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China still a winner despite arbitral tribunal’s favorable ruling


Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr.

Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay

Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay’s pronouncement as ‘a great and resounding victory’ the arbitral tribunal’s favorable ruling in our dispute with China on the country’s claim of the West Philippine Sea is, to my mind, ambiguous at best and a sham at worst.

How can the country claim victory when China not only disrespects and dishonors the arbitral body and its decision but more significantly has not move an inch away from our own exclusive economic zone, which the country has the sovereign rights to explore and exploit, conserve and manage the natural resources, whether living or non-living, etc.

What is even disadvantageous is that China has not stop developing and strengthening militarily the disputed area, all to our dismay.

Most wanting yet is that the rich fishing grounds where our fisher folks used to go for a living continues to be off limits to them.

Yes, they call it a historic ruling by the arbitral tribunal but what impact has it made on the foreign powers, most notably the United States?

Nothing! Why? Because there is nothing the Western powers can really do directly about it. That is the long and short of it.

Yet Yasay says, “We are also getting the pressure on the part of the international community to urge China to precisely respect and recognize the decision of the arbitral tribunal. This pressure on the part of the international community is building up.”

If the most powerful country in the world and its allies can’t compel China to honor the decision of the arbitral tribunal, who are we to bulldoze this giant nation?

“We are trying to make China understand, especially when the dust settles, that unless they respect and recognize the arbitral tribunal, they will be the losers at the end of the day on this matter,” Yasay said in a congressional budget hearing.

Losers or is it that China just don’t give a damn and continue to have their aggressive winning ways?

For how else one should interpret what the Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua said in an interview with reporters on this matter:  “We cannot accept the arbitration award but we do look forward to talk to the Philippines bilaterally of the troubles we have.”

That is the reality we and the rest of the world have to contend with.

Great relief for WWII Filipino veterans


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

“Those who are not paid by the previous administrations, actually all of them, for release is P4.7 billion for the payment for the total administrative disability (TAD) arrears for widows of deceased World War II veterans and AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines] retirees who are 80 years old and above,” President Rodrigo Duterte said in in speech delivered at the Libingan ng mga Bayani for National Heroes Day.

This, indeed, is music to the ears of veterans and AFP retirees, who lamentably are way into their sunset years, and/or their sacrificing widows.

But it would have been a more beautiful music and a consequential event had it been given when many could have still availed of it together with their spouses.

Alas, it took a veteran, a retiree or their widows to reach the dotage of the 80s before they could avail of their benefits!

That alone is a measure of how insensible and unmindful the past presidents have been to the plight of Filipino veterans and retirees or their widows.

If Duterte, who just recently observed his 50 days in office as president, was able to work these benefits expeditiously for the beneficiaries, why wasn’t this done earlier by the previous leaders?

It must have been a great relief to the beneficiaries when Duterte announced that a total of P4.7 billion will released as arrears for Armed Forces of the Philippines and widows of World War II veterans where P3.5 billion are meant for the widows and P1.2 for the military retirees.

From one veteran of foreign war to my esteemed compatriot veterans, I can only say this: A big disservice has been done. It is very possible that delaying or stalling the release of these benefits may have hastened the death of many veterans and retirees or their spouses. The financial assistance was not there when they needed it most for medicines and/or hospitalization.

That is the sad reality of it and past administrations can only be blamed for the beneficiaries’ woes – their corruptness and lack of political will.

It took an unorthodox president like Duterte to have this unimaginable amount of money to be released and be made used for whatever years is left of the beneficiaries. He knows that the country does not lack the funds that will benefit the greater number of ageing patriotic Filipinos, the poor and the marginalized.

It is late, but this where the saying, “better late than never” is appropriately applied.

Thank you, Mr. President, for your understanding and compassion.


Duterte’s war on drugs paving way for bullish economy


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte only recently got appraised on his 50th day in office and while his bloody campaign against illegal drugs became the fodder for media nobody can deny, however, that we may be seeing the turn-around of the country for the better.

It looks like trust and confidence in Duterte’s leadership among Filipinos has even grown stronger because he is doing exactly what he promised to do if elected, which was to waged war against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption.

Not only has Duterte consolidated his political power in congress but he seem to be getting also the support of practically all sectors of Philippine society, even some ranking officials of the Catholic church, because they have all seen the seriousness and determination of his resolve to put an end to the ills that have been plaguing the country all these years so it could start moving forward towards economic growth and development.

While the Duterte administration is busy conducting a violent and highly controversial anti-drugs campaign, the president has not lost sight of the fact that peace and stability are important factors for a country’s sustained growth and development, thus, his initiative to be in harmony with the communists and the Muslim rebels in Mindanao.

This gesture of promoting friendship, reconciliation, unity and smoking the peace pipe is very much welcomed by the business community which is now foreseeing a surge in new investments by local and foreign nationals.

