Green energy

 energyEverybody seems to be talking green these days and all geared towards saving mother earth.

People are now talking about green energy, green cars, green buildings, green light bulbs, green grocery bags, etc.

If it is for saving our planet, I am all for it and every citizen of this planet should have that concern.

But, let us also be realistic about who we are and where we belong in this world.

There is nothing wrong about talking green things these days, especially if it is about sourcing energy.

With fossil fuels, from where oil is derived, being non-regenerative, the drive for development of alternative sources of energy that are renewable have never been seriously taken as it is today.

It is said that affordable supplies of crude oil and possibly natural gas could perhaps start running out between 2020 and 2060.

Discussions now- a-days on renewable sources are being centered on wind energy, solar energy, tidal power and biomass. Not the least, though non-renewable, is the geothermal energy which is projected to last for 100 to 200 years here in our own country.

The sad thing, however, is that even as we are talking about alternative energies friendly to the environment, we have some sectors in this country headed by some politicians, to put it bluntly, that are clamoring for the revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

Being a third world country, more than the economics, it is also the safety of the populace that is of paramount importance in choosing an alternative source of energy. The BNPP has nothing but negative impacts on both.

It is our fortune, however, that despite being poor, the Philippine archipelago offers a great abundance of green energy power.

Government and the nation’s politicians should, in a bi-partisan effort, lead in initiating the works for a green energy in this country. For all intents and purposes, they must be serious and they must have the political will to do it.

It is time to say no to aggressive political lobbyist representing the multinational oil companies.

Government support and, perhaps, strong incentives shall be given to any investors, local or foreign, that will undertake the study and/or work for the development of whichever indigenous energy is chosen that will best serve the country.

The mega-trend in the world today is renewable energy. If done right, our success in going green on energy power will give a tremendous boost to the nation’s economy and can be seen as an example by many, from which it could be emulated and by which we can all be proud of.


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