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papa2I shall be writing topics as it comes to mind. It could be topics, past or present, but relative to the times. I shall also be reacting to articles published, whether domestic or foreign, and voicing my opinion. My views shall always be objective.

Every now and then I shall also be sharing with you videos, photos, sayings and graphics of people, animals, places, etc., that I find interesting, which I hope you will appreciate.

Also, there are times when I will be posting articles about facts – why it happened that way or what could have been if something else happened.

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¡Hola mundo!

Escribiré temas como estos vienen a la mente. Esto podría ser temas, pasadas o presentes, pero con relación a los tiempos. También reaccionaré a artículos publicados, doméstico o extranjero, y expresaré mi opinión. Mis vistas siempre serán objetivo.

De vez en cuando también compartiré con ustedes vídeos, fotos, refranes y gráficos de la gente, animales, lugares, etc., que encuentro interesante y espero que lo aprecian.

También, hay tiempos cuando fijaré artículos sobre hechos – por qué pasó así o lo que podría haber sido si algo más pasara.

Bienvenidos a mi sitio de blog y espero colaborar con Vd. en el futuro.

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Déjenos enriquecer el uno al otro en el conocimiento y en la amistad.


Jesus Sievert alias Quierosaber

Cockroach breeding is trending in China

And for obvious reason – it is done for money!

Besides it doesn’t really cost much to raise them and the risk factor is nil. One has only to find a place for them. The murkier, the better’

This is about entrepreneurship at its best as it seems to have adopted a motto, saying, “If you can’t get rid of them fast enough, then breed them and make money out of them as medicinal novelty or exotic food.”

After all, this is China, and anything goes.

This video that I am sharing is about Wang Fuming who has made a fortune breeding cockroaches – the kind you see in common houses – no matter how much cleaning is done sometimes.

For those who can’t stand the sight and can’t help but imagine the stench of a cockroach, let me just warn you to skip it and read something else.

For Wang, however, his farm of over a million cockroaches is the sight, the sound, the smell and the taste of his booming business that is raking him cold cash.

(For another version of this video please open this link: http://khon2.com/2014/09/01/chinese-cockroach-farmer-makes-big-bucks-on-bugs/.)

Guide dog continues serving master despite stab wounds


Oscar and one of the wounds inflicted. (Photo courtesy of The Japan News/ANN)

Oscar and one of the wounds inflicted. (Photo courtesy of The Japan News/ANN)

This is an amazing story about a male guide dog that continued serving/assisting its 61-year-old Japanese master until they reached the man’s workplace in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture despite suffering from stab wounds.

The man, who is completely blind, reported the incident to the police after a colleague informed him upon his arrival that his dog, a Labrador retriever named Oscar, was bleeding from his midsection.

According to police and other sources, the man left his home with his 8-year-old guide dog and took a train from JR Urawa Station to Higashi-Kawaguchi Station.

Oscar suffered several stab wounds, one to two centimeters deep at about five-millimeter intervals. The dog appeared to have been stabbed with a sharp tool. Although no holes were found in his jacket, it was surmised that the perpetrator may have lifted the dog’s jacket before stabbing him.

The prefectural police are investigating the incident as a case of property destruction, which involves heavier penalties than violation of the Animal Protection Law.

Oscar is believed to have endured the pain of the attack without making a sound, as guide dogs are trained not to bark except in such cases as their owners being in danger.

“I feel guilty [toward the dog] that I didn’t notice he had been stabbed. Oscar was right beside me as if nothing had happened. That makes me [feel] even more sorry for him,” the dog’s owner said.

The police are conducting interviews and analyzing images from security cameras to confirm where the incident occurred.

Oscar has received treatment and is reportedly recovering from his wounds.

“Guide dogs are the hands and feet of visually impaired people, allowing them to live in society. This is tantamount to stabbing a visually impaired person himself,” said Noritoshi Sato, 43, deputy director of the Tokyo-based animal protection group Animal Green Apple.

It is simply amazing how Oscar endured the stabbing in silence and continued taking his master to work.

Removing allergens from peanuts

peanutsFor one who has a granddaughter suffering from a potentially life-threatening allergy to peanuts, the recent news that scientists at North Carolina A&T State University have founds ways to reduce significantly the food’s allergens is, indeed, a welcome development.

One seems to be always at the edge, even if the child is not living with you, thinking about how dangerous the nut could be or any food concoction with peanut ingredient in it that may be accidentally eaten.

