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Duterte candidacy puts Marcos in quandary


Sen. Ferdinand "Bonbong" Marcos and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Sen. Ferdinand “Bonbong” Marcos and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

With Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s sudden decision to run for the presidency, after disgustingly disagreeing with the Senate Electoral Tribunal’s (SET) decision favoring Sen. Grace Poe to retain her Senate seat and allow her to run for the presidency in 2016, the person who finds himself in quandary now is Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos.

What makes it even more perplexing for Marcos is that Duterte, even before he declared his candidacy, found himself topping the most recent Pulse Asia presidential preference survey in MetroManila.

The reason why all these is putting Marcos in quandary is because Duterte seems to have fixed his mind already in having Sen. Alan Cayetano as his running mate, and this tandem is being supported by the PDP-Laban Party headed by Sen. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel Jr.

In fact it has been reported that both Duterte and Cayetano are currently in Hong Kong studying, planning and strategizing their tandem’s move for the 2016 elections.

Marcos, who is a vice presidential candidate, and who describes his tandem with Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago as “loose” wants so much to win the vice presidency and he believes that the only way the win can be guaranteed is if he teams up with Duterte.

Having a loose tandem with Miriam is Marcos’ brilliant idea to give him the reason to jettison Miriam in case a better winning chance for him will arise.

Thus, when asked if his union with Miriam is heading for dissolution, Marcos did not blink, saying, “This is Philippine politics. Everything is possible. So, we’ll see. This election has turned out to be unique and there are many, shall we say, arrangements that are not traditional.”

Poor Miriam, and she thought that the Marcos name would be magical for her candidacy!

What will happen, most likely, is that Marcos will dump Miriam for Duterte and promote the Duterte-Marcos tandem for his own political advantage, even as there is the party-supported Duterte-Cayetano ticket already.

Now, it is very interesting to find out how Cayetano will react and what he has to say to this foreseeable desperate move of Marcos.

Escudero’s erroneous defense of Poe


Poe-Escudero tandem

Poe-Escudero tandem

It is understandable that Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero came immediately to the rescue of his presidential candidate, Sen. Grace Poe, when Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte deplored the Senate Electoral Tribunal’s (SET) ruling favoring Poe’s stay in the senate and her presidential ambition despite failing to prove that she is a natural born Filipino, as a constitutional requirement for nationally elected senator.

Escudero even became more defensive of Poe when Duterte claimed that the SET decision was the ultimate reason why he came openly from his cocoon and declare himself a candidate for the 2016 presidential derby.

In declaring, Duterte said that he could not just keep quiet and placid that the country will be run not by a true-blue Filipino, but by one, whose Filipino citizenship, to this day, remains utterly questionable.

In fact it can be said that Duterte, perhaps, got frantic in joining the presidential race especially that Poe has been padding her lead as the preferred presidential candidate of Filipinos in the latest poll survey.

Escudero’s concern and defense for Poe is, therefore, justifiable considering that he is running in tandem with Poe for vice president and Poe’s popularity is helping his candidacy, which is just what he wants as he himself has burning ambition to become president one day.

But what I find erroneous in Escudero’s defense of Poe is when he issued the following statement meant for Duterte: “I respect his opinion but I disagree with it. Laws are used to render justice, not injustice, and I believe the SET rendered justice to Sen. Grace Poe and all other foundlings similarly situated. As the saying goes, those who have less in life should have more in law.”

For Chrissake, the SET decision was not about justice or injustice for foundlings, or Poe’s status in life. Yet, Escudero wants Duterte and others to respect the SET decision, as a constitutional body, it having been created precisely to decide on matters such as the disqualification case filed against Poe over her citizenship.

But, the question is: Did the five (5) SET politician-members, who decided that Poe retains her Senate seat because she is a natural born Filipino, really took pains in reading and interpreting the citizenship requirement, as a constitutional requirement for nationally elected congressmen and senators, the way the losing SC justice-members respected the legality of the provisions?

Escudero is no different than the lawyer-politicians that favored Poe’s stay in the senate and allowing her to further aspire for the presidency.

Thanks goodness the country has a Duterte who is defying the conspiracy emanating from the SET and is now taking the bull by the horns.

Rule of politicians prevailed in SET decision over Poe citizenship issue


Sen. Grace Poe

Sen. Grace Poe

Had there been more SC justice-members in the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET), could Sen. Grace Poe been removed from the Senate already and disqualified from running for the presidency?

More likely than not that would have been the scenario, but because there were more politician-members composing the SET, who acted subjectively and conspiratorially, rather than objectively and unbiased, Poe continues to serve as senator, and in the process has even gained her more adherence from the not-to-knowledgeable public.

