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Arroyo’s acquittal is an injustice done to Filipinos –Part ll


A few days ago I wrote Part l on the subject.

I expressed my disappointment and doubts about ex-president Arroyo’s innocence, thus, the title.

Part ll is a stark revelation and the reason why I am sharing this video with you.

Now you can make your own conclusions.

My only exasperation about the report, though done many years back, is that why is it that the personalities interviewed and giving opinions who are still very much alive today, have been silent all these years and, more specifically, about Arroyo’s recent acquittal?


The Duterte phenomenon


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

As if winning the presidency was not phenomenal enough for one coming from Mindanao and a former mayor of Davao City, what is adding more to Rodrigo Duterte’s wonder in the country’s political world today are the dimensions by which he has been able to captivate the trust of the Filipinos and sustain his popularity in what he does for the country and its people.

What I am simply saying is that Duterte and his men cannot seem to do any wrong even as drug scum are dying in the government’s pursuit to stop or at least minimize the proliferation of illegal drugs.

There are a few calls for investigation from some people who think human rights have been violated, but compared to those who are at awe at how widespread illegal drugs have been pushed and pervasively used based on what is being reported daily, there is just no way that one can stop the majority of Filipinos from supporting the determined effort of the government to fight drugs – regardless of who and how many are killed.

This is the kind of leader we had been waiting for who, despite his uncouth manners and disgracious language before, is effecting change that he promised and giving hope to many struggling Filipinos.

Even those seemingly cultured and influential people in the financial and business sector of society who were skeptical of Duterte and strongly dissuaded others, orally and in writing, not to vote for him are now singing hosannas for him.

That every political party in the country today are coalescing with Duterte’s PDP-Laban giving it the power and making it a super-majority in both Houses of Congress only proves of their recognition, high esteem and unconditional support of the president’s leadership.

I do not know if there will ever be a credible minority in both Houses. If this is not a phenomenon, I don’t know what is for this bizarre situation never existed before. Imagine the leaders in the executive and legislative branches of government are all coming from Mindanao.

Suddenly the southern part of the country is thrust into the limelight as an exhibit for implementing reforms and development. Indeed, this is a welcome occurrence for if positive change can happen in a war torn region, how easily could progress come to pass in Luzon and the Visayas islands!

Needless to say that this phenomenon does not only apply to mainstream political leaders but even strikingly to those with different religious and ideological beliefs.

But the most phenomenal of all is the transformation that one has seen in Duterte as a person, now that he is president. The metamorphosis he promised will happen once he starts serving as president has indeed happen and this is what has endeared him to the people. What you see is what you get. Not only does he talks the talk but also walks the talk. What a proficient and polished politician he has become although the urge to kill is still very much in his blood!

This is the Duterte phenomenon that is getting to be noticed not only by ASEAN but also by the western world.

Indeed, Duterte is one president to be reckoned with by world leaders as the phenomenon he is creating continues and endures.

Arroyo’s acquittal is an injustice done to Filipinos

Ex-president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

Ex-president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

Despite the fact that ex-president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has regained her freedom after the Supreme Court ruled in her favor the plunder case against her, I am sure that in her heart and conscience the truth has not really set her free.

Arroyo may have bragging rights for having been unjustly accused and detained for nearly five years, but now is thumbing her nose at her accusers and political rivals and having the last laugh after being absolve of corruption charges involving P366 million from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) that was meant for charitable institutions.

Certainly the decision called for rejoicing and Arroyo showed it, so much so that one could see her on national TV up and about without her neck brace, as if the contraption impeded her celebratory mood.

“Finally justice has been done,” Arroyo’s lawyer said. Well, that may be true for the moment, but unless Rosario Uriarte, the general manager of the PCSO then surfaces the sword of distrust will continue to hang over Arroyo’s head.

Needless to say that without Uriarte justice has not really been done. (https://quierosaber.wordpress.com/2011/07/14/rosario-uriarte-has-reason-to-cry/).

Could there be a reason why Justice Marvic Leonen criticized his fellow magistrates of failing to see the evidence when they acquitted Arroyo of plunder?

What is more telling perhaps than Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s dissenting opinion explaining and emphasizing as follows: “Arroyo’s manner of approving requests for additional Confidential and Intelligence Funds (CIFs), seven times in the course of three years, reveals the initial indispensable act in the conspiracy to commit plunder.”

“All the individual acts of the conspirators from the time of the requests were approved until the moment the amounts were finally in the Office of the President indicate a complete whole.”