I love eating peanuts as an aperitif with beer before dinner, but when my son and his family comes over from Manila for a visit, we always make sure that peanuts, and all nuts for that matter, are kept away hidden.

My granddaughter is so conscious of her woe that she has learned to ask the food server attending if the dish ordered is free of peanut ingredients when they go to restaurants.

Like my granddaughter, those afflicted with the severe form of peanut allergies can have allergic reactions anywhere in their bodies that touch anything containing even the slightest trace of peanut residue. They immediately develop rashes.

Indeed, it is very scary to know that peanut dust carried in the air can also trigger a violent allergic reaction.

Not everyone who suffers from peanut allergies is so sensitive, but those who are can suddenly go into anaphylactic shock within minutes of exposure to peanut products.

Anaphylactic shock is a serious allergic reaction which can cause the tissues around the upper airway to swell.

“We found that treating peanuts with protein-breaking enzymes reduced allergenic proteins,” said Dr. Jianmai Yu, a food and nutrition researcher at NC A&T’s School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

Yu is talking about a reduction of peanut allergens by 98 percent to 100 percent by focusing on certain proteins that can trigger food-related anaphylaxis, a severe, whole-body allergic reaction.

The process consists of pre-treating shelled and skinless peanuts with a food-grade enzyme. This post-harvest process does not change the peanut’s shape or cause lipid oxidation – a key consideration when determining a product’s shelf life.

The study is supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture with funding through an Agriculture and Food Research Initiative grant.

Hopefully, in due time peanuts or any food with peanut derivative will no longer pose a threat to the lives of so many people affected right now and can enjoy consuming any which way the nut is made and sold.

The moving Death Valley National Park rocks


sliding rock1One time or another you must have heard about the sliding/sailing rocks in the most unlikely of places – on a dry lake bed, more known as the Racetrack Playa.

Racetrack Playa is about 4 kilometers long (2.5 miles – north to south) and about 2 kilometers wide (1.25 miles – east to west). The surface is covered with mudcracks and the sediment is made up mainly of silt and clay.

The moving rocks, some of which are said to weigh close to hundred pounds, normally leave a long trail behind them.

But the question has always been: what makes them move in different directions and when do they move?

Thus, the ‘traveling’ of the rocks has always been a phenomenon and a mystery since nobody has seen any one rock in motion.

But curious mind of scientists have always ways of finding out and this link I am sharing here will tell you how they unraveled the longstanding mystery: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/d-brief/2014/08/27/secret-behind-death-valleys-sailing-stones-revealed/#.VABrp6Pcy0s.

An interesting discovery, indeed.

Miriam for president in 2016

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago

Sen. Miriam Santiago

Senator Miriam Santiago’s announcement that she might run for president in 2016 seemed to have lessened some more the chances of Vice President Jejomar Binay from being a runaway winner in the 2016 presidential election, considering that he has been topping the surveys.

I say some more because the people who are perceptive and discerning enough watching the Senate probe live on TV about the corruption allegedly committed by the Binays in Makati, significantly one of which is the scandalously high-priced parking building, would know that somehow honesty and integrity are not values close to the hearts of this political family.

In the same manner that I had been expressing my disgust, and will continue to do so, about the attitude and manner the vice president projects himself as a leader and the political dynasty he is creating, I also had been critical about Miriam in some of my blogs, but, admittedly, complimentary in others, where I found her to be deserving of it.

I could never utter laudatory words for any Binay, much more for the vice president who is seeking the presidency of the country and who seems to be favored by PNoy himself, the Aquino sisters and their relatives by virtue of Binay’s association with Cory Aquino.

Added to it is that Binay has never been a thorn in PNoy’s neck.

But recent events like the Makati corruption probe under the leadership of the Binays, has proven me right about my thoughts and impression of Jejomar Binay.

This will not, however, pull down the standing of Binay in the presidential polls, for others will be quick to claim that Binay’s destruction is politically motivated since those in the forefront of the investigation – Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes – are themselves presidential aspirants.

Thus, Miriam’s entry into the presidential foray in 2016 is a welcome announcement as it could seriously give Binay a run for his money.

If the most respected Constitutionalist, Fr. Joaquin Bernas, is urging Miriam to run for president in 2016, now that she is well into recovery from cancer, wouldn’t be that a better option compared to the rest of the presidentiables?

