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Escribiré temas como estos vienen a la mente. Esto podría ser temas, pasadas o presentes, pero con relación a los tiempos. También reaccionaré a artículos publicados, doméstico o extranjero, y expresaré mi opinión. Mis vistas siempre serán objetivo.

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Poe candidacy for president beneficial to country


Senator Grace Poe

Senator Grace Poe

The way events are shaping up it looks like the Filipinos are looking favorably at Sen. Grace Poe’s presidential run in 2016 election.

I thought at first that it was too early for the neophyte senator to aspire for the presidency, but it is not about eagerness or ambitiousness that is driving her for it, rather it is the clamor of the people that is pushing her for it.

And I cannot agree more with the people’s sentiments.

In a very short time that Poe has served as a senator of the realm, she has shown maturity, intelligence, independence of mind, competence and leadership in her work and in her statements.

Most of all Poe understands what is plaguing the country and recognizes that the most affected are the poor in our society.

“It seems many of our poor countrymen have been neglected,” she said, mentioning one of what she thought were the Aquino administration’s failures.

It was short of saying that corruption continues to prevail despite the much touted “tuwid na daan” (straight path) program and policy being advocated by President Aquino and parroted by his lackeys in the administration.

The fact alone that Aquino continues to harbor Vice President Jejomar Binay in his cabinet despite the serious allegations of his corrupt practices already speak volumes of the political anomaly involved.

What makes it even more anomalous and detrimental to the country, to say the least, is that the same person that is being mired in corruption muck is topping the 2016 presidential poll surveys!

And, to think that Binay is creating his own powerful political dynasty!

Is this how we want the country to go forward?

On the other hand, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, the prospective presidential candidate of the ruling Liberal Party (LP), has been reportedly courting Poe to be his vice presidential running mate.

How could Poe accept such an offer from Roxas when she knows very well that she is well ahead of Roxas in the presidential surveys?

Not only that. If Poe teams up with Roxas and the latter losses to Binay, who most likely will use his oodles of money to win for him, and who is still more popular than Roxas, whether one likes it or not, would the incorruptible Poe feel comfortable working with the allegedly corrupt Binay, or would they be at loggerheads all the time, which will not be advantageous for the country?

Where the country is now, we do not need a traditional politician to succeed President Aquino. It will only set us back and forsake the gains of nation building attained by an incorruptible leader.

Therefore, the candidacy of Poe for president in 2016 will not only assure the Filipinos that the have voted for the office the right person, but voting for Poe will also ensure a lot more of benefits for the country and its people.

Binay could still win if continues to stay in Aquino cabinet

President Aquino, Vice President Binay and Interior Secretary Roxas

President Aquino, Vice President Binay and Interior Secretary Roxas

This is payback time for President Benigno Aquino (PNoy) to anoint Interior Secretary Mar Roxas as his presidential bet for the 2016 elections. It cannot be somebody else and there could be no other way.

PNoy owe it to Roxas for stepping aside in 2010, heeding the clamor from the people that they wanted him to be the LP standard bearer with Roxas as his running mate instead.

It would not have mattered much if Roxas became the elected vice president, but dejectedly he lost to Jejomar Binay.

Thus, for the 2016 presidential race, PNoy has to be gentleman enough to do what Roxas did for him in 2010.

As Roxas showed his “ability to sacrifice”, so should PNoy now show his “ability to recognize” Roxas’ worth as a member of his cabinet and as an excellent presidential material who is apt to continue his “tuwid na daan” (straight path) advocacy.

The question now, however, is if PNoy’s endorsement of Roxas will translate to the latter clinching the presidency in 2016?

We all know how Roxas is faring in the presidential surveys compared to others and especially against his former nemesis, now Vice President Binay, despite the latter’s woes on corrupt practices.

So how could Roxas turn around his chances of winning against Binay?

The only way Roxas could trounce Binay is if and when the former will muster enough courage to tell Aquino that Binay is one cabinet member that does not reflect his “tuwid na daan” advocacy because of the serious corruption charges he is facing and should therefore be given the door.

The LP stalwarts are saying that whomever PNoy endorses for the presidency will win, but I don’t think this will apply even to Roxas, if PNoy continues to keep Binay under his wings, too.

Whichever way one looks at it Roxas continues to be a loser against Binay, but not if PNoy axes Binay and the people will construe it as PNoy exhibiting a political will.

But then, endorsing Roxas and keeping Binay in the cabinet is simply PNoy’s political stratagem. He will not do the unthinkable. He will simply wait that Binay will decide on his own to quit his cabinet and thank PNoy for ever everything – including trust and confidence. This way there is no bad blood between them.

Whoever wins PNoy will forever be ensured of a quiet, court case-free life after his presidency.

