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Binay’s SOMA


Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

There is no doubt it was only Vice President Jejomar Binay, his family and brownnoser friends who thought he delivered the True State of the Nation Address (TSONA).

In reality there was nothing truthful about what he reported. Nothing to brag about really that would stand out and put President Benigno Aquino (PNoy) down.

Why, where was Binay anyway the past five years? Wasn’t he a member of PNoy’s Cabinet who supported PNoy’s every move with neither a bang nor a whimper, and just because he did not get PNoy’s benediction to be his anointed successor he is now throwing everything at PNoy and his party everything but the kitchen sink? What an ingrate!

To me it was more like a State of Mind Address (SOMA) delivered by one so desperately fighting his own demons while dramatically trying to cover his own inadequacies by playing to the crowd to earn their sympathy.

What else could one do but question the state of mind of somebody fuming and ranting and vituperating against Pnoy and his administration, and even his prospective adversaries for the presidency, without naming names, when as vice president who has promised to make a TSONA, he should have given true facts and figures contradicting or disproving PNoy’s SONA?

Not to disrespect and dishonor the brave police special action forces (SAF) commandos who were massacred in Mamasapano, the only number he mentioned to those in attendance is the number 44, signifying the fallen troopers.

Yes, there is nothing wrong to mention the lapses that brought the SAF 44 troopers to their death, but why use them to grandstand your own political ambitions?

Binay even made it more melodramatic when he called their names one by one, after which he executed a lousy salute.

As much as I want to show respect to Binay, I just could not, knowing the serious corruption and plunder charges he is facing, which to this day he has not been able to extricate and clear himself from.

Yet, Binay has the arrogance and the nerve to go around telling people that he is a better leader than PNoy and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and Sen. Grace Poe and the others aiming for the presidency, when he knows very well that nobody can compare with his despicable nature. Even to his own name he is a disgrace: Jesus Jose Maria (Jejomar).

A delusion of grandeur is what Binay has, and that should be a concern for the electorate about his state of mind come 2016 presidential election.

It should be for love of country and not for personal glory

gracepoeI am talking of course about Sen. Grace Poe and her seemingly serious intention of running for president in 2016 election.

If Poe really has the interest of the country in mind, based on her statements and sentiments that are akin to the reasons why her father, the late Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ), run for president in 2004 but lost, then she should step back and think more deeply if the timing of her joining the presidential race in 2016 is right and advantageous for her.

The poll surveys have been showing her popularity and trust ratings high up there among the declared and perceived presidential candidates, but should these really be just her basis for running at this time?

If Poe agrees that, with President Benigno Aquino (PNoy) at the helm, the country is in good hands, then, what is the hurry, especially now that Interior Secretary Mar Roxas has been anointed by PNoy as the LP’s presidential candidate in 2016?

For supporting Roxas, PNoy believes that Roxas is the most qualified to succeed him at this time when his reforms and programs for good governance has to be sustained so the country could develop further and faster.

Does this mean that PNoy considers Poe an unworthy successor? Certainly not, and it is for this reason that he has been having a series of talks with her before Roxas’ endorsement, because the president wanted her to run as vice president first in order that she could gain more experience so she could serve the country better once her turn comes.

It is true that PNoy owes Roxas a favor for giving in to the people’s clamor in 2010 to let PNoy run instead and it is pay-back time now, but PNoy also realizes that while Poe leads in the presidential surveys, Roxas is much more equipped and ready for the job. What is important is that Poe can help Roxas’ acceptance ratings go up.

I am sure PNoy was thinking about what better training to prepare Poe for the presidency than to be Roxas’ running mate, considering that both Roxas and Poe, like PNoy, are of the same mold in working for the interest and love of country first before personal glory and gratification.

The difference, however, between today and the time FPJ run for president in 2004 is that the Arroyo administration then was so corrupt that it needed somebody popular and well-intentioned to defeat Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Unfortunately, and despite FPJ’s popularity, the infamous ‘Hello Garci’ tape ruined the famous actor’s dream of becoming president.

The political situation today does not call for a drastic change in the administration for the country is doing very well compared to that of Arroyo’s time.

On the contrary, the reason why PNoy wants Poe to accept and be Roxas’ running mate is to ensure that the country will continue to be in competent hands in 2016 and 12 years after, rather than see the presidency falling in the hands of another corrupt official who will only set us back falling again into the hole of muck where we had been for a long time.

