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Hang those involved in the fake rice sold in the market

fake riceThe report about fake rice, made out of potato, sweet potato and plastic resin, proliferating now in some markets, especially in Davao, is not only disturbing, but should be considered outright a criminal act.

It is an outrageously premeditated kind of action by some unscrupulous people with the wicked and corrupt intention of making huge profit in the market by not only gypping the rice eating Filipinos, but literally slowly killing them also in the process with the poisonous stuff.

Whether this type of rice, which is being passed off as quality rice, comes from local sources or has been smuggled in from somewhere, it now behooves upon government to mobilize all its corresponding agencies responsible for the entry and distribution of the staple food to look into their stocks and see if any adulteration can be found and where it comes from, if any.

It is good to hear that Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas has already ordered the Philippine National Police (PNP) to intensify the operation against the proliferation of fake rice in the market.

“I have instructed the CIDG (Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) to assist the NFA (National Food Authority) in addressing the problem of fake rice being sold in the market,” said Roxas.

Hopefully the CIDG will be able to find the truth about this dangerous scam sooner than later and ferret out the culprits before consumers start getting sick or dying.

There should be no mercy for those found to be directly involved and/or in cahoots with any government officials.

If they cannot be hanged, then let them rot in jail for their heinous deeds.

‘Corrupt’ is not in Binay’s attack words


Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

There is no doubt that Vice President Jejomar Binay is on a warpath against the Aquino administration.

This is the same administration that Binay has been with, serving as a member of Aquino’s Cabinet for 5 years, and like others, approving, obeying, corroborating and supporting the administration’s policies and programs.

Now that Binay opted to resign, after sensing that he would never be President Benigno Aquino’s (PNoy) anointed successor, he has now established himself as the leader of the opposition, after launching his political party.

Soon after he resigned, Binay started making diatribes against the PNoy administration, but it never reached such a stinging crescendo until the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) party was launched, describing it as a group of “tamad, usad-pagong at teka-teka (lazy, slow and indecisive)” people.

I do not know who wrote Binay’s speech, or if he wrote it himself, Binay was only fooling himself and taking his political adulators and sycophants for a ride because, clearly, he was using the wrong description of how the country is today compared to the past administrations.

Binay should know this and should acknowledge the pain and angst the country has gone through, after the dismal Arroyo administration, because he was, for 5 years, a part of the positive changes and reforms implemented that has gained the country the respect and recognition of the world community for where the country is now politically, economically and socially.

Lazy, slow and indecisive may be the favorite chants Binay will be making from now on, but wouldn’t one wonder why the word ‘corrupt’ is not in Binay’s attack words?

Well, not really, because the word ‘corrupt’ is and can only be aptly applied to Binay and his ilk – the likes of the scheming Napoles and the three high profile unscrupulous senators of the realm, who are involved in the scandalous pork barrel scam.

Lazy, slow and indecisive has never been an issue in the Aquino administration.

Corruption, however, has been and done with impunity by the opposition.

Like I said before, Binay simply stood out as a square peg in the round hole of ‘tuwid na daan’ (straight path) advocates.

Having declared now as the leader of the opposition, Binay’s true political identity can never be questioned anymore as to where he belongs and what advocacy he is espousing.

Maybe Sen. Koko Pimentel was right after all in urging that the Cabinet agencies handled by Binay be audited.

“The next thing to do is to audit, audit the performance of the Vice-President as head of the HUDCC (Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council) and as presidential czar on the overseas Filipino workers,” Pimentel said in an interview.

Disparaging at the Aquino administration always could just be Binay’s political ploy of being aggressive so that the audit by COA will not result to another scandalous scam.

Binay son suspension defiance bad for father’s 2016 presidential run


Vice President Jejomar Binay and Makati Mayor Junjun Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay and Makati Mayor Junjun Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay and Makati Mayor Junjun Binay should have talked it over intelligently if defying the Ombudsman’s order for the latter’s suspension the second time around (the first time was only 4 months ago in March) was good and politically expedient for both their political careers.

In fact the whole family – an established political dynasty – should have been gathered together and have a consensus on how to proceed, after such an eventuality, considering that the move and actions they make will have an impact on the presidential run of the Binay patriarch in 2016 national elections.

It is bad enough that Vice President Binay is going around the country convincing people that he is not corrupt, following the exposė of the Blue Ribbon senate subcommittee corruption probe against him.

It is not even helping Binay any in his presidential ambition to be going around disparaging at President Aquino and his administration, which he once serve as a Cabinet member and a loyal believer in Aquino’s programs of governance, but has now turn severe critic simply because Aquino has not anointed him to be his successor.

