MCC-Metro Baguio officiate same-sex mass “wedding”

As I write this article, the same sex mass “wedding” announced earlier by the Metropolitan Community Church of Metro Baguio (MCC-Metro Baguio) to be conducted in their church on June 25, 2011, must have pushed through without any glitches.

Apparently, the MCC-Metro Baguio is one unique church, it being composed mostly of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) members and their families.

Rev. Myke Sotero, who leads the local chapter of MCC-Metro Baguio, said more than seven gay and lesbian couple will exchange vows.

While the actualization of the same sex “wedding” is shocking to the Catholic church and more especially to Diocese of Baguio-Benguet Bishop Carlito Cenzon, who denounced it, the same did not catch me by surprise.

“Same-sex wedding is wrong and cannot be called a holy union. Naawa tayo sa kanila kasi nagmamahalan sila pero hindi sila pwedeng ikasal. (We pity them, they love each other but they cannot be wed. Wedding should involve only a woman and a man,” the bishop said.

While on one hand I agree with the bishop that a wedding should involve only a woman and a man, on the other hand I find his statement tainted with bigotry.

I said it did not surprise me because these types of “wedding” are occurring all over the world now and why shouldn’t it happen in our country when we have LGBT everywhere? I respect them for who and what they are. Not their fault to be born this way (pardon the pun relative to Lady Gaga’s song).

You will notice, however, that I placed the word wedding under quotation marks. My reason for doing it is because I am against any LGBT using and denigrating the word ‘wedding’ that should only be used to describe the union of man and woman.

In the same vein, I am not in favor also of any LGBT using the word marriage or matrimony to describe their own joint-venture because the same words were conceived and envisioned to be used originally for the union of man and woman.

Let the LGBT in this world fabricate, coin, invent, design, create a word that would appropriately define their own version of mutual or contractual agreement to live together.

They can use coupling, fusion, tie-up, merger, amalgamation, etc. for all I care.


13 comments on “MCC-Metro Baguio officiate same-sex mass “wedding”

  1. Sammy says:

    Not so sure if I agree with your view on a separate classification for same sex couples. That is a bit bigoted in its own right…

    I have read some enlightening things about this topic at , that guy is a norwegian but is staying in the philippines.

    • quierosaber says:

      Like I said I am not against their union, but it would be best if they could come up with another “marriage” lexicon now, since this is getting to be a norm, that will aptly define that kind of union.

    • quierosaber says:

      Like I said I am not against their union, but it would be best if they could come up with another “marriage” lexicon now, since this is getting to be a norm, that will aptly define that kind of union.

      • Sammy says:

        Authorities in many countries have already done that. It is know as civil union or registered partnership. Legally equal to marriage but just giving it a different name. Is that what you mean?

      • quierosaber says:

        Exactly! Thanks for your understanding.

  2. renxkyoko says:

    Here in California, they can have civil weddings. California is just one of the few states that have approved this. During tha last elections, the proposal was included as a Proposition that had to be approved by voters. It won, but there are still a huge number that oppose it. San Francisco is the only one that heartily officiates same sex marriage.

  3. I’m a straight guy but i don’t see anything wrong with same sex marriage at all because marriage is not just about having sex and children but also about love. Two people, not necessarily of the opposite sexes, can love each other and, yes, marry! The Catholic church should not meddle on this matter if the ones involved do not belong to their faith.

  4. davaoguy says:

    We in LGBT have our own view of life. If your life sucks, we dont care. So please mind your own business!

  5. anticult says:

    I am against this and I believe that this is destroying the image of the church, Bible, and the image of Jesus. It also destroys the title “pastor” so please stop calling your leader a pastor. Even if you say that these people love each other, would you think God will accept that reason? It’s funny how you call it a church wedding and you do not know the fact that God destroyed the city of Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality. If you want to continue these kind of activity, don’t use Jesus’ name and the holy sacrament of wedding. Even if you guys tell us not to judge you, the Lord Himself will judge you when time comes just as He judged the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. Love is not a valid reason, we should apply what the Bible tells us.

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