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Unapologetic Marcos insults Filipinos


Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

Perhaps the young generation of Filipinos has to earnestly sit down and take time reading history books about the twenty years rule of the Marcos regime that ended with the dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. and his family being run after and ousted from the country by its angry citizens.

Using the internet will make it even more fulfilling, interesting, compelling and appreciating because of the many articles written and compiled during the Marcos years that started with great promise, but unfortunately finished leaving many Filipinos in misery and the country plundered.

I am recommending that the review of the past and dark Marcos regime be done because the son, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., who is bent on following his father’s footsteps by eyeing the highest office of the land, seems to be taking advantage of the existence of the younger generation by making them believe that the imposition of Martial Law, which led to two decades of widespread and brutal rule and where critics and political opponents were either jailed, abducted or killed by his minions, was justifiable and that there is nothing to apologize about.

Well, if Bongbong’s mother, Imelda, who is now an Ilocos Norte congresswoman and a living testament of the abuses and atrocities of her husband, has not apologized for what is better (bitter?) known as their conjugal dictatorship, who is the son to express remorse?

What is even more repulsive and insulting about being unapologetic is the fact that, because the family is back in power politically and has clout, they seem to presume that it was a grave mistake sending them to exile and that it was the Filipino people who should atone for that misjudgment.

Bongbong was quoted saying: “But will I say sorry for the thousands and thousands of kilometers that were built (during my father’s time)? Will I say sorry for the agricultural policy that brought us to self-sufficiency in rice? Will I say sorry for the power generation? Will I say sorry for the highest literacy rate in Asia? What (am I) to say sorry about?”

Yes, these are noble accomplishments for the country and its people, but what good did it bring at the end when the very people the former president turned dictator was sworn to serve and protect were persecuted and tyrannized?

It is for this reason that the young Marcos is waging nothing more evident than a political psywar to influence the thinking, belief and emotions of the youth who are far detached from the years of how martial law impacted on the earlier generation of Filipinos.

In fact, the way I look at it is that the Marcoses are in government today not exactly to serve the people, but more to immortalize the deeds of their disgraced father and try to regain what they perceived as the dictator’s past glory so they could give him back his good name and accord him a hero’s burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

This of course, and without doubt, being able also to retrieve the wealth in different manner, shape and form they were hounded for and taken away from them by government with the help of the world community.

Enrile bail and ‘balikbayan’ boxes inspection are both unfair

Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile

Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile

The recent decision granting bail to Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile on humanitarian grounds and the latest announcement of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) to open up ‘balikbayan’ boxes for inspection in a bid to curb the smuggling of taxable goods are two acts that do not really sit well to many Filipinos who wants government to do the right things.

What I mean is that we seemed to have been making the right move by asking people to avoid the mistake of voting into office corrupt presidential and vice presidential candidates during the 2016 elections so that whatever development and growth the country has undergone can be sustained and even made faster and loftier.

We all welcome the positive direction the country is heading brought about by political will with the most noted corrupt legislators being detained for their involvement in the scandalous pork barrel scam, this, after no less than the chief justice of the Supreme Court (SC) had been impeached.

But with Enrile now stepping out free from hospital arrest for humanitarian consideration, being old and ailing, and not for any legal grounds, surely smack of deception, double-dealing and mockery of justice.

Note that Enrile is being charged with, supposedly, a non-bailable offense of graft and plunder for allegedly receiving kickbacks in the P10-billion pork barrel scam, but has posted a P1.4-million bail that the SC justices upheld.

So, are we saying now that if one is old and ailing, but does not have the money to pay for his release, like the many that are languishing in jail today who are even more deserving of freedom, that that person will rot in jail while the rich gets freed?

What is even worse is that Enrile is being harnessed back to work, as if we miss him in the senate.

If Enrile is old and ailing and the SC is really bent on twisting the law to favor the rich, then why not just let him go home to be taken care of by family and fade away, instead of his presence in the senate constantly reminding the people what money and clout can do to regain one’s freedom and seat despite advanced age and failing health?

Talking about an injustice and an ugly precedent that will certainly open the doors to freedom for Enrile’s cohorts/disciples, Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla.

Another unfair treatment that many Filipinos are about to experience is what the BOC wants to do with the ‘balikbayan’ boxes sent by oversea workers for their families.

On the pretext that it will save money for the government coffers, some BOC officials want the boxes opened up and inspected in case some contrabands are found together with the goodies being sent to their loved ones.

Of course there will be contrabands, like brand new items, being sent because one could not just keep on sending used items, for chrissake! Would that be considered a crime?

How about asking these gung-ho customs officials to put themselves in the shoe of every OFWs, who are fighting all kinds of adversities abroad just so they could improve the quality of life his or her family is having in the country, if they themselves will be happy to have members of their family deprived of new, good, useful things that they never experienced having before?