What I am saying is that unlike the three SC justices who knew their law and had respect for the rule of law as inscribed in the constitution, interpreting it as the ultimate governing rules in running our country, they were one in deciding in favor of the petitioner, Rizalito David, to unseat Poe from the Senate over her citizenship.

What is even more unsavory about the whole Poe citizenship issue is the fact that after the politicians voted against the disqualification of Poe as petitioned by David, Poe herself had the gall to criticize the justices, specifically SC Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, for using international laws to defend the West Philippine Sea, in the country’s maritime dispute with China, but not invoking what the international customary laws has to say on the citizenship of foundlings like her.

But then Poe should know better that her citizenship requirement has to conform first with the country’s constitutional requirement before any international body could mess with it.

Just wondering how much respect the lawyer-politicians, who blindly supported Poe, have for the Constitution which clearly defines and explains the norms of a natural born Filipino when applied to his/her candidacy for Congress and more so for the presidency of the country?

For better insight, understanding and appreciation of Poe’s citizenship issue before the SET, I am reprinting here an article by Mr. Elfren S. Cruz in his Breakthrough column published in Philippine Star on November 22, 2015:

Justice Brion’s dissenting opinion

The Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) recently voted 5 – 4 proclaiming that Grace Poe was a natural born citizen and eligible to be a member of the Philippine Senate. While no one can contest the validity of this decision, there has been a lot of discussions regarding the negative vote of all the three Supreme Court Justices who were members of the SET.

There has also been speculation on whether the Grace Poe presidential eligibility case would eventually be brought to the Supreme Court ; and, whether the votes of the three Supreme Court Justices on the SET was an indicator of their final decision.

I received a copy of the dissenting opinion penned by Associate Justice Arturo Brion. I have no intention of trying to interpret the legal opinion of a legal luminary like Justice Brion. I am not a lawyer. While this column does not have the space to reproduce the entire 68-page Brion opinion, I thought I might share a few of the more interesting excerpts.

On the need to explain vote: Justice Brion wrote: “I feel bound to explain my vote as before this Tribunal is a nationally elected public official who received the highest number of votes in the 2013 senatorial elections. The Filipino people who elected her deserve a full and exhaustive explanation of the votes of the SET members cast…. I specifically refer to the understanding of how our treaty obligations and the general principles of international law form part of the Philippine legal system and how they interact with the Constitution.

Vox Populi vs. Constitution: “…..the will of the people expressed through the ballot cannot cure the vice of ineligibility, especially when this question was not raised when they voted the respondent into office….And there can be no law higher than the Constitution that was ratified by the Filipino people as the ultimate governing rules in running our country. The citizenship requirement is a constitutional requirement for nationally elected representatives to the legislature. This requirement, first provided in the 1935 Constitution and reiterated in the 1987 Constitution, cannot be amended or cured by electoral mandate to allow an unqualified candidate to hold office.”

Justice Brion’s position and vote: The Petition for Quo Warranto filed by David against Grace Poe cited Article VI, Section 3: “ No person shall be a Senator unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines and, on the day of the election, is at least 35 years of age, able to read and write, a registered voter, and a resident of the Philippines for not less than two years immediately preceding the day of the election.” After a recitation of the Case Facts and the Petition for Quo Warranto, Brion explained : “the question regarding the respondent’s Philippine citizenship is itself based on two grounds”:
First, that the respondent is not a natural born citizen because she is a foundling; and, Second, she could not have re-acquired a natural born Filipino status through RA 9225, as she was not a Filipino to begin with.”

After considering these challenges and the issues they gave rise to, I [Brion] vote as follows:

{1} As a foundling whose parents are both unknown, the respondent’s Philippine citizenship cannot be established, recognized, or presumed under the 1935 Constitution:

The 1935 Constitution did not grant citizenship to children born in the Philippines whose parents were unknown;

The presumption that the respondent claims that a foundling’s parents are a citizen of the territory where the foundling is found inherently contradicts the terms of underlying principles of the 1935 Constitution. Thus, the presumption cannot be recognized as part of the law of the land applicable to her case;

The Philippine treaty obligations do not grant Philippine citizenship outright to foundlings. These obligations simply require the country to recognize a foundling’s right to acquire Philippine citizenship.

{2} The respondent cannot also be considered a natural-born Philippine citizen:

a. since her citizenship cannot be established, recognized, or presumed, she had no citizenship to reacquire under RA9225;

{b} even if she had been a natural-born citizen, her naturalization in the US rendered her ineligible to be considered natural-born. As a foreigner who had undergone an expedited form of naturalization under RA 9225, she had to perform acts to acquire Philippine citizenship and did not, therefore, fall under the Constitution’s definition of a natural born citizen.