This is how critical Sen. Poe’s role is in helping carry on the decent and respectable legacy PNoy is leaving off when he steps down in 2016.

Roxas needs veep that could raise his approval rating


PNoy endorsing Roxas as 2016 presidential bet.

PNoy endorsing Roxas as 2016 presidential bet.

As expected, President Benigno Aquino (PNoy) has finally announced his support for Interior Secretary Mar Roxas in the 2016 presidential election.

In truth, there is nobody more able, competent and ready to succeed PNoy, hitting the ground running even on its first day, than Roxas.

Even Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada has good words for Roxas, describing the latter “incorruptible and qualified”. Having used these adjectives to describe Roxas, obviously Erap could no longer or, more simply said, could not use and apply the same personal attributes to his friend, Vice President Jejomar Binay.

Erap’s first-hand knowledge stems from the fact that Roxas was his secretary of Trade and Industry from 2000 to 2003 during his presidency.

But, despite this apt description of Erap and many others in the Aquino government about Roxas, the sad reality is that PNoy’s anointed one lags behind badly among the 2016 presidential candidates in poll surveys.

I, for one, has been very skeptical about Roxas’ chances of winning even if he has the Liberal Party (LP) machinery in place. Somehow there is a disconnect between Roxas and some middle, but more of the lower classes of our society.

Though no fault of Mar, his being a Roxas, and having the bloodline of the Aranetas, seem to be factors that are generating negative results in the popularity and trust ratings in surveys conducted. The perception coming from this group of constituency could be that because one belongs to an aristocratic family that Mar will not care much for the poor.

Indeed, this is an unfair belief and expectation by some group of people on Mar. Unfortunately this is being taken advantage of and played up by the leading opposition candidate today.

Having said that, will Mar’s endorsement now by PNoy and the biggest political party, the LP, help him increase or improve his ranking in the poll ratings?

Perhaps, but not enough to overhaul Binay’s lead and harder even to catch up with Sen. Grace Poe’s, who has not even declared yet his candidacy, but is leading the pack in the presidential surveys.

What I am simply saying here is that for Roxas to top the surveys from here on, it is important and a must that whomever he chooses to be his running mate will have the competence to govern, the charisma to be on top of the vice presidential surveys and the eloquence to be able to convince the Filipino people coming from different group and classes in our society that the best man to succeed PNoy and continue pushing forward the “matuwid na daan” (straight path) policy of governance, sustaining the growth and progress already attained and acknowledged by the world community is nobody else but Mar Roxas.

Whoever Roxas’ veep may be, he or she must be popular enough and competent enough to carry, push Mar up and increase his approval and trust ratings.

And, please, don’t let it be Vilma Santos, for Chrissake! ! it is not her kind of popularity that I am talking about.

Otherwise, I will just go for Miriam, who has better chance of winning the presidency than Roxas has, and still be able to run the country effectively.

Iconic lion, Cecil, is dead

_84507008_cecil_running_thomasjoyceThe photos I am showing and sharing with you below are those of an animal ruffian named Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, USA, who has the penchant of hunting and killing beautiful wildlife animals in top game reservation areas. They are just few of the victims of his beastly hobby.

Better known as an American trophy hunter, Palmer’s prized kills before did not elicit an uproar, but when he deliberately snuffed the life of the iconic lion, Cecil, at Zimbabwe’s famous Hwange National Park, after paying $55,000 bribe to wildlife guides, an outpouring of anger ensued around the world, especially among the netizens, and for the right reasons.

Not only was Cecil brutally hunted, first by crossbow and 40 hours later (because the animal was still alive) the deathblow by a high-powered rifle, but he was also beheaded and skinned for the purpose of displaying later Cecil’s famous dark mane, and the carcass left to rot in the sun.

In fact according to Safari operators, Cecil, aged about 13, became an “iconic” animal sought after by many visitors to Hwange mainly because of his imposing figure, especially with his majestic and distinctive black mane that set him apart from the others.

At the time of his death, Cecil had with him a GPS collar, which was part of a University of Oxford research program in Hwange park, tracking his movements and to establish how lions live – their social behavior – including details on how they breed.

Lastly, I am also sharing with you a video clip of talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel, who I believe epitomizes the hurt and outrage felt by many of the world’s populace on Cecil’s untimely demise.








Palmer (L) with friend and latest victim, Cecil.