Even former president Benigno Aquino was forced to question, in dismay, the ruling that freed Arroyo, saying, she should be held accountable for the mismanagement of funds that were supposed “to alleviate the suffering of many of our countrymen”.

Arroyo has, indeed, to answer for “the suffering of many of our countrymen.” Not only in this particular case, but in another corruption case that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales is preparing against Arroyo. What an encouraging and morale boosting development this is!

Justice on earth is not what Arroyo should be more concern about.

What should matter to Arroyo at this stage and in her condition is the wrath of God, for it heals nothing that afflicts her and especially if injustice has been done to the very people she has been sworn to serve and protect.


Lasting new dawn for Philippines with Duterte


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

Every president the Filipinos elected in the past always were described as ushering a new dawn for the country.

With great dismay every one of them ended their term with so much still to be desired in terms of growth and development for the country and improving the quality of life of the people.

Needless to say that the same promises were made to stump corruption in government, fight criminality, stop illegal drug trade, work for peace and stability specifically in Mindanao, improve services, create jobs, solve the traffic problem, etc., only to fall flat at the end.

We are known to be resilient as people and despite being victims of our own folly by electing presidents that have done us more injustice than good deeds we never failed to pray, hurdle the hardships and patiently waited for something providential to happen.

What else could the election of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to the presidency in 2016 be than Divine intervention?

Duterte had only to utter the phrase “Change is coming” and with his promise to lead the fight against corruption, criminality and the drug trade scourge afflicting the country and end the same in 3 to 6 months, the Filipinos gave him an overwhelming mandate to be the country’s leader.

Change is what the people wanted and desired most and knowing the determined, no-nonsense, iron-fist and the unconventional leadership of Duterte, the way he transformed Davao City into a peaceful and livable place that has been the envy of many cities in the country, he simply became the people’s favorite for the presidency.

We were never wrong in choosing Duterte, for as much as we wanted change in the way government is run, Duterte himself showed more disgust and revulsion over how elected and appointed government officials performed.

Duterte knew the pulse of the people which is that if he does what he promised to do that he will get their continued support and much, much more for that is what they had been longing for.

There is no wonder therefore that the events unfolding today in the country, from the government’s relentless drive against illegal drugs and criminality that has precipitated in a lot of killings to the maritime dispute in the West Philippine Sea with China, are not being criticized by most of the citizenry, but rather welcomed with great anticipation. The Filipinos trust his resolve.

Duterte’s leadership style is interestingly rubbing off on his Cabinet members and heads of various government agencies and this is what brings thrill and hope for many Filipinos that indeed change is coming.

One can safely say now that Duterte’s leadership is ushering competently and conclusively a lasting new dawn for the Philippines.

We can only pray that the president stays healthy and safe all the time.

Cebu’s controversial Peter Lim


dut-limCebu’s Peter Lim is not new to controversy.

Neither is Cebu’s Peter Lim an exemplary figure because of his illegal drug related activities which resulted to his being investigated by a House committee on drugs ten years ago.

It is no wonder therefore that when President Rodrigo Duterte mentioned the name Peter Lim as one of the three top drug lords in the country based in the Visayas, the latter must have spent sleepless nights.

Although there may be over 4,000 bearing the name Peter Lim in the country, as reported, and though his presence in Cebu contradicts Duterte’s statement that he was out of the country, Lim’s controversial past, however, started haunting him again and the more he became scared of his life, especially when Duterte promised to kill the drug lord once he returns and deplanes.

It was just as well that Cebu’s Peter Lim asked for an audience with Duterte because right then and there the latter told Lim in his face that he was the one and the same Peter Lim whom he would kill once he returns and stepped on airport tarmac.

It is simply unbelievable that ten years after, Cebu’s Peter Lim continues to be in the radar of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) when searching for drug lords in the country.

Lim reportedly denied his links to the illegal drug trade but verbal negation won’t get him anywhere.

There is more to it than meets the eye, like why does he continue to blip as drug lord on PDEA’s radar ten years after a congressional inquiry was conducted over his nefarious drug activities?

Duterte apparently warn Cebu’s Peter Lim with this tall order: “DON’T lie to me. I called all the agents: PDEA, military, police, NBI. You know you’ve been suspected as a drug lord… Call your lawyer to prove that you’re innocent.”

What was missing is the phrase, “or else!”

China’s utter arrogance


SCS disputeDespite the fact that the whole world knows now that China’s historical claim over almost all of the South China Sea through its nine-dash line configuration had been negated and nullified by no less than the UN Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague in its marine territorial dispute with the Philippines, still China has shown nothing but belligerence in the decision.

