The Pacific Ring of Fire: Nature’s “Russian roulette”

Any island nation that lies on the “Ring of Fire” – that zone where 90% of the world’s earthquakes and 81% of the world’s largest earthquakes occur – will, one time or another, experience seismic (earthquake) activities of varying magnitude.

We had been lucky so far in the Philippines that, although we had had earthquakes in the past causing buildings to collapse and killing people, the destruction has never been close to what Japan has suffered in any of their recorded historic earthquakes – including the massive 8.9-magnitude monster that struck them on March 11th.

This powerful earthquake, reported by the US Geological Survey as Japan’s biggest ever and the seventh largest on record, triggered a 30-ft ferocious tsunami that battered and devastated the northeast coast of Japan with such an incredible and indescribable fury.

The violent sea swept inland and plowed everything in its path, brushing them off every which way – residential houses, agricultural lands, industrial establishments, commercial district, airports, railways, public service buildings – you name it – it all got moved and carried away in shambles by the turbulent sea.

In some parts inland the massive earthquake cracked open highways, caused landslides, destroyed bridges and started a conflagration all over from leaking gas pipes.

To make matters worse, Japan is now battling to contain radiation leaks emanating from an earthquake-disabled nuclear plant that had its cooling system for its reactor disrupted.

With all the horrifying devastation that the whole world witnessed, we can only pray for those who have perished and wish the Japanese people well as they rebuild their lives back.

The Pacific Ring of Fire is nature’s “Russian roulette” in this part of the globe.

A few weeks ago New Zealand took a hit that took the lives of some of our citizens wanting to work there.

This time it is Japan.

Where, when and how is nature going to unleash its wrath the next time?

Only God knows.


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