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Duterte’s pivot to China


President Rodrigo Duterte and China President Xi Jinping

President Rodrigo Duterte and China President Xi Jinping

Much has been said about President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit to China but nothing more confounding than when he blurted out the following at a meeting of Filipino and Chinese businessmen, this after he met China President Xi Jinping: “I announce my separation from the United States, both in military but economics also.”

Many foreign countries went agog hearing this considering how close and tight our ties has been with the US.

It does not mean that Filipinos here and abroad didn’t feel dismayed and stunned at the same time.

But knowing Duterte who shoots his mouth faster than his brain could process the repercussion of his statements, I knew there was going to follow some elucidating explanation, and indeed there was.

Perhaps after much soul searching, Duterte realized that what he really wanted to say to China, and for the world to understand too, is that he simply wanted “a separation of foreign policy” and not “a severance of ties”, which for all intents and purposes is giving up complete diplomatic relations.

“It is not severance of ties. You say severance of ties, you cut the diplomatic relations. I cannot do that,” Duterte admitted.

With Duterte as president, we Filipinos have learned to adapt having tongue in cheek for every major statement he makes.

But having said that still we do not doubt Duterte’s good intention in deciding to make a historic pivot to China, as much as it bewilders the whole world, because present circumstances in the region, specifically in the South China Sea (SCS), warrants that he, as the country’s leader, has to solve the problem we are having with China in our territorial and jurisdictional dispute with them.

The international court may have ruled in favor of the Philippines, but does it mean that the problem the Filipino fishermen are having have been resolved already – that they can go back fishing in our own inherent exclusive economic zones when China do not respect the ruling, much less recognize the ruling body?

Of course not and we cannot depend on anybody else, and not even the US, to take the cudgels for us but our own selves.

Duterte’s pivot to China is not about ideological aligning but rather a move that will determine how the country should chart its own future considering that China has expanded and is now situated in our own backyard, so to say.

Lest the world forgets, Duterte is doing this pivot, much to the chagrin of the US, because if the latter was not able to prevent the expansionism of China in the SCS, while they could have years before, who else is going to help us improve our lot and protect us if not our own selves.

Duterte’s move is about making more friends, especially those whom you can’t simply shoo away because of its economic and military power.

Think about it.


A misplaced moral ground

I came across this video and decided to replay it because the black journalist featured here seems to have dissected and correctly analyzed the problem President Rodrigo Duterte is having with the US.

Consider this also as a fitting follow-up to the preceding pieces I wrote explaining why Duterte has decided to to set sail in charting his own independent foreign policy, rejecting attempts at meddling in the affairs of the nation by foreign government.

What this simply means is that little brown brother Duterte is telling the world that he is letting go now of Uncle Sam’s coattail to pursue relationships and deals with other nation that treats us as equals with dignity and respect as a sovereign nation.

Besides, the 1987 Constitution states that “The State shall pursue an independent foreign policy. In its relations with other states, the paramount consideration shall be national sovereignty, territorial integrity, national interest and the right to self-determination.”


A refloated ship, yes; a sinking ship, no


Former Pres. Fidel Ramos

Former Pres. Fidel Ramos

With due respect to former President Fidel Ramos’ military and political leadership, I beg to disagree with his recent pronouncement implying that the Philippines is a sinking ship under the Duterte presidency.

Perhaps as a true-blue Amboy, being a product of the famed US West Point Academy, Ramos seems to be worried, at best, and, at worst, devastated, that his protégé, President Rodrigo Duterte, has turned bellicose against the US and is seriously embarking on an independent foreign policy that will likely lead to establishing closer relationships with China and Russia.

But just because Duterte has shown utter displeasure over the way US has been showing the ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude towards his administration relative to his bloody war on drugs, not to mention the ‘little brown brother’ treatment Filipinos have been getting from their imperious ‘big white American brother’, and is turning now to the Chinese and Russians for better deal and understanding does not mean that the country is now in dire state of disrepair and is sinking for that matter.

Why, was the ship of state, as Ramos described it, ever floating even during his time and until the Aquino administration of last?

We must remember that Duterte just completed his 100 days in office and what he has done in fighting drugs is no small feat for a man and a politician from Mindanao catapulted to the presidency by the mandate of majority of Filipinos who trusted him and believed in his strong-fist, no-nonsense leadership.

