanties in Barangay Kapitan Tomas Monteverde Sr. in Agdao District without waiting for her.

It was precisely not having waited for a wise decision and not having heeded a lawful instruction that cost the feisty mayor to loss her temper and took matters into her own hands.

Had the sheriff listened and followed the mayor’s advice to hold the demolition for two hours, he could not have been at the end of Duterte’s ire and a whole lot of difference could have been made.

What do I mean by this?

It is a fact, and we see it all the time on TV during news hours, that every time there is a planned demolition of squatter shanties anywhere, a likely outbreak of violence always ensues.

This is what Mayor Duterte wanted to prevent happening in Davao – untoward incidents between the squatters and the law enforcers that could cause injury and even death.

It was bad enough, on one hand, that Davao was hit by floods a few days back and the caring mayor was attending to them by distributing food and other relief goods to the victims. It just made the events worse, on the other hand, when, on the same day, demolition of squatter shanties was ordered by Judge Emmanuel Carpio, the uncle of Duterte’s husband.

“Ang akin lang din naman doon (my only concern is), we always see violent demolitions on television, yun ang ayaw ko mangyari sa (I don’t like that to happen in) Davao City. That’s why pinag-planuhan pero (we planned it but) it turned out ganun pa rin ang nangyari, kaya na-frustrate ako (violence happened that is why I am frustrated),” Duterte said.

Can you sweepingly blame Duterte for losing her cool? She had it planned and knows the temperament of her constituents. She wanted everything under control for the good of the people, but for an irresponsible court sheriff that could not follow a simple plea, misunderstanding, chaos and fighting resulted.

It has always been the trademark of the Dutertes, especially of Sara’s father, Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, to make Davao a safe and livable place by warning the bad elements to stay out of Davao if their intention is to create nothing but mayhem.

For this bold and courageous stance by the Dutertes, the people of Davao appreciate it and have supported them in every election. You can also see how Davao progressed under the Dutertes and how criminality have greatly diminished.

If losing ones head is making a statement that the well being of the community is more important than giving an irresponsible sheriff a shiner, then Mayor Sara Duterte will always be my kind of mayor, regardless of what people say.

DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo have earlier said that a legal team will be sent to Davao City to look into the incident despite the sheriff’s statement that he will not be pursuing any charges against Mayor Duterte.

Mayor Duterte may be reprimanded or dismissed from service depending on the results of the DILG probe. The city mayor said she is ready to face the consequences of her actions.

But, will Duterte’s constituents allow her to be dismissed? It really remains to be seen.


11 comments on “Sara Duterte: my kind of mayor

  1. Danilo M. Regala says:

    She is very tough and strong leader. I will vote Sara Duterte for President.

    • quierosaber says:

      She is still a little green, politically. Give her more time. But, I will surely support her father and current Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, if he decides to run for President. Their fearless and selfless style in governance is what this country needs as leaders. If I only have the wealth, I would bankroll his candidacy.

  2. renxkyoko says:

    I guess I’m the only one to disagree with Quierosaber here. If this woman was in the US, she would have been handcuffed in a second. That action by this woman, multiply that by thousnads of small town mayors all aoiund the Philippines, that’s the extent of lawlessness parvading in Philippines society. Two hours, they say? I’d bet my collection of Pokemon cards that this case has been in the court for 50 years. These squatters had been given enough time to move out. Tough lady mayor….. the Filipinos said the same thing of Marcos.

    • quierosaber says:

      You also have your share of nefarious and shameful local and national officials there, so don’t be too sanctimonious about it. You should know the people involved and the beneficial transformation they have done to the place and their citizens from what it was before. Yes, brute force is not required, but it becomes an option when one has to control lawlessness. If majority of the citizens of Davao City have supported the mayor’s action, then you have no reason to complain when you are not even a resident of this country. Your adopted country was much, much worst when it was as old as our country is now. Marcos was totally a different animal.

      • renxkyoko says:

        I am sorry that you feel that my differing opinion on the issue is deemed sanctimonious and though I am not a citizen of the Philippines, I was born there and still care what’s going in the country. I may not know much about the state of politics there, but I have just stated my opinion based on what I have read so far… and that is, an officer of the court who is merely following a lawful order gets assaulted by another official whom I feel should be the one to assist in implementing the decision of the court.

      • quierosaber says:

        I apologize too if you think I was being obnoxious in my reply. Peace! For better insight on this I invite you to visit this URL: Thanks.

  3. MrMarMans says:

    For me the controversial issue, “the Mayor punched the court sheriff” can be justified:

    1.The demolition was illegal (Violation of RA 7279) and not humane (there was a violence);
    2.The sheriff did not grant the rightful request of the Mayor to delay the demolition for two (2) hours to prevent bloodshed (Gross Negligence of Duty – there was an implied intention to allow violence because the Sheriff knows beforehand the two scenario of event that might occurred by either to grant and not to grant);
    3.In the midst of clash, the Mayor punched the sheriff.

    *The mayor responded in accordance with DIVINE or MORAL LAW (it is not sinful – see: RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION in Wikipedia), and not guilty under NATURAL LAW because she acted as a person under in a state of Extreme Emotional Disturbance as a result of which there is a loss of self control overborned by anger because she did not appreciate the wrongfulness of the acts (refer 1 & 2 above) of the sheriff.

    To those who condemned the act of the Mayor and the solidarity of support of Davaoenos to their great leader are not righteous and not upholding peace and genuine justice.

    • quierosaber says:

      Thank you for elucidating some more on the issue. The Sheriff may not be reporting directly to the Mayor, but the latter’s word, nay plea, carries more weight by virtue of his position.

    • carl says:

      Mayor Duterte should have been more diplomatic about the whole thing. The Sheriff was only doing his job! All she had to do was talk to the Sheriff. What is so difficult about that?

      • quierosaber says:

        In a way you are correct. But the highest local government official of the land bargaining, nay pleading, for only two hours of abeyance for the sake of having calm and peace after the place was devastated by flood waters, deserves to be heeded with empathy. Without the latter, hell broke loose.

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