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Unbelievable duo!

I saw this article by Josh Starling at this site: http://www.inspiremore.com/belgian-shepherd-adopts-tiny-rescue-owl/, and I could not wait to share it with you because I am sure you, too, will be amazed at how the bond of friendship and trust developed between these two unlikely fauna creatures, thus, the caption, ‘Unbelievable duo!’

Gentle Giant Adopts Tiny Rescue Owl, His Protective Love Will Make Your Day.

Josh Starling

Aug 19, 2016

Tanja Brandt is a German photographer who has dedicated her career to photographing animals and wildlife. In one of her most recent projects, Brandt shot photographs of a highly, unlikely pair of friends. Ingo, the Belgian shepherd; and Poldi -short for Napoleon- the one-year-old owlet who have formed the most incredible bond.

Brandt describes the relationship between Ingo and Poldi as somewhat of a ‘protector-protected’ relationship. Ingo is a guardian for Poldi, whom Brandt says “doesn’t know how to live free.”Poldi didn’t hatch until two days after his six brothers and sisters.

Poldi didn’t hatch until two days after his six brothers and sisters.



He has always been very vulnerable due to his size.



Ingo, on the other hand, comes from a family of strong and oftentimes ruthless police dogs.



Ingo is very protective over the year-old owlet.



Their bond is as strong off-camera as it appears in Tanja’s photographs.



“They respect each other and they can read each other.”



Even though Ingo is much bigger and stronger, it’s clear he would never hurt his friend.



Their friendship is definitely mutual.



They love and care for one another.



Duterte and martial law


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

For the life of me, I cannot understand why some people are resorting to evil machinations against President Rodrigo Duterte purporting that, because of what is going on relative to the latter’s continuing bloody war on drugs, bomb threats from extremists and the recent military offensive undertaken by the government against the Maute group in Lanao del Sur, who are trying to impress the leaders of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) by terrorizing residents and flying  its most recognizable black and white flag adorned with Arabic lettering, he will declare martial law.

I presume the opposition, the opportunists and the unscrupulous simply does not want Duterte to succeed.

Why would Duterte do it when everything is under control and he gets things done accordingly and the way he sees fit with the support not only of majority of Filipinos , but most specifically by the business sector and by the  members of Congress?

By support I mean that most Filipinos trust him and his courage and political will simply stands out for he is seen to be doing the things he wants done because it is for the good of every Filipino, regardless of belief and ideology, and for the interest of the country.

Actually one cannot separate Duterte from martial law or to distinguish Duterte apart from martial law for what he is doing in this country today, imposing his will, is a moderate or a measured martial law.

The iron-fist rule and the no-nonsense governance Duterte was practicing in Davao, that turned the big city into a safe and livable place, is simply being replicated in a much bigger scale now and if he is succeeding, where no other past presidents achieved in less than a year of his assumption to office, one can only give credit to the person for who he is and his conviction of what and how a president should serve the Filipino people.

The good thing is that Duterte knows his law and the prohibitions and consequences of declaring martial law, though I seriously believed that he erred in his indifference and not giving a damn to the feelings and sentiments of the martial law victims still crying for justice to this day when he granted the Marcoses permission to have the dictator buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB).

Thus, Duterte was right when he chided the scaremongers, saying, he did not need martial law despite ongoing security threats in Mindanao.

“Martial law for what? Killing people? I would rather empower every mayor,” said Duterte, adding that it would work as long as local executives didn’t abuse their power.

That is leadership and his faith in the Filipino people that things can be done lawfully when everyone is incorruptible.


Diokno resignation mars Duterte’s administration


Ms. Maria Serena Diokno

Ms. Maria Serena Diokno

I am actually referring to National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) Chairperson Maria Serena Diokno who resigned from the Duterte administration in protest over President Rodrigo Duterte’s order allowing the remains of President Ferdinand Marcos to be interred at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB).

The daughter may be a far cry from her more illustrious father, the late Jose “Pepe” Diokno, a noted Filipino nationalist who became a Senator of the Philippines, a Secretary of Justice, a founding chair of the Commission on Human Rights, and founder of the Free Legal assistance Group.