Seeing the happy faces of your love ones and hearing their appreciation for the things sent is enough prize being out there working your butt off. It is the most that one can do in place of one’s absence – their happiness and well-being are yours to enjoy, too, despite the pangs of loneliness suffered by both sides.

That is all there is to it.

The problem with some customs officials is that they think that, like them, the OFWs are corrupt, too.

Well, if the customs people will only do their job the way God intends them to do and the way people expects them to pursue, going after big time smugglers and unscrupulous businessmen without fear or favor, they will not only earn the respect of the people as an honest agency of government, but will also be reaping honors for helping government make money.

The ‘balikbayan’ boxes should be acknowledged as symbols of sweat and tears and should not be tampered with.

Give the OFWs a break!!!

Trillanes wrong in thumbing down Roxas as “daang matuwid”


Senator Antonio Trillanes

Senator Antonio Trillanes

Except for his being a staunch critic of Vice President Jejomar Binay, and for a good reason he is doing it, Sen. Antonio Trillanes gets my applause. Other than that he is far from being my political idol. He is so puffed up that one will immediately notice it in his stance, wherever he goes and whatever he does, and it is just so abhorring.

I don’t blame Trillanes for showing utmost loyalty to President Benigno Aquino (PNoy), after all, his association with a popular president not only helped him get elected as senator, but he also saw his nemesis, former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, imprisoned.

Thus, it is understandable that Trillanes’ loyalty to PNoy and the Liberal Party (LP) ends when Interior Secretary Mar Roxas becomes the standard bearer of the party in the presidential election in 2016.

In fact Trillanes has thumbed down Roxas as a “daang matuwid” (straight path) candidate, saying, that the “daang matuwid” defined the term of PNoy while Roxas only represented the Liberal Party.

“To be fair to Secretary Mar Roxas, he’s a decent man. I believe hindi siya corrupt. But what he represents is the Liberal Party. Basically, ang kanilang programa or plataporma ay pagpapatuloy ng nangyayari ngayon. Yung ‘tuwid na daan’ kasi, si Presidente Aquino lang ‘yun. Pero yung Liberal Party per se, I don’t see myself being part of that,” Trillanes said.

(To be fair to Secretary Mar Roxas, he’s a decent man. I believe that he is not a corrupt official. But what he represents is the Liberal Party. Basically, they aim to continue the status quo. President Aquino is the only ‘tuwid na daan.’ I don’t see myself being part of the Liberal Party.)

How wrong could Trillanes be to think that he is a significant cog of the LP, and how presumptuous can he be to suggest to the LP officials that he not be considered as Roxas’ possible running mate.

Trillanes should remember that for almost six years now Roxas has been complementing PNoy, in words and deeds, the idea and the advancement of the “tuwid na daan” policy in governance. What this simply means is that Roxas believes in this advocacy as a foundation for a nation to progress. So why deprive Roxas of this means if it is an excellent vehicle for sustaining the growth and moving the country forward?

Trillanes must be reminded what the duck test is all about relative to PNoy and Roxas. It is usually expressed this way: “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

PNoy and Roxas are one and the same in the way they want to lead the country and it is for this reason that Roxas was anointed to run and succeed PNoy for the “tuwid na daan” to continue being the battle cry.

So let Roxas continue what PNoy has started and let Trillanes do what he thinks is best for him.

OVP is rated the worst among government agencies


VP Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

OVP is of course the Office of the Vice-President and the findings was the result of the 2015 Makati Business Club (MBC) Executive Outlook Survey relative to performances among government agencies.

Media reports said that survey results showed the OVP rank plunging to 64 from 33 rank in the previous 2014 survey. Its net score was negative 76.3 with dissatisfaction rating at a high of 88.1 and a satisfaction rating of11.9 only.

Whatever the essence of the survey is, the fact remains that this was an evaluation or appraisal done among business executives of the MBC who have knowledge of and keenly aware on how the different government agencies are performing and, perhaps, affecting their own respective businesses, directly or indirectly.

There could not have been a better assessment about the unfavorable performance of the OVP than what MBC executive director Peter Angelo V. Perfecto said: “Considering the huge drop from 2014, this certainly reflects the concern of businessmen over the corruption charges against the Vice President and his son, who is the mayor of Makati.”

“Corruption has always been a priority concern for doing business in the Philippines. Hence [business expects the VP, as the second-highest leader of the land], to also lead the fight against corruption and not be a party to it.”

For us, ordinary citizens, who are print media readers, radio and TV listeners/viewers and internet users, we could not agree more to Perfecto’s reckoning.

As expected this dismal performance rating given to the OVP by the MBC was frowned upon by Binay and his cohorts, and which generated a stinging reply from Joey Salgado, head of the OVP’s media affairs, directed at MBC members, saying: “With all due respect, 67 wealthy businessmen in Makati cannot represent the sentiment of our people nationwide. They cannot be expected to give a true and objective assessment of the performance of all government agencies, most especially the OVP.”