Palmer (L) with friend and latest victim, Cecil.



Save the country from the Marcoses

Sen. Ferdinand

Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos with mother, Rep. Imelda Marcos

If there was an administration in the country’s history that ushered the age of massive corruption, starting from the seat of power in Malacañang and down to all levels of the bureaucracy, the one that lasted for 20 goddamn years under the iron-hand leadership of the despot, President Ferdinand Marcos Sr., beats them all.

Worst even is that when the Marcoses were booted out of the Malacañang palace and disgracefully sent out packing into exile, they left the government coffers empty, plundering the nation’s wealth.

This is the long and short of the country’s history of corruption that continues to be carried out until today. What was done with impunity then continues to exist today in different schemes except that no leader has attempted to do a Marcos, which is putting the nation again under Martial Law.

But, who really knows?

The Marcoses are back in power with the matriarch, Imelda, a willing accomplice in those goddamn 20 years, strutting at the Lower House of Congress and the son and namesake of the dictator, better known as Bongbong, grandstanding at the Senate floor.

Having experienced an ignominious past, a lesson has been learned such that the same mistake will not be committed by any of them again.

But that is not my issue with the mother and son tandem in Congress, much less the mother for she is in her sunset years. The son, however, has so much years ahead of him and if given the chance to lead this country, will try, not only to brainwash the Filipino people and justify the great deeds of that the latter’s remains could be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani cemetery, but also recover expensive and exotic jewelries, which were once owned by Imelda, that are now kept by the government inside a vault, not to mention the several expensive paintings taken away from them.

There is no wonder why Imelda has not mince words about her wish to see her son run for president sometime in the future, although Bongbong remains coy about his political plans for 2016 elections.

That the Marcoses have been forgiven by many Filipinos and accepted back to the fold, and in fact have been given back their political clout, is enough consideration for me. But, to be placed in that position where Bongbong will be reminding us about the greatness and nobleness of his father, that is simply an insult to our intelligence and our sense of history, and, therefore unacceptable.

Like his father, Bongbong is smart and the reason why he will not acquiesce to Vice President Jejomar Binays invitation to be his running mate or join the presidential race in 2016 is because both are losing propositions at this time. Running with Binay will only bring back anew the ugly memories of his father’s corrupt regime, and the association will forever ruin his political ambitions to be president. On the other hand, running for the presidency this early is bad timing as there are still many that are alive who loathe the Marcoses like a deadly plague.

I am reprinting here an excerpt of what Bongbong said at the Asia CEO Talks recently because this is what I mean when I said that he will be indoctrinating and influencing us no end about his father’s greatness if we elect him to be the country’s leader: “We need a leader who will restore in all Filipinos the lost sense of pride in themselves and pride in being citizens of the Republic of the Philippines. We had at some point in our history that pride. We seem to have gone astray and have lost it.”

That history is about the dictator’s regime, of course, and nobody else.

Pride, my ass!!

PNoy’s last SONA

President Benigno Aquino delivering his last SONA.

President Benigno Aquino delivering his last SONA.

Being President Benigno Aquino’s (PNoy) last State of the Nation Address (SONA), it is only proper that the event should be viewed and assessed objectively on how he has done as the president of the country.

It was not therefore surprising that he has to dig again at the Arroyo administration, from whom he took over the reins of power, because it is where PNoy’s administration and governance story start.

Many may fault PNoy for doing so, but the fact is that, in any endeavor, the past is what is used as a criterion as to how one would want to proceed.

We all know how it was during the Arroyo administration and what has become of the former president. This is important to mention because the transition from a dismal performance of one government cannot easily be corrected or righted by the succeeding administration.

That is why sometimes we say that six years is too short for a long president, and too long for a bad and corrupt president.

Having said that, the video clips shown and the testimonies given by different personalities relative to the progress, growth, gains and benefits achieved and received are information, affirmations and substantiations on how far this country has gone despite the anomalies committed by the previous administration.

What is encouraging about PNoy’s SONA is that the nation’s performance under his leadership is being acknowledged and recognized not only by the different international financial and economic agencies, but also by the world community in general.

Advocating, believing and making the ‘daang matuwid’ or the straight path as his cornerstone of good governance, PNoy was able to gain the admiration and respect of the world leaders.

There is no doubt that the straight path is the right path to take as evidenced by the progress the country is doing by way of interest both local and international investors are showing and the manner other nations are willing to help us.