Not to be forgotten, however, is that Diokno, bar and CPA board topnotcher, went against the dictator Marcos by leading street protests when the latter suspended the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus and later arrested when martial law was declared, spending nearly two years in detention.

Of his situation and predicament Diokno made this famous quote: “Law in the land died. I grieve for it but I do not despair over it. I know, with a certainty no argument can turn, no wind can shake, that from its dust will rise a new and better law: more just, more human, and more humane. When that will happen, I know not. That it will happen, I know.”

There is no wonder, therefore, that Maria Serena gave up the NHCP chairmanship. The same flood flows in her and she is still her father’s daughter – principled, conscientious and incorruptible.

Duterte may be unmoved or unfazed by his decision to allow the burial of the dictator Marcos at the LNMB, saying he was trained as a lawyer to make judgments based on law and not on sentiment.

To some extent I agree, but more than law this is history, and history at its worst, mind you, where families are still seeking the truth about the disappearance of their love ones. It is bad enough that the Supreme Court dismissed petitions questioning the legality of Duterte’s decision and ruled that the tyrant could be interred at the LNMB as a former soldier and president since no law would prohibit it, but it is even unnerving that Duterte rammed it down the throat of the Filipinos thinking that it would suffice and put closure to this perverse issue.

But what made this perverse issue more revolting than ever is when the Marcoses use their power, influence and their scandalous money in government to hastily and surreptitiously allow the family to have the burial at the LNMB.

I salute Ms. Diokno for her bold stand and the relevance and conviction of her statements when she wrote History Lives, which I am reprinting below.


The controversial Marcos burial at the LNMB


lnmbI had been very critical of this despicable branch of the Marcos family, who after being booted out of the country for the monstrosities and plunder committed during the dark years of the Martial Law, they were made to come back without any trace of remorse on their part.

Thinking and believing perhaps that they were humbled by their grim experience to have been expelled and considered persona non grata in their own country people welcomed them as having learned their lesson of humility.

Little did we know that as soon as the despot’s family set foot and settled at their bailiwick in Ilocos Norte they were already plotting their political comeback.

Immediately they got back their political bearings controlling once again the Ilocos region with their money, clout and influence.

Not long after the matriarch, Imelda, and the despot’s son and namesake, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, were strutting like peacocks in the halls of Congress when they were elected Congresswoman and Senator, respectively.

One could see that the Marcoses never learned from the EDSA revolution. On the contrary, they belittled it for now they have started gaining followers and supporters as they were back in power and popularity.

Marcos Jr’s popularity, especially among the youth, prodded him to run for the vice presidency in 2016 thinking that he would easily capture it.

He nearly did, but Divine Providence has its way of derailing his arrogance and rotten ambition and Leni Robredo got elected vice president, though Marcos Jr is contesting her winning to this day.

I say rotten because during Marcos Jr’s campaign sorties he has been convincing people how good a president his father was and never apologized for the wrongs his father did to the millions of Filipinos during the dark years of his regime. In fact he was saying that he was to resurrect the programs of his despot father if and when he wins.

While this was short of saying that his father was a hero, all these pronouncements about the good deeds of his father was preparing the minds of the people to recognize and accept that his father deserves to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB).

Marcos Jr may not have won the vice presidency, thank goodness, but unfortunately a beholden President Rodrigo Duterte has taken the cudgels for the Marcoses and pushed for the burial of the dictator at the LNMB.

It was bad enough that the Supreme Court en banc sided with Duterte, but what made it worst is when the Marcoses hoodwinked and pulled a fast one on the people by burying surreptitiously the remains of the dictator at the LNMB (https://quierosaber.wordpress.com/2016/11/18/marcos-secret-burial-provoked-sensitivities-of-filipinos/).

What is heartening, however, is that protests about the secret burial at the LNMB is being done all over the country and participated mostly by the young people or whom we aptly call now as the millennials.