Other factors that are giving the business sector a positive outlook for the future is the government’s plan to start immediately prioritizing infrastructure spending and cutting of red tapes.

That Duterte has asked congress for an emergency power to address the horrendous traffic problem in Manila is an added boost to the morale of the businessmen.

In May, Duterte told the country’s main telecom providers to speed up the internet, or he would junk laws that prohibit foreign competition.

Duterte’s economic plan also includes lowering corporate and income taxes.

While the outside world may be critical of the killings following Duterte’s war against illegal drugs, it has in no way affected the economic performance of the country.

Only recently the government announced that the Philippine economy grew at 7 per cent in the second quarter from a year earlier, its highest level in three years. It makes the Philippines the fastest growing among all countries that have reported so far for the second quarter.

It has been reported that the mainstays of the economy – remittances and the outsourcing sector – are flourishing and boosting domestic consumption.

What this means simply is that Duterte is leading this country in the right direction, regardless of how many are killed in his war against drugs or whether he has called the US ambassador gay or he has ruffled the feathers of the UN by calling some members stupid.

That is the long and short of it.

Honeymoon over for Duterte and netizens


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

Whether the heading is made as a statement or a question I think the response of many will still be either negating it or disagreeing with it.

I still would like to think that President Rodrigo Duterte is leading this nation in the right direction and many are still behind him.

If Duterte’s attack on Sen. Leila de Lima as an ‘immoral’ person and an illegal drug cartel beneficiary drew the ire of a number of individuals or groups of people, especially those against sexism, then I would like to believe that they are simply expressing their rights on that particular issue and does not mean that they are now turning their backs on Duterte’s overall program and aspirations for the country.

One should understand by now who Duterte is and if he seems to go overboard on some issues I think it is simply because he is a bullheaded advocate of unrestrained candor, transparency and bluntness the way he has been known for and got respected as mayor of Davao City.

Duterte is one scrupulous dude who is fearless, who is his own boss, who is beholden to nobody but the Filipino people and who calls spade a spade regardless of who you are for as long as it serves the interest of the country.

That is who Duterte is and the realization of the enormity of the country’s problem in terms of drugs, corruption and criminality is what makes him passionately engaged to the extent that it does not matter to him anymore if he is up against a public official, an oligarch, a scum or the head of the UN.

Either you are with him or you are against him.

That is the long and short of it.

One thing going for Duterte is that he is a lawyer and he knows his law and because of this factor it makes the people all the more confident that he knows whereof he speaks.

Duterte may have his own issues of transgressions as a married man but people turned a blind eye about it anyway and made him an overwhelming choice for the presidency, so why the unnecessary furor about his attacks on de Lima?

Not because Duterte is now president that he is prohibited already from exacting revenge at de Lima for what she did to him when she accused the then Davao City mayor as being connected the DDS, Davao Death Squad, which to this day remains unproven.

Payback time and more is all there is to it!

Duterte’s 50 days in office


50 daysI have seen Philippine presidents come and go and got a little excited in two, namely, Ferdinand Marcos and Cory Aquino as prospects who could make a difference and propel this country to greatness.

Alas, what we saw and witness in their presidency is that one was successful in destroying democracy and the other was hailed as having triumphantly restored the same.

The others after Cory, well, I don’t think they really had the interest of the country and the welfare of the Filipinos in mind for one can only see where we are until today. Recent history will surely tell that not only had we been electing the wrong people, but corruption, drugs and criminality were allowed to flourish because of lack of political will.

Thus as the nation observes President Rodrigo Duterte’s 50 days in office one cannot help but feel encouraged, cheerful and optimistic that this time the Filipinos have finally elected a leader who is showing the character  and the supremacy that could make this country turn around towards growth, progress and respectability.

One can only feel admiration and awe that so much have been done in so short a time that is no doubt benefitting the larger number of Filipinos.

The world is watching us after Duterte declared war against drugs, criminality and corruption and while some human rights advocates here and abroad are complaining about the drug related killings, many are, however, applauding it for it was on this promise to end the ills of society that Duterte was given the overwhelming mandate to lead the country and he has walked the talk.

Duterte even came out with the name-and-shame list of government officials linked to illegal drugs, the latest casualty of which is former justice secretary and now senator, Leila de Lima.

It takes one to have real balls to do this and thank goodness Duterte has them!

One can only wonder if the Roxases, the Poes and the Binays could have generated the same excitement, comfort and upbeat feeling for the country and its people in just 50, if any of them were elected president.

To Duterte’s credit he has also been able to appoint leftists in his Cabinet, establish the much needed one-stop shop for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), implement the freedom of information (FOI) in the executive branch that has been badly sought by the people, put into use the RH law for good, resume peace talks with the communist  and Muslim rebel groups, sustain a robust economy, initiate salary increase for the police and military personnel, clean up and administer new guards at the New Bilibid Prison, etc.

All these and more in just 50 days!