I, therefore, vote to disqualify the respondent Grace Poe for the position of Senator of the Republic of the Philippines.“

Justice Brion attached a 57-page explanation of his vote. Each position had a lengthy explanation consisting of legal precedents, discussions during the constitutional conventions; and, legal briefs. I am limited to short summaries due to space constraints. Here they are:

“As a foundling, the respondent could not have acquired the status of a natural born citizen through any of the modes enumerated under the 1935 Constitution.

The Philippines treaty obligations under the ICCPR and UNCRC do not require the immediate and automatic grant of Philippine citizenship to foundlings… the terms and character of their provisions merely require the grant to every child the right to acquire a nationality.

Article IV of the 1935 Constitution generally follows the jus sanguinis rule: Philippine citizenship is determined by blood, i.e., by the citizenship of one’s parents.

The presumption that the parents of foundlings are citizens of the country where they are found is inconsistent with the terms of the 1935 Constitution.

The natural born citizenship requirement for the position of Senator cannot be complied with on the basis of presumption.

A person who at the time of his birth is a citizen of a particular country is a natural born citizen. The 1987 Constitution itself recognizes this concept through the definition of a natural-born citizen: a citizen of the Philippines from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect her Philippine citizenship. Thus, one who performs an affirmative act to acquire or perfect her Philippine citizenship is not a natural born but a naturalized Filipino.

The respondent’s subsequent adoption by Filipino citizens, Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces, did not confer Philippine citizenship on her….Adoption is not among the modes of acquiring citizenship.

After marrying a US citizen, she chose a naturalization process to acquire US citizenship. This naturalization process required her to renounce her allegiance to the Philippine Republic and her citizenship…The oath that the respondent took to re-acquire Philippine citizenship reflects her status as a foreigner at the time she took them.

As the respondent was clearly a foreigner at the time she complied with the requirements of RA 9225, her supposed reacquisition of Philippine citizenship thus amounts to naturalization by law.

Due to the 5-4 SET vote, Senator Grace Poe will remain a member of the Philippine Senate. Now we all await the next saga – the eligibility of Grace Poe for the position of President of the Philippines.

Poe citizenship issue making Duterte run for president


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

It looks like Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was just waiting for the most painful prick at his sensibilities, his emotions, for him to run for president and this time he got it.

Duterte has been very vocal about his disgust and disappointment of the Aquino administration that at some point he issued the following statement: “The drugs problem, the criminalities, the corruption – if they cannot stop it and if nobody fixes the government, I will do it for free for the Filipino people.”

Wasn’t this giving an idea to the people that after all his “urong-sulong” (indecisiveness) style to run or not for the presidency in 2016, it was more evident that he was really interested in running?

Duterte’s latest expression of revulsion against the administration came not so long ago about the “laglag bala” or bullet-dropping inside the luggage of an airport passenger, either checking in or checking out, when he, likewise, issued the following strong-worded statement: “Stop fucking the Filipino people. Even people who are at the airport are victimized by laglag-bala (planted bullets), the drugs problem. And the government does not have a concrete program for these. They are in power, they are receiving salaries, and yet they are not doing what is necessary for governance. As I said, stop fucking the Filipino people.”

While the preceding statements were already strong urges for him to run, nothing, however, has given Duterte more fire in the belly to go for the presidency than the decision made by the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) dismissing the disqualification case filed by petitioner Rizalito David questioning the citizenship of Sen. Grace Poe, who is running for president in 2016.

David, a defeated 2013 senatorial candidate who filed the petition against Poe, argued that the Constitution does not recognize a foundling as a natural-born citizen as the status requires at least one recognizable parent to be a citizen.

What is unsettling though is that while the SET, which is composed of politicians and justices of the Supreme Court, was suppose to tackle a legal issue objectively, the politicians showed their true colors and supported the likes of one of them, closing their eyes on the legitimacy of the petition, thus, shutting up the mouth of the legal luminaries.

Senators Tito Sotto, Cynthia Villar, Loren Legarda, Bam Aquino and Pia Cayetano voted for the dismissal, while Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, chair of the SET, Associate Justices Teresita Leonardo de Castro, Arturo Brion and Sen. Nancy Binay voted in favor of the petition. Obviously, Binay voted against the dismissal as it would benefit the candidacy of her father, or so she thinks.

No wonder the SET decision is what is now propelling Duterte to run, saying, “First, let us just say, I am terribly disappointed. Second, I cannot accept Grace Poe as a legitimate candidate for president because I agree with the justices of the SC (Supreme Court) that this is a legal issue and not a political issue. Third, the option for me to run for president is already open.”

If this is not an opening salvo of Duterte’s candidacy, then I don’t know what else would prod him to run.

Animal feeds with antibiotic are harmful to children

Antibiotics-fed-to-healthy-livestock-harmful-to-childrenFor us who grew up eating meat from small and large animals grazing or fed with organic feeds, it was a blessing, indeed, though in the later stages we had been buying and eating meat from fattened animals. But, it is not much of a worry anymore as we are heading already towards the sunset years of our lives.