What more can we, the old folks, ask for now that the younger generation are more involved and are more sympathetic to the feelings of the older generations.

The Black Friday movement that has awaken and mobilize the youth should be a movement repudiating the Marcoses, any of the Marcoses, now and until they all learn to apologize the atrocities committed by their despot father to many Filipinos who are still longing to see their love ones.

(Please click this link for more substantive information on the subject: http://interaksyon.com/article/134617/fm-burial–former-con-con-delegates-condemn-shameless-treachery.)



Corruptibility and not sexual immorality will do de Lima in


Senator Leila de Lima

Senator Leila de Lima

I understand that to be corrupt is also to be immoral.

It is for this reason that I am qualifying immorality in sexual terms so it could be apart and distinct from one who is dishonest, untrustworthy and fraudulent in conduct by those in power, especially for an elected official like Sen. Leila de Lima, when it comes to money matters.

We all know why former senators Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla and even Juan Ponce Enrile, for that matter, were arrested and to this day detained, except for the latter who gained back his freedom for being old, sickly and wily.

And the public also know that Estrada, Revilla and Enrile were much heralded gigolos in their own rights.

You can say whatever you can about these public servant’s love lives, but one thing sure is that they were not arrested on the strength of their love life or sexual immorality, if you may, but because they are corrupt. They are accused of spending billions of pesos of their “pork barrel” funds on overpriced or non-existent projects through a host of bogus non-government organizations in exchange for kickbacks from contractors amounting to hundreds of millions of pesos.

On this premise alone, and after hearing the melodramatic and oftentimes outrageous questions asked by the congressmen of Ronnie Dayan about his relationship with de Lima, one can only deduce that the answers given by the latter’s driver, bodyguard, bagman, and lover are, indeed,  nothing but satisfying the “frailties of a woman”.

Whom are they fooling anyway? At best they all seemed to be self-righteously pious individuals, especially the men, and at worst, they were nothing but eager beaver newsmongers.

So what am I saying here?

What I am saying is that the lawmakers probing de Lima’s culpability or guilt should take her to task instead on her integrity or incorruptibility and do her in based on the testimony made by Dayan relative to the drug money that de Lima supposedly received to finance her 2016 senatorial bid, which she won.

De Lima seems to be unfazed about all these serious and scandalous accusations, as if those pointing the fingers at her as the receiving end of a drug lord’s money are all out of their wits and that she alone is sane.

There may be inconsistencies or conflicting testimonies relative to dates, amounts, the number of times and locations between those given by Dayan and Kerwin Espinosa, when the latter was also grilled by the senators during the probe conducted on the death of his father, Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa, who was gunned down at the Baybay City provincial jail, but nobody can deny that the same drug money both were talking about ended up in the hands of de Lima.

In the same manner that President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drug continues relentlessly, it is also hoped that the lawmakers would pursue tirelessly de Lima’s alleged involvement, by benefitting from the drug trade, so that corrupt government official will no longer be able to serve the public but rather be prosecuted to the hilt.

More fun in the Philippines


Sen. Leila de Lima

Sen. Leila de Lima

Definitely, I am not talking about the Philippine tourism battle cry.

Everybody knows it is fun to go around in the Philippines, but these days there is more fun in the Philippines by just staying at home watching the idiot box and being entertained by a scandalous lady senator, a high profile illegal drug distributor and a former driver cum bodyguard cum lover of the lady senator I am talking about.

I am talking of course about Sen. Leila de Lima who finds herself – both her personal and political life – in dilemma (no pun intended) ever since she dared take President Rodrigo Duterte to task in the latter’s bloody war against illegal drugs.

It is common knowledge to all that the bad blood between Duterte and de Lima started when the latter, while still the chair of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), before becoming Justice Secretary under the Aquino administration and later a senator, went to Davao City and confronted, nay accused, then Mayor Duterte of human rights violation.

Although nothing came out of this accusation, even when de Lima already headed the Justice Department, the hurt done by de Lima to Duterte in maligning his name and reputation enraged the latter no end and was just waiting for an opportunity to get back at her.