Binay desperate for a running mate


Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

After a lull of more than two weeks due to what PLDT people described as a major network problem, am glad to be back writing.

Not that I missed it, but I feel obliged to contribute my ideas, feelings and belief, for whatever it is worth, especially on issues concerning the despicable presidential yearning of Vice President Jejomar Binay, despite the dirty and scandalous deep hole he is mired in.

The latest report saying that he is considering Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as his running mate in the 2016 elections is very timely and has given me something to write about Binay again.

I am sure Duterte was never in the mind of Binay to be his running mate before, for the reason that Duterte is and has always been floated as a presidential timber in his own right.

There is no doubt that Binay acknowledges the intimidating presidential candidacy of Duterte and the latter also knows his popularity, for many are urging him to run, so there is no way that Binay could just downgrade Duterte to be his running mate.

So what is behind Binay’s absurd plan of courting Duterte?

Absurd it may be, but for one so desperate to become president, nothing is ridiculous for as long as it will propel him to the seat of power in Malacañang.

What Binay is doing is luring Duterte to his camp, believing that he is well ahead of the race, but like Sen. Grace Poe, Duterte knows that the presidency cannot be won by one flaunting an administrative experience in running a province or a big city, but rather by one who is incorruptible, which Binay is anything but.

As Poe has turned down Binay’s offer to be his running mate, so will Duterte reject Binay’s courting of him to be his vice presidential nominee.

Both Poe and Duterte are seeing the writings on the wall.

Both have better chances of winning on their own than associating with Binay whose acceptance and trust ratings will continue to plummet unless he can get out from the damning corruption muck heaped upon him and clear his name convincingly in front of the public.

Until then the awaken Filipinos will continue to perceive Binay as a corrupt politician not worthy of their trust and confidence to become the country’s leader starting in 2016 and continue the political, social and economic reforms that are making headways and acknowledged by the world community.

Let us keep the momentum going for the country by keeping Binay and his ilk out of the 2016 presidential race.

Pacquiao’s recklessness contributed to his unfortunate defeat

pacman2I do not know why Manny Pacquiao’s defeat against Floyd Mayweather continues to be raging like wild fire in the media.

We have practically read and heard all there is to be processed in our minds about what happened and all points out that Manny just did not live up to the expectations of his followers and supporters.

Yes, every Filipino wanted the Pacman to gobble up the arrogant Mayweather, and gobble him up badly too, and it showed that he could, the way he trained and the way he carried himself, with all that calmness and confidence.

Yet, the encounter that was dubbed the ‘Battle for Greatness’ did not live up to the hype as Pacquiao was beaten, to the dismay of many Filipino fans.

Now Pacquiao is claiming ‘sabotage’ by the Nevada Athletic Commission for his unfortunate defeat.

Was he really or did he purposely gamble by putting himself in peril knowing that he had a delicate shoulder injury?

Even if Pacquiao was given a numbing injection during the fight, still it wasn’t a guarantee that he could have beaten Mayweather.

Why? It is simply because the injury, as serious as it has been found out, could have worsen with the numbness doing more harm than good by using the right arm forcefully in trying to stop Mayweather.

As intelligent a boxer that Mayweather is, and with his fast hands, there was just no way that Pacquiao could have beaten him, especially with the Filipino having a shoulder injury that rendered him less effective even at earning points, but much less by putting the American down.

Even at the outset, many were already predicting that the only way Pacquiao could win convincingly over Mayweather is if the Filipino will stop him in his tracks.

Let us stop accusing Mayweather of running and hugging and whatever tricks he applied against Pacquiao for exacting victory. That was the strategy he had to employ against a fighter like Pacquiao and he did it effectively.

There is no doubt that Pacquiao fought valiantly, but with one of his lethal weapons incapacitated to inflict damage, victory for Pacquiao was remote.

Fighting Mayweather is the ultimate in Pacquiao’s boxing career. It was his crowning glory. As such, he should have thought it wisely that he should be in the greatest shape of his boxing career. Either he underestimated Mayweather’s skill or he overestimated his capabilities.

After all, Mayweather has been right all the time in describing Pacquiao as a reckless fighter.

In truth, it was not sabotage, but recklessness that contributed to Pacquiao’s unfortunate defeat.

A misguided ranting by Veloso’s mother against the government


The Veloso family

The Veloso family

I think we all can emphathize with the Veloso family with regards to the predicament of their daughter, Mary Jane, who was sentenced to die by firing squad in Indonesia a few days ago for alleged drug trafficking, when she was caught at the Yogyakarta airport in April 2010 with 2.6 kg of heroin wrapped in aluminum foil sewn into the sides of her suitcase, but at the last minute was given a reprieve.

