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Escribiré temas como estos vienen a la mente. Esto podría ser temas, pasadas o presentes, pero con relación a los tiempos. También reaccionaré a artículos publicados, doméstico o extranjero, y expresaré mi opinión. Mis vistas siempre serán objetivo.

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Jesus Sievert alias Quierosaber

Ramon Bautista’s failed antic


Comedian Ramon Bautista

Comedian Ramon Bautista

Comedian Ramon Bautista thought he was being funny, but with his own stupid antic he ended up being ‘persona non grata’ or unwanted person in Davao.

He simply was the wrong guy at the wrong time in the wrong place.

How could a bozo like him who has been featured making sense of idiotic videos gone viral on National Geographic’s (NG) “Science of Stupid” be a victim of his own stupidity?

The NG show actually showcased different viral videos that went wrong while attempting to copy stunts done by professionals.

This time, at the Kadayawan Festival in Davao, Bautista made himself the stupid subject of a show that went viral when he was invited to entertain the Davaoeños with his brand of humor.

Where his brand of humor may have been acceptable in other places by all people, this time in Davao, his style of making people laugh did not sit well with the powerful Dutertes.

And it was for a very appropriate reason.

Instead of being thoughtful and appreciative of the occasion, Bautista chose to be insensible with his “hipon” (shrimp) remarks.

“Ang daming hipon dito sa Davao, (there are plenty of shrimps here in Davao)” and even led the people in chanting “hipon.”

“Hipon” is an offensive word that is unflattering and degrading to women.

“Hipon” or shrimp is a colloquial term for a person who is only attractive from the neck down.

How stupid can this buffoon get!

It was good that Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, who was present during the party, strongly criticized Bautista later that night and demanded for an apology.

While Bautista went back up to the stage immediately and apologized to the public, still his action in the aftermath did not assuage the insulted public officials, especially the Dutertes.

In a resolution declaring the comic ‘persona non grata’, the Davao City council stated that Bautista, as a visitor, should have practiced decency.

The resolution also states that the Women Development Code of Davao City finds Bautista’s actions as a form of sexual harassment. The city council added that Bautista is “an extremely corrupt influence to the youth and his abusive behavior should not be tolerated.”

It also condemned Bautista’s Instagram photo of himself with three young girls who attended the event because of “his insinuations that the young women are lusting for popularity.”

Thinking that he could not do wrong, Bautista has become a victim of his own stupid fame.

The ice bucket challenge


ice bucketHave you been seeing lately on TV prominent people either pouring a bucket of ice over their head by themselves, or somebody else pouring it over them, even while being dressed up?

Well, it looks like a crazy idea even if you do it during summer time just for fun to beat the heat. Being attired makes it all the more zany, but is probably the best way to do it considering it is freezing water one is being soaked with.

But, if it is done for a cause then it becomes noble and meaningful.

In fact the ice bucket challenge is getting to be a craze now if only to be able to raise money for charity.

The craze started in America with the purpose of raising funds for the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ( ALS ) Association.

ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease and Motor Neurone Disease, is a disease that attacks the spinal cord and can lead to speech difficulties, muscle spasms and even paralysis.

It is said to affect an estimated 30,000 people in the US and 5,000 in the UK. And it can be fatal.

The bright idea came from former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, whose career was cut short by ALS after he was widely tipped to be a Boston Red Sox star. His first challenge was accepted by fellow Boston athletes and some Red Sox players, and since then it transcended and the challenge accepted by actors and other famous personalities, the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

This event has become a sensation because once a person has had a charitable drenching, the wet and freezing victim then nominates someone else to take the challenge.

Those nominated can accept the challenge and donate or they can simply have a pass but still donate money to the ALS.

The ALS Association is said to have reported a significant increase in donations and awareness of the disease as the concept of the ice bucket challenge is gaining grounds around the world.

Not only saving face but saving the country


President Aquino with DILG Secretary Mar Roxas

President Aquino with DILG Secretary Mar Roxas

The broaching of the idea by Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Manuel Roxas for President Aquino (PNoy) to extend his term in office is not only creating a controversy that is dividing the country once more, but is also an eye-opener for Filipinos to decide as to what it is that they really want.

Though we see this idea of Roxas as saving face, as he is way behind in surveys for the presidential race in 2016, yet he should be commended for bringing up this controversial topic because he is doing it simply to save the country from sliding back.

Being in the forefront of political events and being able to feel the pulse of the people, Roxas must have sensed that the Filipinos have started to appreciate the straight-path brand of leadership that PNoy has been advocating and the political will he has been showing to make progress possible.