Everybody now agrees that what got this ship of state sinking in the first place are the presence of unscrupulous people involved in the outrageous, if not heinous, drug business that mainly included convicted inmates in the New Bilibid Prison, who are more known as the drug lords, from where illegal drugs are being pushed to victimize millions of Filipinos from all walks of life.

In identifying and solving brutally the drug plague which is fortunately being supported by the citizens themselves and by many sectors of our society including the businessmen, we are now seeing for the first time that the ship of state is being refloated successfully.

But you see, not until Duterte starts full swing his promise to wage relentless fight also against corruption and criminality in order to get rid of the equally deleterious scourge that is trying to sink the ship of state as well, will we see the same ship of state fully afloat and sailing towards progress and prosperity.

I find it, therefore, somewhat unfair and self-serving Ramos’ comments, saying, that what stands out in Duterte’s first 100 days are the following: first, a vicious and bloody campaign against illegal drugs and its users and dealers; second, a hardening of presidential policy statements against longtime ally and mentor, the US; and three, failure to cut red tape and corruption in the bureaucracy.

Come on, for chrissake! Give it more time!

For a man and a leader who has repeatedly made it known wherever he goes that he has his life, his honor and the presidency at stake in his quest for a better Philippines, it only means that what he is doing now and the things he still has to do before his term is over will ensure not only the sustained growth and development of the country but also guarantees the well being of every Filipino.


De Lima denies PH becoming narco-state


Archenemies President Duterte and Sen. de Lima

Archenemies President Duterte and Sen. de Lima

In her efforts to extricate herself from the deepening hole of illegal drugs that she got herself into and in her struggle to clear and save herself from her alleged involvement in the corrupt business of the drug trade emanating from the very unlikely place, the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), embattled Sen. Leila de Lima is now vehemently denying that the Philippines is becoming a narco-state.

It was of course President Rodrigo Duterte who alarmingly declared that the election of former justice secretary Leila de Lima as senator has opened the doors for government to be turned into a narco-state.

But how else would one interpret it as de Lima has become the subject of investigations by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the House of Representatives where witness after witness all have implicated her as having benefited from the proceeds of illegal drug trade which was ultimately used for her election.

“We have been plagued by this drug menace but we are far from being a narco-state,” de Lima said.

What an understatement and she thinks she continues to have the credibility to tell it to the Filipino people, when in fact she already has lost all her moral ascendancy to do it.

Duterte already knew ahead of time the covert participation of de Lima in the illegal drug trade and it was precisely for this reason that he announced the postponement of the synchronized barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections scheduled on October 31 because he was sure that as de Lima got elected by drug money, so would drug money be used to elect some unscrupulous barangay officials.

Perhaps it was also Duterte’s intelligence network in all levels of government that forced him to call for the postponement of the barangay and SK elections because in his latest list of public officials and uniformed personnel linked to the illegal drug trade there are, he mentioned, 5,000 barangay captains listed and what is even worse, according to him, is that there are 6,000 policemen included.

Indeed, you cannot discount the high probability that in the same area unscrupulous drug-supported local government officials and policemen are in cahoots with one another.

So how could de Lima, therefore, disclaim that the country is far from being a narco-state when she herself is a living example of what can become of a narco-state.

In fact only very recently police chief Jovie Espenido of Albuera, Leyte accused De Lima of receiving at least P8 million in payoffs before the May elections from Kerwin Espinosa, allegedly the head of the biggest drug syndicate in Eastern Visayas and son of Albuera Mayor Ronaldo Espinosa, who has been arrested on charges of possession of illegal drugs and unlicensed firearms while his son is at large.

It is good to hear what de Lima has to say about this accusation, but being a good lawyer, too, she has taught herself to deny everything, as she has been doing all these times that she has been under the spotlight.


Duterte’s pursuit of an independent foreign policy

President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

Much has been said and debated about President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of pursuing an independent foreign policy.