For the older Binay, therefore, to allow his son to defy the lawful order of the Ombudsman to stand down in connection with the graft charges related to alleged irregularities in the construction of a building at the Makati City Science High School is only making it worse for his already marred candidacy.

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales on Tuesday maintained that the issuance of suspension order against Makati Mayor Binay and 14 other officials of the city government was in accordance with the law and not due to any political pressure from the administration as alleged by Binay’s camp.

“The Office of the Ombudsman is independent and performs its mandate according to law and the evidence,” Morales said in a statement. “It will never succumb to any perceived pressure or be blinded or deafened by political grandstanding.”

“It will not tolerate open defiance of constitutional processes or calls for mob rule. This is about the right of the Filipino people to hold their public servants to the highest bar of accountability and to bring them before the bar of justice if they are accused of betraying the public trust,” Morales said.

Very well said, indeed, but if Mayor Binay continues to find his call for suspension a political harassment, then the older Binay should have known better and advised his son to abide by the Ombudsman’s order, if he and the rest wanted to see the head of the family become the president of the country.

This could have been seen by many not only as a sacrifice, but a politically noble act for the Binays respecting the rule of law.

The Binays, however, are publicly a different breed. Having ruled Makati for several years now they think they are, as a political clan, above the law.

The whole country saw on national TV the Binay’s defiance on the rule of law and how they encouraged, tolerated and had utmost respect for the mob rule of which Vice President Binay was himself a participant, showing his arrogance and anger against the authorities following orders and implementing the law.

One could just imagine how it would be for the people and this country if the older Binay is elected president in 2016 and the members of the dynasty holding high positions in both local and national governments.

Talking about the crooked path to perdition after Aquino’s straight path of hope!

Filipinos wake up and speak up against the Binays!

Corrupt and ingrate are apt descriptions of Binay


Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

It did not take long for most Filipinos to know more about who Vice President Jejomar Binay really is.

The Senate investigating his corrupt practices gave us all an insight on who Binay is as a politician – a highly corrupt government official. Until he is able to disprove the accusations leveled against him, he will remain the sleazy political leader that he is.

Binay’s resignation as a Cabinet member of President Benigno Aquino’s (PNoy) administration, apparently, is also giving us another characterization of his persona, and that is of being an ingrate.

And to think that this is the same person who covets the presidency and will do anything to win it, including, perhaps, having a pact with the devil!

For how else would one describe Binay, when, after serving for 5 years as presidential adviser for OFW affairs and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council chairman, and treated with respect due a member of a Cabinet and as Vice President despite his being in the opposition, he turned suddenly vicious like a mad dog, or more aptly still, like a kid who has turned petulant because he did not get what he wanted for so long, which is PNoy’s endorsement as his successor in the 2016 national elections.

It has been a couple of days now, and counting, that Binay has been lambasting in public PNoy and his administration officials against controversial issues concerning the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), the Metro Rail Transit system (MRT), and the massacre of the Special Action Force (SAF) 44 in Mamasapano and what have you.

What is surprising, if not confounding, is that these are all issues which Binay was mum about when he was still in the Cabinet. It looks like that what was agreeable, acceptable and conformable while he was still in the Cabinet are now inappropriate and anomalous and worthy of being bad-mouthed.

Indeed, talking about being hypocritical, for Binay and the government agencies he headed also benefited from whatever programs and policies the government implemented. It seems irrational that being a vice president and and a member of the Cabinet, Binay will be missed out purposely from receiving funds due the agencies he is heading.

If Binay really meant well and felt disgruntled about the irregularities of PNoy’s administration during his stint in the Cabinet, he could have done the country good if right there and then he denounced the administration and quit PNoy’s Cabinet.

Binay might have yet gained the trust and confidence of the people and I don’t think the Senate probe on his corrupt practices would have progressed this far and succeeded in turning the people against him.

Binay’s own selfish interest dictated that he should stay longer, but noticed and realized later that the longer he stayed, the quieter PNoy became about anointing him as his successor, although PNoy was still close to him.

After the SWS survey came out that Binay had the highest trust rating among the government officials, he made his move and resigned, hoping that his rating will sustain him in his presidential ambition even without PNoy’s support.

It would even help, Binay thinks, that, from here on he will have PNoy and his administration officials in his cross hairs of political attack.

And so it has become  and will continue to be for this corrupt and ungrateful person who wants to be president of the country.

Marcos’ unwarranted advice to Aquino on choosing next PNP chief


Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. does not seem to learn the lessons of the past and keeps on harping at President Benigno Aquino’s (PNoy) presidential prerogatives, when his father, the dictator, was worst doing it during his time.

