Bigotry of the Catholic Church

Death of a Freemason

It numbs my mind and can only describe the attitude and action of the Catholic Church, in not according the late Quezon Gov. Rafael Nantes, a Freemason, Catholic burial, as the highest order of bigotry.

Gov. Nantes was not only a Freemason, but was also said to be a ‘born-again’ Christian.

My question is: What could be more Catholic and a Christian than one that is born-again and a Freemason at that?

Why persecute Freemasons until now when Freemasonry is an establishment founded on the benevolent intention of extending and conferring mutual happiness upon the best and truest principles of moral life and social virtue?

How could it go counter with the teachings of the Church when this fraternal organization advocates and promotes friendship, morality, and harmony among human associations?

How could it not be religious when this ancient institution was founded on the basic principles of the Brotherhood of Man and the acknowledgment of a Supreme Being?

The typical Freemason is a responsible member of his community, busily engaged with his domestic, social, vocational, and civic obligations. In a nutshell, this was Gov. Nantes.

But, why deny the late governor a Catholic burial “unless some signs of repentance before death had been shown” by the deceased,” a bishop exhorted?

How many people have already died, including, perhaps, those who perished with Nantes, that were not able to confess their sins, much less asked forgiveness from a priest, before an abrupt and unforeseen tragedy ended their lives, yet have received Catholic burial?

Why, singularly, invoke the Canon Law against the late Gov. Nantes? Is being a Freemason a sin?

Admittedly, masonry is not a religion, but it is a brotherhood of man that welcomes all religion and practices religiosity.

For those who wonder what, we, Freemasons, believe in, it is this:

That there is one God, the Father of all men.

The Holy Bible is the Great Light in Masonry

And the Rule and Guide for faith and practice.

Man is immortal.

Character determines destiny.

Love of man is, next to love of God, man’s first duty.

Prayer, communion of man with God, is helpful.

I am sure I will be meeting the same dogmatism  when my time comes, but I’d rather be buried amongst excommunicated, but upright Masons than being amidst holier-than-thou priests and bishops found guilty of child molestation, yet still being covered up by the Church.

Adios, bro.


8 comments on “Bigotry of the Catholic Church

  1. You are not only a Mason but are one big stupid guy. How can the Catholic Church accord a person rites that the person himself does not believe in? Do you need more than common sense to figure that out?

    You also wrote: “I am sure I will be meeting the same dogmatism when my time comes, but I’d rather be buried amongst excommunicated, but upright Masons than being amidst holier-than-thou priests and bishops found guilty of child molestation, yet still being covered up by the Church.”

    Then go and rot with your same lot! The Church does not need your kind holier-than-thou Masons who do nothing but to plot against the Church.

    Try doing the same thing to Hindus and Muslims and let’s see where you balls are!


    • quierosaber says:

      Don’t you know that there are many Muslims that are Masons? And Catholic Masons, too? Go to Mindanao, ass-hole, and find out for yourself. You will see how a bigger idiot you are.You are just so goddamn ignorant. You sound more like you are one of those stinking pedophile priests preying on innocent kids. Shame on you!

      • Very educated and civilized answer, quierosaber!

        have you even wondered why would you insist on a Catholic ritual for a dead guy who is not even raised a Catholic?

        Give me a proof that Nantes is a Catholic when he died.

        Now what was the word you used for me?


        Oh yes. Look who is.

      • quierosaber says:

        What is more reprehensible than be born and raised Catholic, studied and ordained as priests, and yet are perverts? Think about it, you …

  2. Michael Pepe says:

    I do not condon some of the language and inferences made by the above writer,however the basis of his defense for Gov.Nantes is well founded. Freemasonry has been abused by people all over the world with their esoteric fantasies that the general population and various religious denominations have lost track as to we really are, we are not a religion, never have been, never will be. We are not involved with any overthrows of religions or governments. Each mason prays to his god during prayer, I to Jesus Christ my lord and saviour no one else i do not participate in Ritual to Venus or any other false god and neither have i participated in any such foolishness in 30 years as a Master Mason. Neither am i looking to overthrow our government or any other government. Much of the rhetoric about Freemasonry has come from con-artist,religious groups who use the conspiracy theory to gain recognition. All have one thing in common they are preaching to Grade C adults (DUH) or people who have not attempted to find for themselves the true meaning of the the Masonic Fraternity, In my tears as a mason i have seen Muslim embracing Jew,Turk embracing Greek.I pray that the future will shoe these these people that interpret the Bible and the conspirecy theorists will see the true light

  3. Mao Almadrones says:

    How could the late Governor be eligible for a Catholic burial when he is in fact a born-again Christian which is denomination outside the Catholic Church. The Church has laws that it has founded on the truth which is absolute in the light of Faith.
    Have you been in that era when Freemasonry was founded? Well, I guess not. But the Church in her intellect and majesty had seen the development of this brotherhood, has seen its good but had weighed its faults and has found it to be a brotherhood which transgresses and violates the sovereignty of the Church by virtue of it leading men and women to ambiguous and indifferent doctrine.
    Have you ever heard of the countless martyrs under the French Revolution and the Civil War in Spain and the Anti-Catholic Policies in Mexico? These were caused by Freemasons not mainly because they want reform in society or the Church but because they desired to shed innocent blood in order to persecute the Church which does nothing but protect its rights as the Church founded by Christ himself.
    How could you make a good argument when you speak ill words against those who put question to what you wrote?
    I am from Quezon Province Sir and I fairly know that the late Governor was also a person who tried to limit us Catholics within the provincial governments auspices by trying to eliminate all our signs of Faith and religious practices within our government offices.
    We may be the majority but that doesn’t mean we’re excused from discrimination. Again, recall the atrocities of the French Revolution, the Spanish and Mexican Civil Wars and you’ll see why.
    God bless you.

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