The question now is sustainability PNoy have started implementing.

If Roxas is running poorly in the polls now and the LP organization, with the support of many in the country, are reluctant to have Vice President Jejomar Binay succeed PNoy, then who is best to continue the latter’s way of fulfilling the blueprint for progress that has been started by putting the interest of the country and the welfare of the Filipino people first, if not PNoy himself?

Now, who among the much talked-about presidential timbers have the motivation and drive to undertake the platform and course of action that PNoy had unflinchingly started, like his straight-path advocacy and his fight against corruption?

Could we be assured that the PDAF scammers who are now facing charges in court shall continue to be resolved until the day we hear the verdict, and not just quashed by anybody that succeeds PNoy?

This is what is causing the controversy because for PNoy to seek another term, some aspects of the 1987 ‘Cory Constitution’ has to be changed.

From what we are experiencing now, a 6-year term is too short for a good president and a long one for a bad president.

What is really good for the country, considering our values and attitude as Filipinos?

Should we go back to the four-year-term with one re-election for another four years? Or would an 8-year term be better for us? The latter would surely be like living in hell under a bad president.

Do we really have a choice?

Will amending the constitution solve our problem? Do we always have to spend oodles of money to solve mismanagement of government?

To me it does not sound like it is a term problem, but more like a character problem – both in the winning candidate and the electorate that makes him win.

Not being corrupted and correct discernment for the right man to lead us are what is important for the electorate these days.

I don’t believe that there is nobody out there who could ably succeed PNoy.

A non-politician could and it is a matter of identifying him and, collectively, urging him to lead and save us from damnation.

The Duterte-Rosales brouhaha

CHR chair Etta Rosales and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

CHR chair Etta Rosales and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

No matter how many times Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chair Etta Rosales criticize Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for his words and deeds, I think more and more Filipinos like what they see in and what they hear from Duterte

The more you appreciate the man and what he stands for when you get to visit Davao or hear what the residents have to say about their mayor.

In their latest brouhaha, which had something to do with Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista being caught on camera giving a couple of whacks at the face of a Chinese man caught in an anti-drug operation when he refused to answer the mayor’s question, Duterte issued a statement, saying, “Kulang pa yon. Dapat sinipa ko. Sa Davao City, ikarga ko siya ng barko, baroto tapos ihulog ko siya Davao Gulf. Ang isda diyan ngayon wala nang pagkain e,” (That’s not enough. I should have kicked him. In Davao City, I will put him inside a ship then I will throw him into Davao Gulf. The fishes there don’t have food now.)

Well, we all know who Duterte is and how he loathes drugs being peddled in Davao and his antipathy for drug dealers/pushers, and he just felt probably that the Chinese mule did not deserve just a couple of whacks.

So, who comes in to put her two cents worth in?

Yes, you are right – Etta Rosales – alleging that Bautista violated the rights of Zhen Xu, the man caught red handed with 10 bags of methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabu) with an estimated value of P15million.

In the same manner, Rosales also blasted at Duterte for his opinion at Bautista’s ‘kiddy’ treatment of Xu.

Rosales said Duterte’s comments sent a “wrong signal to law enforcers” and that the Mayor should “shut up”.

Shut up?

What wrong signal is Rosales talking about when these Chinese nationals are making the country a dumping ground for their drugs with impunity?

Had Rosales really verified how insolent the guy was towards Mayor Bautista when he was interviewed by the latter?

If the Chinese drug dealer does not know how to show respect to authority, not even the mayor, and continue pretending not to understand English or Tagalog despite his ownership of a Philippines’ driver license, does his persona still deserve to be dignified and his human rights protected?

What human rights does he have to be protected anyway if what he is doing is endangering the lives of Filipinos?

Drug dealing is not a petty crime and Rosales should know this. Whoever deals in illegal drugs are scum of the earth.

If being able to extract significant information from Xu will help authorities minimize the drug supply in this country before he is thrown to the Davao Gulf, then, so be it.

South Korea issues warning on crimes against nationals

South Koreans in Boracay, the Philippines' most famous beach.

South Koreans in Boracay, the Philippines’ most famous beach.

With a large South Korean invasion in the country I really can’t blame if their embassy here has issued a warning to our government on crimes against their nationals.

Not only are there more S. Korean tourists visiting the Philippines, but they are making their sightseeing tours in the country a prelude to what would become eventually their second home.

Thus, it is no longer surprising that you see Koreans everywhere – I mean everywhere in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao – now taking up residence as students, business people, etc.