What I am saying is that the senator should be more circumspect in speaking out his mind about issues that Aquino may be taking or considering, but which may not be in conformity with his thinking, because it would only create a backlash that will put him to shame.

Marcos’ latest misjudgment is when he said that PNoy should go beyond friendship and be transparent in choosing the next Philippine National Police (PNP) chief.

Marcos was of course trying to insinuate that the same mistake in choosing former PNP Director General Alan Purisima, undeniably a very close friend of PNoy, should not happen again in looking for the Purisima’s successor.

It must be remembered how PNoy was castigated after the Mamasapano incident, when it was proven that he was continuously corroborating with Purisima on the secret police mission even if the latter was under six-month preventive suspension by the Ombudsman.

For this indiscretion, Marcos denounced PNoy and even recommended that Purisima be fired and charged for the death of the fallen Special Action Force (SAF) troopers.

I supported Marcos’ stand on this. (https://quierosaber.wordpress.com/2015/06/12/purisimas-unscrupulousness/).

But what I disagree now about Marcos’ unwarranted advice to PNoy on choosing the next PNP chief is that there is nothing wrong in choosing a friend whom you trust with your life. In fact in positions like the presidency, what you should have around you are loyal and dependable friends, especially in key positions.

Marcos should know this. All he has to do is look back at history of the recent past and see or reminisce, if he may, what former AFP chief of staff, Gen. Fabian C. Ver, was to his father, the despot, during the dark days of the Marcos regime.

Marcos Sr. trusted Ver with his life like an armor shield and the latter had more than a dogged-like loyalty to his master, an attack dog, in fact, that whatever the despondent dictator said was obeyed and followed unswervingly.

There is really nothing wrong with that. That is how an ideal leader-subordinate relationship should be.

What is wrong is when the leader allows his subordinate to think, decide and act on his behalf, thus corrupting and perverting his master’s rational and prudent ideas for his own selfish interest.

The skillful dance of the two naked chefs

This video that I am sharing with you really got me laughing so hard that I found it therapeutic from all the pathetic news happening around the world from global warming, to ISIS, to China’s brazen incursion in the South China Sea, to the plight of the Rohingya people, etc., and in our country, about the never ending stories of corrupt government officials, the sad state of Manila’s mass transport system and about people like Vice President Jejomar Binay.

For those who haven’t seen this yet, I hope you, too, will find it entertaining and beneficial.

Much ado about Binay’s resignation


Makati Rep. Abigail Binay

Makati City Rep. Abigail Binay

Of all the rationalizations made about Vice President Jejomar Binay’s resignation from the Cabinet of the Aquino administration, I find that of her daughter’s, Makati City Rep. Abigail Binay, the most absurd and foolish.

After she herself hand-carried to Malacañang the irrevocable resignation letter of her father, she confessed what a relief it was for the family, and most of all for the vice president, quitting his Cabinet post as presidential adviser for overseas Filipino workers affairs and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) chairman for, henceforth, her father will no longer be treated as a punching bag by the political allies of President Benigno Aquino (PNoy).

Needless to say that Vice President Binay could now muster enough strength and courage to criticize the PNoy’s administration, which the former longed to do all these years, according to the daughter.

Binay’s resignation has been long overdue because if he had only an iota of ‘delicadeza’ left in him, he could have done it sooner knowing that among the Cabinet members he glaringly stood as the square peg in a round hole with the serious graft and corruption charges against him.

And if, indeed, Binay had an axe to grind against PNoy’s administration, why didn’t he took the exit door earlier and started exposing the inconsistencies of the administration?

Or was Binay just biding his time hoping that PNoy would be able to stop the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee from investigating his corrupt practices and in the process support his presidential bid in 2016 elections?

Embittered at not being granted by PNoy his unsaid wishes and, perhaps, emboldened by the recent Pulse Asia survey that he is the most trusted government official, even ahead of PNoy, Binay finally decided to jump ship.

For Congresswoman Binay, therefore, to claim that her father resigned because he was just made a punching bag by PNoy’s allies is ridiculous.

Vice President Binay is a lawyer, for crying out loud!

If the family thinks that he is just being made a punching bag, then it is Binay’s own undoing. If he is a lawyer worth his salt and believes that he has not enriched himself in public office, then by all means, face his tormentors and disprove all the accusations leveled against him instead of touring the country and telling the people that it is all character assassination and politically motivated.

Binay’s resignation is the most appropriate thing to do, not because of his punching bag status, as claimed by claimed by his daughter, but better that way than to be ousted, which is even more humiliating.