Unexpectedly and unfortunately for de Lima, the reluctant Duterte was finally convinced to run for the presidency in 2016 and the rest is history.

Now de Lima finds herself mired in a hole of scandalous conduct as a woman and an elected   government official that only the fearless, the unforgiving and the iron-fist Duterte has the guts to make sure she falls into the trap of her own folly.

With the power that Duterte has now at the tips of his hand he is exacting his measure of revenge and there seems to be no let-up in his implacability against de Lima.

Duterte exposed de Lima’s dalliance with Ronnie Dayan, her former driver and body guard who became her lover eventually. De Lima admitted having fallen in love with Dayan, who was tagged as the bagman of De Lima during the 2016 senatorial election. The contribution allegedly came from convicted drug lords inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

Kerwin Espinosa and Ronnie Dayan

Kerwin Espinosa and Ronnie Dayan

Dayan, who was recently arrested after disregarding summons from the House of Representatives to attend the probe on illegal drugs, supplemented the information that he had a relationship with de Lima for seven years. He also admitted having received money from self-proclaimed illegal drug distributor, Kerwin Espinosa, for political purposes.

Espinosa, like Dayan, has also just been arrested after a long man-hunt and were the main feature of news programs, press conferences and inquiries.

Today, November 23, Espinosa was grilled at the Senate about his illegal drug activities and also about what he knew about the death of his father, Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa, who was gunned down in Baybay City provincial jail.

Tomorrow, November 24, Dayan is scheduled to appear in the Lower House relative to his participation, if any, in the illegal drug trade in the NBP.

The question many are asking now is: Since de Lima found time in attending the Senate inquiry where Espinosa was the main character involved, would she be able to find time also to attend the House probe where Dayan will no doubt find himself in the hot chair?

Talking about entertainment and having more fun in the Philippines via the idiot box!

At least for the moment.

De Lima resorting to psywar against Espinosa


Sen. de Lima with Kerwin Espinosa, but the senator denies knowing the Espinosas.

Sen. de Lima with Kerwin Espinosa, but the senator denies knowing the Espinosas.

With alleged drug lord Kerwin Espinosa now under the custody of the Philippine National Police (PNP), the very one person that is feeling upset and maybe freaking out is Sen. Leila de Lima.

The death of Kerwin’s father, Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa may have been a thorn removed from her side especially after he accused de Lima of coddling his son in the latter’s drug operations in Eastern and Central Visayas. This also after the late mayor showed photos of De Lima and Espinosa in Baguio City in February 2016 to establish their links.

However, de Lima has probably come to realize now that Kerwin is becoming a far bigger and painful thorn on her side and a more terrifying enemy than his father because his arrest and detention, his possession of a “blue book” validating the names mentioned by his late father in the latter’s “pink book” and the assurance by the PNP that Kerwin has to stay alive for him tell his tale is making her do everything possible, including the use of psywar, to save her skin.

For one whom I described as grasping at straws (https://quierosaber.wordpress.com/2016/11/11/de-lima-obsessed-for-revenge-against-duterte/), there could not be a better weapon than the use of psywar at his new formidable enemy.

For how else would one describe de Lima’s action targeting and influencing Kerwin’s emotions and reasoning when she supposedly advise Kerwin, saying: “This is my advice to Kerwin. Don’t ever think that your ‘cooperation’ will spare you your life. Sooner or later this government is going to make sure you end up like your father. I make the same prediction for Jaybee Sebastian.”

Jaybee Sebastian is of course the high-profile inmate highly regarded as the top drug lord inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) who has also accused De Lima of getting bribes from convicted drug lords during her term as Justice Secretary.

No doubt de Lima is hoping against hope that Kerwin will sing a different tune by absolving her, or by keeping mum, or by having amnesia, but the writing on the wall does not favor her and the die is cast of her deep involvement with so many witnesses already swearing on it.

Kerwin now seems to be the be-all and end-all witness when he appears at the senate probe on his father’s death on November 23.

Likewise, it will be the day of reckoning for Sen. Leila de Lima and her psywar tactic.