More than a senator, Sotto is a clown


Every time I hear Tito Sotto’s name, whether in tinseltown or the senate, I always associate it to the trying-hard-to-be-comic trio of Tito Vic and Joey.

Unlike the three stooges who were natural comics that watered my eyes with their antics, the banal type of comedy that the three Pinoy jokers deliver always make me frown.

It did not surprise me, therefore, that during the senate discussion on breast cancer awareness, the clownish demeanor of Sen. Vicente Sotto III took the better of him.

It must have been so exasperating and demeaning for both Senators Loren Legarda and Pia Cayetano to have a colleague, who instead of taking the matter seriously and supporting its cause, goes on the guise of interpellating the speaker but whose motive is really to generate laughter from his male colleagues.

Why else would Sen. Legarda stand up and air her displeasure over the subject that was made a laughing matter by some of the male senators?

It takes a Sotto, with his featherbrain, to ask the statistics on breast cancer, specifically if it afflicts more married women or what he described as “old maids.”

For all intents and purposes, this line of questioning was simply meant for amusement.


2 comments on “More than a senator, Sotto is a clown

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