Whether Bernas was saying it in jest or in all seriousness, does not really matter. The fact is that Miriam is an alternative presidential candidate worth considering.

Miriam has been maligned by critics for being off her rocker.

Well, presidents in this country have come and gone and all proclaiming themselves sound in body and mind.

And, look where we are today?

So, why not try Miriam?

One thing sure is that she will not allow the PDAF scammers to go scot-free, especially Juan Ponce Enrile, but unlike Binay who has Enrile and Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada as party mates, Miriam will surely continue what PNoy has started – going after the corrupt in public service – and making the wheels of justice run faster.

Besides, what this country really needs is a competent and fiery president and that spells:

M I R I A M.

Failed wedding converted to successful charity event

Phil Laboon

Phil Laboon

For those who may experience a wedding day that never will be, for one reason or another, you can very well learn this instructive lesson from Phil Laboon without getting drunk, grieving or falling into depression.

Surely, Laboon was heartbroken when his supposed wedding on August 31 was called off by his fiancée, but he did not allow this adversity to get the better of him.

Since he already had booked the reception at the Priory Hotel in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, paying around $20,000, to include food and drinks, Laboon decided to go on with it instead of letting all the preparation go to waste and with a positive attitude broached a noble idea to his friends, saying: “You know lemon and lemonade.”

Laboon was in fact determined to make the sour taste of the breakup into something sweet and fulfilling.

Thus, “LemonAID” was born – an aptly called charity event which proceeds go to Surgicorps International, an organization that provides free surgical and medical care to disadvantaged children in Third World countries.

Tickets sold at $75 apiece snowballed into tens of thousands of donations.

Word of LemonAID spread quickly on social media making Laboon’s phone ring non-stop for pledges and more donations on the way.

“It makes you feel really good that we’re literally going to be changing a massive amount of kids’ lives. It makes it almost feel that it’s not the worst thing in the world to cancel a wedding,” Laboon said.

Not at all and thanks to the heartless fiancée for Laboon’s enduring happiness now, which can’t be said of them had their union ever materialized.

Super ‘Pacman’ has to relinquish politics

KIA playing-coach, Rep. Manny Pacquiao

KIA playing-head coach, Rep. Manny Pacquiao

Pacman is of course our very own world boxing champ and Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao. It is a moniker aptly applied to him for easy name recall when he started campaigning abroad and winning boxing bouts one after another.

The original Pacman is a snapping mouth in a famous Japanese game controlled by a player through a maze, eating pac-dots and avoiding being terminated by the ghosts.

Pacquiao as Pacman has been super(bly) brilliant as a boxer. He is the first and only boxer to win world titles in eight different weight divisions. Certainly, that is not an easy fate to do.

But nothing seems to stop Pacquiao from doing something else.

He has entered the realm of politics, religion, acting and singing, while still active in boxing.

He has now recently added basketball in his lists of trade.

Not only has Pacquiao been named the head coach, no, make that playing-head coach of Kia Motors in the next PBA tournament, but he has also confirmed that he has been having talks with the Chinese government, obviously in partnership with some Chinese businessmen here, about putting up boxing training schools in China called the ‘Manny Pacquiao Boxing Institute’.

The plan, according to Pacquiao, is to start it first in Beijing and then expand to other major cities in China later.

Well and good.

But, promoting sports as business is one thing and commitment to public service is another.

There is no balancing to it as the former forces you to travel and the latter needs focus.

It is one or the other.

These recent events alone will show that Pacquiao’s pleasure, penchant and persuasion is really geared towards sports and business and not public service or the other trade that he has been trying to master, but unable to.

If Pacquiao’s devotion is towards sports, as can be clearly gleaned now, what business does he have running for political office in the country when he can barely devote his time attending sessions in Congress?

‘Delicadeza’ or the sense of propriety should tell Pacquiao that he should relinquish politics so others who are more competent can ably and religiously attend to the needs of his constituents.

Whether for own country or for others, what is needed is Pacquiao’s selflessness – not in terms of letting his billions work for him in corrupting the people and the politicians who want him in politics to take advantage of his popularity, but in a manner that will allow others to practice true humanitarianism by showing their earnest presence and concern as leaders in serving the interest of the country and the welfare of the people.

Pacquiao seem to have missed understanding this noble objective and has become himself selfish and more ambitious.