Achieving at last peace and stability in southern Philippines, especially with the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), is an important undertaking by PNoy’s administration that should be supported by all, for it will not only improve the quality of life in the region, but will make the Philippines a more cohesive and a stronger nation.

It is for these reasons that the Filipinos find themselves today at the crossroad of determining and deciding who to succeed PNoy in 2016 so that the reforms for good governance will continue to be implemented, the mantra of ‘daang matuwid’ will continue to be chanted and the establishment of the BBL political entity in Mindanao will be realized.

It is too bad that PNoy’s political adversaries, specifically Vice President Jejomar Binay, who is facing plunder charges for his corrupt practices as a government official, think that he could do better if he succeeds PNoy.

In fact Binay says that he is going to make a truthful SONA himself because PNoy’s was laced with lies.

For one who is having a hidden agenda of his own, Binay is sure to have had already a false impression or perception of what PNoy had to report to the nation.

Only those who truly care for the nation can appreciate PNoy’s SONA.

Is PNoy faultless?

Of course not, especially the way he protect friends like former PNP chief Alan Purisima. Do you wonder then why the Mamasapano incident was not mentioned in the SONA? That is who PNoy is, but do we have to put more weight on his personal indiscretions when political and economic successes in his governance far outweighs them?

Despite his personal recklessness, the saving grace is that PNoy was man enough to ask for understanding if mistakes were committed by his administration, which can only be translated, obviously, as saying that the buck stops with him.

What PNoy has assured the Filipinos in his SONA is that he is not corrupt and that it was important that for the county to move forward and develop further, the one to succeed him must not only be corrupt, but should also follow the straight path program of governance to sustain what he has started and nurtured the past five years of his administration.

Amazing rescue of a stuck killer whale on jagged rocks

orcaSharing with you this story from the The Weather Network website written by Digital Reporter, Katie Jones, accompanied with heart-warming photos, courtesy of Whale Point/Facebook, about the amazing rescue of an orca that wasn’t fast enough, and maybe not too intelligent enough yet, to swim out as tide was getting low. What made it even doubly difficult for the largest member of the dolphin family with a prominent dorsal fin is that it was stuck on a pile of jagged rocks.

Beached orca saved after hours on land in northern B.C.

Friday, July 24, 2015, 8:44 AM – A killer whale stranded onshore is back swimming in the sea thanks to the fast-thinking efforts of volunteers and researchers on the North Coast of British Columbia.

On Wednesday, an orca was spotted stuck on a pile of jagged rocks at low tide near Hartley Bay, a First Nations community south of Prince Rupert.

Members of a local group known as Cetacean Lab raced to the spot where the whale had been discovered by a colleague while he was out on his boat earlier that morning.

Unable to physically move the whale back into the water, rescuers found a way to bring the water to the whale.


orca2            Orca stranded on rocks at low tide in Hartley Bay. Courtesy of Whale Point/Facebook

“We decided the best thing to do would be to keep her cool, that meant to put water on her body,” said Hermann Meuter, a co-founder of Cetacean Lab, in an interview with the CBC.

The group draped the orca’s body with soaked towels and blankets in order to keep her wet and cool. Eric Keen, who initially discovered the beached cetacean, created a makeshift hose in order to pump a steady stream of water from the bay.

The orca cried often as the team went about their work, likely signalling to the rest of her pod waiting in the water nearby.

orca3Volunteers wet towels and blankets in order to keep the orca cool and wet. Courtesy of Whale    Point/Facebook

orca4 Rescuers use buckets and a makeshift hose to keep the orca hydrated. Courtesy of Whale    Point/Facebook

With the help of members from the World Wildlife Foundation and local group Guardians of Hartley Bay, volunteers were finally able to calm the distressed whale.

“It was a team effort, and fortunately on some level this transient orca understood that we were trying to help,” read a post on Cetacean Lab’s Facebook page.

As the day wore on the tide began to rise, and by approximately 4 p.m. PDT, the orca was able to free herself and return to the open water after more than eight hours stuck on land.

orca5The orca finally able to get free and swim away during high tide. Courtesy of Whale Point/Facebook

She quickly rejoined her pod, suffering a few scrapes on her body and tail fin from the sharp rocks.

As the whale was tagged, researchers onsite were able to positively identify the rescued orca as a nine-year-old female.