And why not?

For us Christians, we interpret divine intervention as an act of God.

Isn’t this how we all felt and said, when in the midst of a turbulent nation ruled by a despotic regime, a political widow and an unassuming housewife of a martyr husband by the name of Cory Aquino led a peaceful people power revolution that toppled a dictator and restored democracy to the Philippines as its 11th president?

That was over two decades ago and not until the much admired and respected Cory lost her own battle against cancer did the people realized, in their bereavement, how bereft also of exemplary leaders the nation have become.

Cory ushered in a new era of freedom in the Philippines with the “Freedom Constitution” she crafted, which was ratified by 80 per cent of the people in a national plebiscite. She was an international icon of democracy, a global model of people power, and a passionate advocate of good governance.

Regrettably, the democratic foundation she has laid, as well as the advocacies of what a good and responsible public servant should be, are being threatened and ignored.

The sincerity, the integrity, the selflessness, the commitment and determination to do the utmost for country and people could no longer be seen.

The present administration of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has even made a sad travesty of what Cory so courageously started in her presidency.

The culture of honesty, morality, and prudence has now become the culture of deceit, wickedness, and irresponsibility.

Could the recent passing of Cory Aquino signal a new awakening?

Could the outpouring of emotions, the feeling of emptiness, and the enormous crowd that gathered on the streets to bid her farewell, be a sign of direct and obvious intervention by God in the affairs of humans?

Could the yearning for her kind of person and leadership, at this time, implies that the people must enact another revolution, this time a revolution of undivided choice, in endorsing and supporting a presidential candidate who could carry on her democratic advocacy and legacies in good and moral governance?

Could it be Noynoy Aquino, in our discernment?

But, who else could it be? Who else is in a better position to run in 2010 for president that knows best who Cory, his mother, was and what his parents stood for?

Who could best carry on Cory’s mantle of leadership and continue lighting the nation with Cory’s torch of decency in governance, but Noynoy?

Yes, there is nothing exceptional about Noynoy,  really, but , the mere fact that his record as a public servant is clean, his reputation unsoiled and his demeanor civilized, only show that he is his mother’s son.

He has a name to protect and a legacy to uphold. He may not have the brilliance, the sharpness and the articulateness of his father but, that in itself does not guarantee a person’s leadership abilities.

Noynoy seems to have inherited more the traits of her mother that made her so respected and admired as a leader. He has the same serenity, the goodness of heart, the integrity, the sincerity,   the commitment and the determination to do good for the country and people. These are qualities that endeared Cory to the people and the same qualities we so badly need now.

He has learned from his father that the Filipinos are worth dying for and from her mother that, the same, are worth living for. He has witnessed both the martyrdom of his father and what an icon of democracy his mother has become after EDSA 1. These are events that will always be in Noynoy’s mind and these are the same events that will surely help in guiding Noynoy as a respected leader of our nation.

Noynoy should not let this opportunity pass. He has intelligent and level-headed siblings who can advice and support him.

Noynoy won’t let down his parents and this nation.

After all, this may very well be another miracle in the making.

So, why not, indeed?