Belittling the historic decision as rubbish, China’s foreign minister strongly warned the Philippines that the ruling is simply a ruling which China completely ignores.

While the Western world and those in the region considers the landmark decision a triumph of international law that ought to be respected and uphold, China on the other hand has nothing for it but disgust and resentment, especially towards the Philippines which brought up the issue to the arbitration court.

In complete defiance of the tribunal’s ruling, even as most democratic countries lauded it, China has not shown signs of abandoning its hegemony over the South China Sea but rather is acting more aggressive and arrogant making it known that any resolution of any conflict in the contested areas can only be made by directly negotiating with them.

China’s utter arrogance can be noticed when the Chinese foreign minister made a contemptuous statement, saying, “China expects the new Filipino government to cooperate and recognize that the ruling is nothing more than a piece of waste paper and cannot be enforced. China hopes that the Filipino side will set aside the award and return to the negotiation table.”

In the same vein, the Chinese official reportedly addressed the Philippine government, saying, “I kindly advise you to throw the papers concerning the arbitration into the rubbish bin, put them aside on book shelves, or put them in the archives. The disputes will eventually have to return to the table for negotiations and China hopes the Philippines to return to the track of bilateral negotiations.”

There is no problem talking with China because that is the proper and appropriate thing to do. The question, however, is: Will China get out of our exclusive economic zone?

As I was insinuating in my previous blog, ‘No euphoria in the favorable decision of China-Philippines arbitration’, the landmark decision, aside being an empty victory, is for the world community’s consumption to know and appreciate the legality of it.

To me and in that particular area, China has this unspoken line about the territorial conflict: What is mine is mine and what is yours is mine!

That is all there is to it!

Robredo is a square peg in Duterte’s round administration


Vice President Leni Robredo

Vice President Leni Robredo

I would like to think that Vice President Leni Robredo’s support of President Rodrigo Duterte’s leadership, the way she has been rallying others to do, is unconditional.

The way it looks, however, it does not fall under that category for the simple reason that among the members of the Cabinet it is Robredo only who has openly expressed foreboding over the wave of killings around the country resulting from the administration’s no-nonsense drive against drugs and criminality.

Robredo described her concern as the government’s growing culture of vigilantism and violence which she strongly abhors.

If nobody else in the Duterte’s Cabinet has condemned the killings, what does that make therefore of Robredo, but a square peg in a round hole?

Surely it does, but can Robredo still shape herself into a round peg to continue fitting into Duterte’s round circle of trusted supporters?

Of course she can if she tries to gather her wits together and not be swayed or get carried away by the spiteful imputations of neophyte Sen. Leila de Lima who claims that summary executions or extrajudicial killings are committed by the police in their anti-drug campaign, thus, her call for a Senate investigation.

Aside from the fact that de Lima has an axe to grind against Duterte whom she hasn’t been able to pin down for human rights violation in Davao while still a mayor, she is also trying to recoup her tarnished image, now as a senator, as an inept Justice Secretary who did nothing to solve the scandalous and corrupt activities done by the detained high-profile drug lords, who, it was confirmed by Duterte, continued to be one of the sources of illegal drugs being distributed in the country.

This early of the Duterte administration, Robredo should give Duterte the kind of support and trust that the many Filipinos have given him, not to mention his Cabinet members and political allies, in solving the problems terribly afflicting the country today and in the process effect a positive change for the country and in the lives of the Filipinos.

Sad to say that there are killings, but if those dead are the scum who have destroyed lives and future of Filipino youths with impunity for a long, long time now, wouldn’t we heave a sigh of relief that at last something is done to eliminate the drug scourge in this country?

In the same manner, wouldn’t we be heaving also a big sigh of relief knowing that the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), in tandem with the Philippine National Police (PNP), have destroyed close to P2-billion worth of illegal drugs, which if it has found its way into the hands of unscrupulous people would have been hell for many Filipino families

Robredo should not interfere this early in what is happening to the serious and determined anti- drug campaign waged by the Duterte administration through the equally fearless and no-nonsense PNP chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa, no matter how she abhors extrajudicial killings.

Now that Robredo is a Cabinet member and the administration’s housing czar, being chair of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), it would be more appreciated if she just attends to her daunting task of giving adequate shelter to the greater number of poor and homeless Filipinos.

Robredo has her hands full without meddling in the events unfolding in drug related issues. Am sure other appropriate government agencies are competently looking into the legality or legitimacy of the killings.