Duterte has not mince words about his disappointment at how the US shabbily treats us as a sovereign country and how easily the country’s former colonizer meddle in the affairs of the now independent state as if the Filipinos are still their subjects.
Yes, we had been their loyal ally for a long time since the US granted us independence, but being a secondary partner does not mean that we have to be forever dependent and subservient to them.
Thus, Duterte is embarking on a mission to establish an independent foreign policy with other countries, but most specifically China, whom we expect to consider and recognize our national sovereignty, our territorial integrity, our national interest and our right to self-determination.
But for the long and short of it, there is no better explanation of the subject matter than what and how Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo stated and interpreted Duterte’s pursuit of an independent foreign policy which I am reprinting for your appreciation.


De Lima’s fate


Sen. Leila de Lima

Sen. Leila de Lima

The way events unfolded during the House investigation on the illegal drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), surely, it did not look good for Sen. Leila de Lima as practically all the witnesses presented gave damning testimonies against her.

In fact as a last resort de Lima plans to run to the Supreme Court to challenge President Rodrigo Duterte’s immunity from suit since she has run out of options in her quest for justice regarding the allegations hurled against her.

Note that she is blaming Duterte, and only Duterte, as the root of all her woes now, thus, this could probably be her last window of opportunity to get out from where she is being squeezed between the rock and a hard place. Most certainly she finds herself between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Expressing it differently de Lima thinks she is seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel, but, woe still, this little light happens to be that of train coming her way.

Why de Lima will try to debunk the immunity privilege of the president while in office is beyond the grasp of many people, but like the masses held for her and the prayers chanted by her nun friends and other religious supporters to save her woes, all are just exercises in futility.

Indeed, how wrong I was about de Lima.

Everything she was as Justice Secretary during the Aquino administration made her credible and gutsy and these were the qualities that got her the respect of the Filipino people.

It was in this light in fact that out of appreciation I wrote favorable articles, among others, about de Lima which you can read at these links: https://quierosaber.wordpress.com/2010/07/03/leila-de-lima-a-woman-with-balls/ and https://quierosaber.wordpress.com/2011/11/17/de-lima-has-balls-topacio-for-self-castration-and-lambino-death/.

Little did I know then that, like me, most Filipinos also were taken for a ride by her seemingly tenacious yet friendly and accommodating appearance when confronting and solving problems in her department.

Political events have surfaced now that what we were all seeing then was actually de Lima in sheep’s clothing.

It took an unorthodox former mayor from Davao City and now president to ferret out the truth and declare de Lima was a wolf all along and a devious one at that.

What a fate de Lima has created only to be shamed!

The reality of Duterte’s war on drugs


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte has just completed his 100 days in office but the way controversial events have transpired relative to his bloody war on drugs that has impacted here and abroad leading to his enraging attitude towards the US, the EU and the UN, and openly declaring that he was going to establish ties with China and Russia, it gives one the impression that he has been in office for over a year or more, perhaps.

But what is more important really than how Duterte is being perceived by the outside world is the reality that not only is the country awash with depraved and incarcerated characters called drug lords making/importing into/hoarding illegal drugs for distribution by equally degenerate drug pushers to the derelicts and often times lowly users, but dirty drug money is already used to fund the elections of some of our local and national officials.

Not only that. Dirty drug money is also the source influencing the misdeeds of government officials like the police, the judges, etc.

What has appalled the nation, however, is the fact that illegal drug distribution emanates from the very institution that people thought can securely confine and rehabilitate prisoners.

Alas, these criminals are living it inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) like kings!

And what is equally alarming, if not dismaying, is that those tasked to manage the NBP are aware of what is going on inside but opts to not listen, hear, and talk about it until the shit hits the fan, as what has happened now with the whole scandalous mess being investigated by the House of Representatives.

What I just want to point out here is that had it not been for the guts of Duterte we would never have known the extent, the magnitude of illegal drugs circulating and how it is being proliferated in the whole country.

The only downside that I think is happening in Duterte’s war on drugs is that the latter is now feuding with the US and is cozying up instead with China and Russia to the trepidation of many.

Somehow I could understand Duterte’s feelings for his show of animosity towards the US for criticizing his hardnosed approach in fighting drugs, but being president now of a sovereign country that he has promised so many times to serve and die for if necessary, would it not be appropriate for him to show more restraint without being cavalier and act more nationalistic without being vituperative and disrespectful for our own good?

This is the only way to act and position ourselves in this ever changing geopolitical order of world affairs for our own advantage.