THE HEIGHT OF IRRATIONALITY – The Maguindanao massacre



We have always been made to believe that man is a rational being; that he is sane and endowed with the capacity to reason or use logic when thinking out a problem.

Thus, when a man is sick in the head, is insane, inconsistent with reason or logic and no longer in control of his thinking faculties, then we always view the man as becoming an irrational being – an animal or a monster, depending on how absurd his thoughts have become or how bizarre his actions have resulted to be.

Irrational people live in a different reality than the rest of us. They hear things differently, see things differently, and deduce things differently.

This has what has seemingly become of the matured, male Ampatuans of Maguindanao who are allegedly suspects in the brutal and unforgiving slaying that cut short the lives of 57 innocent people – mostly women and journalists, who simply wanted to witness the filing of certificate of candidacy by the wife of Buluan Vice Mayor Datu Ismael “Toto” Mangunadadatu, on behalf of her husband who intended to run for governor against the son of incumbent Gov. Andal Ampatuan Sr. The wife was not spared, either.

As if it was not enough killing them mercilessly, the victims were herded to a place where they were still made to suffer the grave cruelty of the murderers by mutilating their bodies – perhaps even before the bodies were left lifeless.

That there was a backhoe in the area which has dug a huge burial chamber for the victims and their vehicles is a testimony that the crime was premeditated and would have concealed all evidences of the transgression, as if the convoy of journalists, aides and relatives of the Mangudadatus just disappeared in thin air.

Fortunately, time was not on the side of the perpetrators and the tortuous job of covering up the crime scene remained unfinished.

Had the criminals succeeded in completing the cover-up, who, among the relatives, would have gone near the area asking and verifying where the missing persons were? No body and not even the Mangudadatus, for this is the much dreaded Ampatuan country!

If, indeed, it is the Ampatuans that masterminded this deplorable and heinous crime, as it is alleged, what could possibly have made them get to the height of their irrationality?

Can nobody challenge them politically anymore? Is their existence being threatened?

Is the Ampatuan bailiwick that bears their name, exclusively for the Ampatuans?

Is their strong connection with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo given them a false sense of power and dominion over the area making them feel they are above the law in an autonomous region?

For sure there are many more questions to be asked as to what has driven the Ampatuans to the height of their irrationality.

But for now, we can only hope that in the twilight of President Arroyo’s term, swift and decisive action against the alleged criminals will be relentless pursued, if only to make the families of the victims feel that they are not wanting in justice under an administration beholden to the criminals.





6 comments on “THE HEIGHT OF IRRATIONALITY – The Maguindanao massacre

  1. I strongly believe that there was a botched attempt to cover-up the massacre and pin the blame on a third party, most likely the insurgents. Just imagine there were no survivors or witnesses and the whole thing was blamed on ASG or MILF – the whole region could have been thrown into a total conflagration – putting holding of elections in 2010 in jeopardy. It’s not always a zero sum game. Let us follow logic even how insidious or evil. It could have been the Ampatuan’s gift to GMA: Creating an excuse to scuttle the elections hence extending Gloria’s term indefinitely while at the same time getting rid of their most vehement nemesis.

  2. darbs says:

    Hello Sir, I took a screen shot of your article, entitled “The Height of Irrationality…” and published it here.

    Hope you don’t mind. Thanks.

  3. […] “The Height of Irrationality – The Ampatuan Massacre!“, another evidence on how their clients lost their faculties. […]

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