The same cannot be said of the generation who were born when piggeries, cattle and other livestock feedlots where flourishing to fatten the animals, thus making it a profitable business when sold in the market.

The fattening method obviously is where the feeds are being spiked up not only with minerals and vitamins, but with antibiotics, too.

Antibiotics have been allowed to be used for decades now because it was proven to cause animals to gain weight, producing more meat even at an early age. In addition to this inherent benefit of antibiotics, the latter also serve the purpose of limiting the infection among animals as they are being raised.

The problem with antibiotics, however, according to researchers, is that when used in healthy animals meant for food, it reduces the ability to treat infections in humans, which could raise potential health issues.

The study showed that children under 5 are more vulnerable to such infections because of their immature immune systems. Data shows the incidence of drug-resistant bacterial infection is highest among them.

Antibiotic resistant infections, such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, are becoming more dangerous because fewer drugs are effective against them. At least two million people per year are infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and 23,000 people die each year as a result of reduced efficacy of the drugs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Antibiotic resistance is becoming a bigger and bigger problem, both in kids and adults, so much so that some infections are becoming difficult, if not impossible to treat,” Dr. David Haslam, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

The bloodbath in France

fraanceIt was reported that the well coordinated terrorist attack conducted by Islamic State (IS) extremists in the heart of France on Nov. 13, 2015, which killed 130 people (as I write) and wounded many, many more is the deadliest so far since WWII, and considered one of the bloodiest terror attacks on Western soil since 9/11.

No wonder then that the bloodbath was described by France President Francoise Hollande as an “act of war”, after which France’s military launched a “massive” retaliatory airstrikes against IS sites in Syria reportedly hitting a command center and training camp at Raqqa. Raqqa is a Syrian city known to be a stronghold and self-declared capital of the IS group.

After seizing territories in Iraq and Syria on which to build its much touted caliphate, and in the process attracting more and more extremist recruits from all over the world to help establish their kingdom, the IS group seem to be changing its tactics and are now targeting their enemies that had been dropping bombs at them, of which France is one,in alliance with the U.S. coalition forces.

What I am saying is that, now that the IS group has succeeded in making the bustling streets of Paris eerily silent, after making killing fields out of city’s concert hall, restaurants, cafes and France national stadium, what will stop them from sowing terror in the other advanced cities in Europe or even in the U.S., for that matter?

What the IS terrorists did to the innocent and freedom loving people in France deserve the world’s strongest condemnation for it is not just an attack on France, but on humanity in general.

It is good to hear and see that U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin are putting their heads together at the G20 summit in Turkey to resolve the crisis in Syria.

The sooner these two powers can decide on what to do with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the better the world stands to have the chance of defeating the evil nature of the ISIS organization.

But for as long as both Obama and Putin remains at odds on what to do with Assad, this international issue that is causing humanitarian disaster of unparalleled proportion will continue unabated, threatening even more mayhem in many more parts of the world.

Both Obama and Putin should start realizing that their individual weaknesses is what is giving strength and life to the IS and other similar extremist groups that are causing much misery among peace loving people in the world today.

Auction Imelda’s jewelry collection before she gets it back


Rep. Imelda Marcos

Rep. Imelda Marcos

The move by the Aquino administration to have the Bureau of Customs (BOC) and the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) work together towards auctioning off the estimated billion-dollar Imelda Marcos jewelry collection is, indeed, very pleasing to the ears of many Filipinos.

But, while it may be pleasing to the ears of many Filipinos, the announcement should be one that is distasteful, if not repulsive, for Imelda, and for a good reason – Imelda desperately wants her exotic and expensive jewelries back.

In reality, auctioning off the jewelry collection should have been done a long time ago, but, not because additional funds were needed to run the government.

It should have been disposed earlier for the simple reason that keeping it longer inside a vault will only give Imelda the hope, the chance and the evil desire to own once more her sequestered jewelry collection, if only to satisfy, yet again, her avaricious persona.

Imelda’s jewelry collection, more known as the Roumeliotes, was seized shortly after the Marcoses were ousted from power in 1986. (Check out this link: http://djl.net/jewels/).

One should not underestimate Imelda, despite her advanced age. If she has made a successful comeback in the political scene, together with her children, it is again motivated by greed.

For what else could be the reason why Imelda was pushing hard for his son, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos  to run for president? That is the position she wanted until the son overruled her and decided to run instead for vice president in 2016.

Perhaps, Imelda is crossing her fingers that she could see her son win the vice presidency while she still alive.

But time is running out for Imelda and reality is setting in.

With Divine Providence again intervening, she will never have a son and namesake of her despicable husband who would become president and she could start saying goodbye to her scandalous jewelry collection.

Good for her!