You bet it is and we will just wait with greater expectations what the next 50 days will bring.



Duterte exposes de Lima


Sen. Leila de Lima and President Rodrigo Duterte

Sen. Leila de Lima and President Rodrigo Duterte

Could Sen. Leila de Lima be the lady government official President Rodrigo Duterte promised to name and destroy for one reason or another?

A few days ago I blogged about Sen. De Lima’s deafening silence after she attacked Duterte’s list of individuals which included some judges who were linked to illegal drug business calling it inaccurate or that it needed a thorough validation and revalidation especially that the president included an already deceased judge.

“A deceased person naturally cannot defend himself,” de Lima said sarcastically.

I don’t think this criticism sat well with Duterte because right after de Lima’s remarks he came back with his promise to destroy a lady government official one of these days.

Well, I think the day came too soon because now Duterte is exposing de Lima as the lady senator who, not only has been having an affair with her driver, but also had had links with drug lords operating at the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) in Muntinlupa.

“Here is a senator complaining when one day I will tell you on how her driver himself who was her lover was the one collecting money for her during the campaign,” Duterte said.

Indeed, these are damning accusations which de Lima could only lamentably describe as “very foul”.

More than the alleged affair de Lima has been having with her driver, what is really incriminating and ruinous to her career as senator is her alleged involvement in and beneficiary of drug money being used for election purposes.

What is also very scandalously damaging about this allegation is that prior to her senatorial candidacy de Lima was the Department of Justice (DOJ) secretary and seemingly very visible conducting raids in the drug lord’s den at the NBP.

Ironically, despite the raids and supposed discovery and confiscation of illegal items found inside the luxurious rooms of the drug lords, complete with photo ops, still illegal drug business continued to flourish inside the NBP until Duterte’s presidency took over and dismantled it for good with the help of police Special Action Force that ended up guarding the NBP now.

The bad blood between Duterte and de Lima seems to have reached a climax already.

Duterte said he has not forgotten how de Lima, former chair of the Commission on Human Rights, went to Davao and linked him to the Davao Death Squad.

Perhaps Duterte was just biding his time and waiting for an opportunity to exact revenge.

And what an opportune time and place Duterte has found himself now!

With all the intelligence agencies at Duterte’s disposal, surely de Lima is now caught in dire dilemma (no pun intended).

De Lima may not want to dignify Duterte’s assassination of her character, as she describes the accusations against her, but she has to get out, somehow, from this hole full of muck she is mired in.

Else, instead of smelling like a rose, she will continue smelling like shit!



Pacquiao and his bible logic


Sen. Manny Pacquiao

Sen. Manny Pacquiao

Could somebody please tell neophyte Sen. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao to stop using the bible in interpreting issues that has got to do with political or governmental problems affecting the nation today?

The reason why I am making this plea is because, foremost, he is not a Bible scholar or someone who has gone on higher study, perhaps a masters or a doctorate degree, specifically specializing and excelling in Biblical studies.

Not that I am debasing Pacquaio, but it is a common knowledge that he has not even gone through a formal academic education.

So how could he pretend to be an authority of the bible and make us believe that his opinion is correct?

Most likely than not every time he opens his mouth and refers to the bible he subjects himself to criticism because he contradicts himself and the reason why he contradicts himself is because his knowledge of the bible is only skin-deep, yet he gloats in his shallow understanding of the holy book.

”Having read the bible on a regular basis, I’m convinced that God is not just a God of mercy, but he is also a God of justice,” Pacquiao said during his privilege speech supporting President Rodrigo Duterte’s stand on the imposition of death penalty.

I am for the death penalty, too, but it is out of my personal belief and conviction that it is what the country needs at this stage of our development.

Whether death penalty is ‘lawful and moral’ is not my concern, but I find it as a necessary evil.

While I don’t agree with Pacquiao’s shallow interpretation on the issue of death penalty with the bible as his basis I, however, appreciate what Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David, a noted Bible scholar, said upon reacting to Pacquiao’s privilege speech justifying the death penalty.

“If Senator Pacquiao is convinced that the death penalty is a useful deterrent for criminality, he is entitled to his personal opinion. His right to express it will be protected in a democracy. But I just wish he didn’t have to justify it using the Bible.”

“The Bible has been used much too often to justify even the most inhuman and ungodly things,” Bishop David added.

Bishop David’s admonition of Pacquiao is very timely, if not prophetic, because days after his privilege speech the latter expressed support for the burial of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani despite public clamor against it, saying: “We should learn to forgive no matter how bad the person is. As what the Bible says, we should not get mad or anything because of what he did. We should have forgiveness.”

Why, are those criminals meted with the death penalty does not deserve to be forgiven?

What a contradiction!

And to think that the dead dictator is a criminal many times over! (https://quierosaber.wordpress.com/2011/02/17/no-to-marcos-burial-at-the-libingan-ng-mga-bayani/)