“We know for a fact that there are MBC members with long-held biases against the Vice President and his family. Then there are MBC officials like its executive director who were present at the anointment of Secretary Mar Roxas as Pnoy’s (President Benigno Aquino III’s) chosen one.”

Salgado said the MBC members have also “profited from this administration’s economic policy that embraces the rich and excludes the poor” and that they want to continue “the inequality under an administration that is pro-business.”

One will notice how politics is immediately interjected and played up.

As vice-president, what is it really that Binay did in his five years, now going six, that made an impact to the vital many Filipinos and not just the trivial few like, as Salgado claims, “serving the poor who have no money for medicines or payment in hospitals as well as families of overseas Filipino workers who have no capacity to get lawyers.”?

But aren’t all of these gestures of attending to the needs of some of the OFWs also tainted with politics with his burning ambition to become president one day, which he is actively doing now?

Or to put it more bluntly, hasn’t Binay used the OVP more on political campaigning than anything else because that is what all matters to him?

MBC’s worst-performing rating accorded to the OVP must be taken constructively and it is a signal saying that it should start proving that, as an important agency, it should do its share of complementing the presidency in nation building by helping the greater number of people attain better quality of life through example of honest, productive work by its leader and not through corrupt practices.

Mas refranes sabios (More wise sayings)



Life is like an echo…
What you give, you get
What you sow, you reap
What you see in others, is your own reflection
Life is like an echo
You always get back what what you give.


It is not important how many sacred words you have read,
It does not matter how many you have said,
They are of no use if you do not act in accordance with them.


A good heart is the best religion.


When the last tree would have been cut,
the last river poisoned,
the last fish caught,
only then will man discover that money cannot be eaten.


If you have a problem without a solution,
why do you worry?
If it has a solution,
why do you worry?

UNA spooked by foundling candidate


unaEver since Sen. Grace Poe’ popularity started soaring as the people’s preferred presidential bet in 2016 elections, Vice President Jejomar Binay and his minions in the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) have never stopped doing demolition job on Poe’s persona.

Poe was not only harshly discredited as being a foundling or an abandoned infant that has been discovered and cared for by others, but her competency was also questioned, she being assailed as inexperienced.

Not content with these cruel and malicious personal and political destruction, UNA spokesperson went further vituperating about Poe’s citizenship and issuing unflattering insinuations that she is a drunk.

Still not satisfied with the hard time they have been giving Poe, here comes another deleterious attack coming from UNA doubting whether the adoption of Poe went through the correct legal process.

Apparently, after researching for more prejudicial issues against Poe, they found out that while the latter’s birth certificate indicated her birth date as September 3, 1968, her adoptive parents, actors Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces, however, were not married at the time, having gotten married three months later yet.

One can only deduce from these, how spooked Binay and his factotums are of Poe in the 2016 presidential race, and to think that Poe has not even declared yet her candidacy.

It is simply incredible how a poor foundling who has been loved and raised to become well educated, intelligent, moral and upright person, elected senator of the realm, and now identified to be the most preferred presidential contender in surveys is striking terror into Binay’s presidential ambition!

Binay, of course, understands that whether or not Poe runs for the presidency or slides down to the vice presidency, her clout will continue to have a negative impact on his candidacy.

All these low blows that Binay and his mouthpieces have been hitting Poe are only unmasking them on how scandalous, scheming and despicable they all are and they will do everything to destroy Poe’s reputation, but fortunately to no avail.

Living longer for a reason

1439221101_World-War-890x395-620x330This is a moving story of a 92-year-old Italian mother who had a deep, dark secret that happened in WWII, which she kept to herself.

She was then a young woman from Novellara, a small village in northern Italy, who worked in Germany during the war and got herself pregnant by a married German soldier.

According to media reports, after she gave birth, the father’s family took the baby forcibly, named her Margot Bachmann and raised her in Germany.

Growing up the little girl was told her biological mother was Italian, but that she had died during the war.

It was in fact a lie, or a supposition, at best, for nobody in the family really knew the truth.

Bachmann, now 71, must have been longing to know more about her mother all these years, such that when her father died last year, she decided to search her through the International Tracing Service (ITS), a German center for WWII documentation.

With the help and corroboration of the Italian Red Cross, the ITS discovered that Bachmann’s mother was still alive and the two were reunited soon after.

“When I began to look into the whereabouts of my mother to find out a little more, I never imagined that I would one day be able to hug her,” Bachmann told Il Quotidiano newspaper.

“My father had forbidden me from looking for her, but after his death and thanks to the wonderful help of my own daughter, I have found her.”

Italian Red Cross spokeswoman Laura Bastianetto, who has present at the reunion, described it as “a small miracle”.

“It is rare for a mother and daughter to find each other after 71 years, it’s far more common for brothers and sisters to be reunited as there are so few World War II survivors,” she said.

Perhaps Bachmann’s mother had anticipated this to happen, that if she will not initiate finding about her daughter, that it will be her daughter trying hard looking for her, and all she had to do was live longer.