Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

This is another arcane revelation that intrigues me so much that I have to write about it.

The subject itself is so thought-provoking that if it will not captivate anybody’s fancy, I don’t know what will.

The appointed son of God, and not self-appointed to have clear distinction, is no other than one, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ the Name Above Every Name, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

He used to led a religious ministry of Christian denomination but ever since he took on the divine title of the appointed son of God, he now seem to have been entrusted to reign his magnificent “Kingdom”on earth, though still using the earthly title of Pastor.

This “Kingdom” is found in Davao City, professed to be the New Jerusalem, where the appointed son of God, himself, revealed having been chosen by the Father to bring salvation to mankind.

WOW! But that is going ahead of the story.

Sometime in the early 90s, when I was jobless and was at my mother’s house whiling my time, I was surfing the TV channels looking for something interesting when I chanced upon a preacher who was eloquently spreading the word of God.

I paid attention at his preaching not because I was at my lowest at that time, but because I was mesmerized at how young, affable and self-effacing he was in his demeanor.

He was wearing a simple barong Tagalog and immediately you will notice that he was a new, struggling preacher, with a long name describing his congregation, trying to blaze a trail to make a name.

What was distinctive about Pastor Apollo Quiboloy was his thick Visayan accent, but despite this idiosyncrasy he delivered home his point articulately and much better than the many priests I have heard giving their homily during Sunday mass.

I was impressed and I said to myself that this guy will amount to something, given the manner he captivated his audience, the responses he received and the determination he had. There was neither a tint of hypocrisy nor grandiose delusion conspicuous in his persona at that time. He was simply the epitome of modesty.

I saw more of this unassuming Pastor for a couple of more times until I got me a job and then I lost track of him.

Fast forward to 2005.

I just normally stick to my TV program interests like the National Geographic, Discovery, History, CNN and sport channels.

But one evening, with nothing much in mind, I started surfing the TV channels and, lo and behold, whom did I see but Pastor Apollo Quiboloy!

He was preaching and he looked so very different.

He looked very sophisticated now, in his splendor best white Mao jacket and seem to be sitting in an utterly different world.

With him were well dressed people, apparently his disciples, and the stage they were on was looking so elegant, complete with electronic gizmos controlling a big screen that served as a backdrop that constantly changed images.

With all the stylish trimmings of the place complete with a large orchestra and a pleasing group of fine, beautiful singers, I can’t believe what I was seeing.

In less than two decades, what a grand transformation it has been for Pastor Quiboloy!.

What was immediately noticeable was the way his adherents show their admiration, respect, reverence and awe towards their Pastor.

It was then that I realized that he was no longer playing the role of a Pastor to his sheep.

He was now the most beloved appointed son of God, who has been “chosen by the Father to bring salvation to mankind!”

The journey towards attaining the Quiboloy-led Kingdom has been incredible, if not impressive and brilliant.

What started as a block-timer or an independent program to reach out to a multitude of people has now become an empire reaching the nooks and corners of this world with its powerful ACQ-Kingdom Broadcasting Network Sonshine TV which can be seen worldwide via satellite and the many TV and radio stations that have sprouted all over the country.

Pastor Quiboloy’s story is not only a classic tale of rags to riches, but that of a man with a simple purpose in life turned megalomaniacal!

Like modern history’s Adolf Hitler who wasn’t content rising through the ranks to become the military leader of Germany but went on aspiring to conquer the entire world claiming to be born into a “superior race” and wanting further to wipe out all other races, so, too, has Pastor Quiboloy displayed this seemingly narcissistic personality that established him as the appointed son of God making him and the members of his “Kingdom” the favored sons and daughters of the Father.

Of his luxuriantly founded Kingdom in Davao, this is what he said: “ Now, everything is restored. Paradise is here. Man has been renewed and the Garden of Eden is back. There is a mountain up there, which was my trial ground before, a place where the spirits were present to try and test the Appointed Son of God. I had passed the test and many more are following. That is the same place that the Father has made His Garden of Eden today. It is a showcase of the new earth and the new heaven. The Covenant Mountain and Prayer Center is a picture of what the earth can become when it is restored to its pristine beauty, as the Almighty Father has purposed it before man fell into sin.”

Then he went on to say: “Only sons and daughters can come into the Kingdom. Their names will be written in the Book of Life. They will dwell in that new heaven. They will all be happy. Finally, when the Father conquers death, which is the last enemy, our bodies will be glorified. Sons and daughters are now candidates for that. He will show us the place where the floors and streets are made of gold, tested through the fire. We will be happy and He will be happier. Why? Because we have a place to dwell and He also has a place to dwell. This is the whole message that I have been repeating over and over again.”

For someone who possesses a strong obsession for grandiosity, this does not end here.

His goal now is to establish, ultimately, a Kingdom Nation to rule over all other nations, assuring everyone freedom from the bondage of sin.

I wasn’t wrong, after all, in predicting that Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy will amount to something. He is now basking in fame and wealth. He is sought after by politicians.

Is he the next Messiah?

Is he for real or is he a sham?

You sure can’t beat having a Pinoy short listed for the second coming!

But can Pastor Quiboloy first cure the ills plaguing this nation?

Can he first send all the unscrupulous politicians to damnation?

Am just asking.



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