Documents show Mussolini once worked for British intelligence

mussoliniNewly uncovered documents show that Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was once on the payroll of British intelligence.

Hoping to keep Italy on board with Britain and France in 1917, during World War I, M15 gave Mussolini, then a socialist journalist running popular newspaper Il Popolo d’Italia in Milan, a weekly payment of 100 pounds to keep propaganda flowing.

It is believed that the money was also used by Mussolini to pay recruited thugs to beat up peace activists.

Cambridge historian Peter Martland, who uncovered facts of weekly payments by the British intelligence said, “British intelligence is subsidizing his newspaper and it’s cheap. But it’s a part of this broader campaign to get a lid on things to keep Italy in the war.”

According to Martland, it was Sir Samuel Hoare, a member of the British parliament, who sanctioned the payments. This was at the time when Hoare was stationed in Italy, together with a 100-strong British intelligence team, stealthily working to keep Italy on the side of the allies.

Although 100 pounds a week was a lot of money 92 years ago, it could not compare to the 4 million pounds a day or nearly 13 million pounds a week, it was costing Britain fighting the war.


Documentos muestran que Mussolini una vez trabajó para la inteligencia británica

Los documentos recién destapados muestran que el dictador italiano Benito Mussolini era una vez en la nómina de la inteligencia británica.

Esperando tener Italia a bordo con Gran Bretaña y Francia en 1917, durante la Primera guerra mundial, M15 dio a Mussolini, quien era entonces un periodista socialista que dirigeaba el periódico popular Il Popolo d’Italia en Milano, un pago semanal de 100 libras para guardar la corriente de propaganda.

Se cree que el dinero también fue usado por Mussolini para pagar a matones reclutados para golpear a activistas de paz.

El historiador de Cambridge Peter Martland, que destapó hechos de pagos semanales por la inteligencia británica dijo, “la inteligencia británica subvenciona su periódico y es barato. Pero esto es una parte de esta campaña más amplia para conseguir una tapa en cosas de guardar Italia con la guerra.”

Según Martland, era señor Samuel Hoare, un miembro del parlamento británico, que sancionó los pagos. Este era entonces cuando Hoare fue colocado en Italia, juntos con un equipo de inteligencia británico de 100-fuerte, furtivamente trabajando para guardar Italia en el lado de los aliados.

Aunque 100 libras por semana fueran mucho dinero de hace 92 años, esto no podía compararse con 4 millones de libras por día o casi 13 millones de libras por semana, que Gran Bretaña le costaba luchando contra la guerra.


4 comments on “Documents show Mussolini once worked for British intelligence

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    • quierosaber says:

      Would appreciate if your comments could be translated to English so I could make an appropriate reply. Thanks.

  2. luc nemeth says:

    (from France) actually it was from the end of… 1914 -not 1917- that Mussolini was on the payroll of a foreign power, which was… France -not, Britain. Now more than ten years ago I published an article about this story, which was widely ignored in France :
    – “Dolci corrispondenze. La Francia e i finanziamenti a “Il Popolo d’Italia (1914-1917)”, Italia contemporanea, n. 212, sett. 1998, pp. 605-16.
    Sincerely. LN

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