You just have to look around and see the ubiquitous presence of establishments – from restaurants, to groceries, to massage parlors, to car dealership, to repair shops, to churches, to schools and even language centers – all bearing Korean-language signs.

These people have really the green bucks to bring here and invest for they can afford to have high-end hotels and resorts, to include golf courses, which Koreans love to play.

Since everything is affordable with their dollars, those staying here become themselves the number one expeditionists in the country, thus, you see them traveling everywhere.

But, I do not know if South Korea’s apprehension is fair and proper or that we deserve the kind of warning given us.

“The rising incidence of crimes committed against Koreans while in the Philippines either on vacation or on business is a trend that has alarmed the embassy,” said the statement.

“It is feared that if crimes against innocent Koreans persist, businessmen will avoid the Philippines and seek safer places for doing business.”

Oh yeah?

Well, the S. Korean embassy should tell that to the marines.

I am more inclined to believe police spokesman Chief Superintendent Reuben Sindac who diminished the warning, saying, “It is not a cause for concern, it is not yet alarming. It is not as if Korean nationals are the only ones being threatened”.

Frankly, I am more disappointed, scandalized and outraged every time the media reports about Koreans killing each other in this country because of business rivalry, love triangle or bad blood that goes back to their own country being settled here.

These are the crimes that I often hear and read committed by their own nationals in our own country more than the allegation that Filipinos are committing the crime against them.

Aquino sisters’ reckless sentiments


PNoy's sisters: Pinky, Ballsy, Kris, Viel

PNoy’s sisters: Pinky, Ballsy, Kris, Viel

The presidential sisters have been in the news lately regarding their sentiments of practically anointing Vice President Jejomar Binay as presidential bet and their brother’s successor in 2016.

It was reported that in one of her evening show on ABS-CBN, Aquino and Abunda Tonight, Kris Aquino admitted that she and her sisters have been talking about the possibility of their brother endorsing Binay.

Kami ng mga sister ko naman pinag-uusapan namin yan. Sinasabi namin puwede naman talagang magkaroon ng unity at puwedeng kung ano kasi hindi naman kami magkaaway. At kung ipagpapatuloy naman niya lahat ng nasimulan ni Noy, why not?,” Kris said.

(My sisters and I have been talking about it. We think it’s really possible to have a unity [ticket] because we are not enemies. And if he is going to continue what Noy has started, why not?)

These statements obviously came on the heels of two expedient events: the first was during President Benigno Aquino’s (PNoy) SONA in July where he singled out Binay for standing by his mother, Cory’s government, when it was hounded by rebellion; the second was when Binay himself disclosed that he got word of the possibility that PNoy will “adopt” him as LP standard bearer in the 2016 presidential race.

In fact Binay admitted to be humbled by the statement of the oldest of the sisters, Ballsy, saying (referring to Binay): “There were only a few who fought the dictatorship, he was one of them. That’s why we have this experience together, in all of the struggles we were together.”

Would anybody still doubt that the Aquino sisters contributed to the defeat of Roxas in 2010 vice presidential race?

We do not know if PNoy was or has been pleased or unhappy over his sisters expressed sentiments, but certainly it has put the president in a spot.

If both PNoy and Binay had the same circle of political associates, I really would not be questioning the motive of the Aquino sisters.

“Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” This is the kind of maxim that the Aquino sisters would have imbued first before blurting out their self-serving interests.

The sisters should be proud of themselves that no one can point a finger at them, much less at their brother president, that they are corrupt.

PNoy has earned the respect of the nation and the world community for that matter, for his moral stand against corruption and for his political will in running after the corrupt.

PNoy was not playing politics when he endorsed the Reproductive Health Bill, even as he earned the ire of the Catholic Church, because he deemed it beneficial to the state.

He started the advocacy of ‘Tuwid na daan’ (straight path) for the nation to be adopted because he felt that was what the country needed if it has to climb out from poverty. The advocacy is bearing fruit as it has sent prominent personalities, to include three senators, to detention camps.

The question is: Can Binay continue supporting this advocacy and sustain the momentum of seeing the biggest scam this country has ever had progress and the culprits penalized?

If Binay can do this, then he is the man and we can all thank the Aquino sisters for having a keen foresight.

If Binay fails, then he is just mainly used by the scheming Aquino sisters to prevent any prosecution that may arise against PNoy when his term is over, and that is selfishness and a disservice to the nation.

It is either the country moves forward and gradually improve the lives of the Filipinos or it slides back into the abyss of uncertainty and depravity.

The nation does not have to listen to the Aquino sisters.