Ignoring local and international outcry and prayers for mercy, it looked like the Filipina drug mule, like the eight other convicted drug traffickers, was never to see light again after they were brought to the Indonesian prison of Nusa Kambangan for their execution.

But for strange and sudden twist of fate, Mary Jane’s life was saved while the rest went on to die.

Although Mary Jane’s reprieve is a temporary dispensation granted by the Indonesian government, still to be given another lease in life is something to be blissful and thankful – most especially to the immediate family.

But why is it that instead of being appreciative and cognizant of the collective efforts, prayers and good intentions of so many for the stay of Mary Jane’s execution, the family, especially the mother, Celia, was ranting still about the inadequacies of government?

To me, what happened in 2010 when Mary Jane, because of utter necessity and naiveté, fall into the trap of evil people who used and made her a drug mule, she already had her future compromised, if not doomed. It became more certain when it happened in Indonesia.

Nothing could have been done then, and the Velosos should understand this.

It was Mary Jane’s fate to go this far in her personal trials and tribulations, when she was scheduled to die, because if not, there would not be a Maria Kristina Sergio to make appearances.

Needless to say that Sergio is Mary Jane’s saving grace for the moment.

It was only when Indonesian President Joko Widodo learned that Sergio was instrumental in Mary Jane’s incarceration that he started listening with interest to all concerned in the Philippines, most especially from the plea of his counterpart, President Benigno Aquino.

This, after Widodo has been reported meeting with Indonesia’s own local migrants rights advocates who told him how the case of Mary Jane is similar to some cases befalling their own migrant workers.

That being said, the Velosos, especially the mother, should stop criticizing the government and should show magnanimity instead to thank all and sundry for the reprieve given her daughter.

Giving credit to God for the timely intervention should even be better.

Legacy of a great fighter more important than legacy of a mediocre politician

manny1The Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather encounter will forever remain as the Filipino’s greatest fight in his illustrious boxing career.

It did not only take so many years in the making, but now that they are going to rumble, it is not only considered the richest in the history of boxing, but it is also described as the Fight of the Century.

Indeed it is a historic bout contended by two exciting boxers in the world today – Pacquiao, an 8-division world champion and Mayweather, a 5-divion world champion.

Both fighters are in the late 30s and with the prize-money between them raised so high up to the tune of an estimated $400M for their extraordinary prowess, at 60/40 split in favor of the American, it is only fitting that they end their careers while showing to the world which of them is or has been the best.

After this mega fight Pacquiao has nothing to prove anymore.

Win or lose, Pacquiao has fought the best there was in each of the division that he won making him a boxing icon. With his mastery, he has not only made himself world renown, but he has made the country proud.

Pacquiao’s legacy as a great boxing champion is secured. Not only that. He is considered a hero! His rag to riches story is really one for the books and all Filipinos hold him in high esteem.

This is how we should remember Pacquiao, and whatever worthy deeds he will be doing in the realm of sports when he finally retires from boxing. The development of Philippine sports is where he belongs and with his known distinction of being disciplined, diligent, determined, persevering and competitive, he will be a big boost to aspiring Filipino athletes.

Unfortunately, however, as early as a few years back, Pacquiao, to the dismay of many, has been lured by friends to enter the dirty world of Philippine politics where government positions are won not by one’s competence but by one’s popularity and the disposable wealth one has in his hands.

Pacquiao’s record in Congress clearly speaks volume of who he is as an elected representative of Sarangani Province. Having the worst attendance record in Congress, being present in only four of 70 session days in 2014, what kind of contribution can be expected of Pacquiao if he is among people supposedly making laws?

What is even worse now is that Pacquiao’s American promoter, Bob Arum, is trying to be the latest Pacquiao political spokesman, saying that his ward is going to run for the Senate in 2016 and for president in 2022.

I am sure that many political opportunists welcome Arum’s predictions, but only because they want to ride on Pacquiao’s popularity and can bank on Pacquiao’s financial assistance.

Talking about hidden agenda by some scandalous politicians!

Pacquiao during Church groundbreaking. (Photo courtesy of Phil Boxing .com)

Pacquiao during Church groundbreaking. (Photo courtesy of PhilBoxing .com)

I can only hope that even before Pacquiao’s own church, which he has called “The Word for Everyone”, is finished in General Santos, that he will be enlightened as to how he wants to proceed with his life.

“I want to leave behind a legacy of faith and a House of God. This is more self-fulfilling than my achievements in boxing and politics,” Pacquiao said.

Well and good, but what it is even better is if Pacquiao turns his back from politics so that his mediocre performance as a politician will not mar, but rather preserve for posterity his legacy of greatness in boxing and his unswerving faith in his new found religion.